Friday, 26 June 2015

Evening's Rambling Thoughts

I was wondering how a little things in life give us so much joy and happiness, how a broken pieces of simple toys can have great impact in us and how even one step ahead or behind in life can make huge difference. Even being able to understand so clearly the basic concepts in class rooms can ignite and make you feel so contended and satisfied; it is like why didn't I realize it before? If only i knew it before?

Engineering wasn't really my thing, but somehow I ended taking that up by chance and consequently landed into a completely different industry-Aviation, an industry that works on trust, integrity and honesty and I tell you it isn't that simple. What is so simple without challenge anyway? Three months into doing basic course and i am already thinking like what have i learnt in one and half years as a trainee engineer? What have i learn doing B-tech for four years? Every day is a new stage, an unfold of new world and every week an exam day to assess.
The beauty that adds to this is the faulty we are taught by. We only know how much we could have done had there been a teacher in school life who really loved and cared about his or her profession. But sadly in Bhutan we have just too little teacher who are genuinely interested in their profession and who struggles to make go classroom out of genuine interest. I hate to say but there are just few.

I wish if only our teachers are bit more honest and mindful. When a student throws question, either the teachera take it as a challenge, get their ego hurt or the students are discouraged and embarrass in front hurting their self esteem. This results student confining to themself, feared and full of doubts. But this is just a generalization which I have noticed, I still salute to all the teachers whom I have been taught by. Fortunately I have met some of the best ones and I thank them.

Just some rambling thoughts, have a good weekend folks.
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