Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More than Education

In life it is not just the education that is very important than anything. It may be the engine that drives everything but without things like basics exposure and experience, there is hole and we end up getting tangled into the world of embarrassment and shame. It is not just the education that will take us through all the thorny road and the ladder of success and blessings but others like the simple social and modern norm, the culture and customs of a particular place equally supplement if not more and without these, life becomes rather awkward and one ends up hurting ourself.
There are certain things one ought to be aware of and know about, something like how one orders at KFC in a dignified manner, how an unintentional approach or a conversation in a circle can hurt someone near you; how a simple ignorance can blow up into flares of confusions nd disorientation. Ultimately it is about information, experience and exposure. Some way or the other, these are what our life is made up of.

The accent is one thing I am yet to get used to, I mean if you are some common people just like me (the mediocre) understanding even the language you learned as main medium and spoken can sometimes be very annoying. You just don't understand what the other people is trying to convince and at worst you just make the other more confused and lost. Although the instructors out here are most of them English origin, I am yet to catch the style of their speaking.

Anyway just remember that the widest gap ever imaginable would be between one's expectation and reality. There is nothing as free lunch, be prepared to face anything that comes for it comes with costs.

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