Friday, 14 September 2012

A real Summer in three Years!

My first impression about the college was but excitement, and it has only been deteriorating  with each year. The very unique nature of this  Place, Allahabad is it's climate and weather conditions. It is so hot in the summer with temperatures nearing 50 degrees Celsius. This year the place recorded the highest temperature of 48 degrees all over India!And it is very cold in the winter. with temperatures going down almost to freezing point!  But all in all this is the place where I learn and I am Loving it.

In front of Hostel
It has been three years now since I dwell this place and the climate especially the summer has always been characterized by scorching heat and sweat and hardly with rain, (Luckily we don't get sunburn though!) but this year it is surprising to experience the real summer!. Since two days ago, there has been a constant rain with thunders and lightening all night. Yesterday morning I even had to wake up early because of the scary thundering sound!

This reminds me back at home when I herd cattle (during the vacation) in the rain and those long leeches measuring my body. This makes me nostalgic! Gosh! I really miss those moments!... I can still witness at this time the brown and wild Ama Jomo chhu doing the annual assessment, carrying debris and logs that comes all the way from different mountains (Laas). I can also see busy fisher men fishing along the bank of Jomo chhu under tiny Umbrella.

The good part maybe a sound sleep or with less heat but the darker side is the laziness such kind of weather instills in us. Every muscles seem to be dormant and for the sake of argument I have bunked the classes and haven't attended even a single class for two days! It seems the bed and blankets are only solutions!..:P

The concrete towards the college class rooms from the hostels are all filled with water, which reach almost up to knee! The days may be normal but with the rains and thunders, (even if it is  for two days) it has already made me feel like experiencing the real summer I spent years ago at home and will be cherished.