Friday, 14 September 2012

Love: Weakness?

I always try to question and then answer what is the very weakness of an individual? Well; that may differ from one person to another, some are good in studies while others are weak, some robs every medals in games and sport while others are only the witness, but every individual to own credibility have their own share of weakness and the strengths.And that is the beauty of life.

When I rewind back to the school days, I still remember and feel that awkwardness of being a witness to the friends being engulfed by sickness so called Lovesick (that is what they called so..) I never thought and even wished that I become one. Because I was more into myself and and I hardly had time to even think of things beyond certain boundaries. I was always reminded by the innocent parents and relatives who have been but a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Being the very trustee of the family I never even dared to think of that. So it was rather funny to see friends being carried away by that unreal and coined Love.
But at this very instant I am beginning to wonder if I was wrong. Maybe the time wasn't appropriate  because no sooner than i realized, I was in love! But in the very sense of my own I know where I am heading and I know the difference between and now and that time as well. Having said that I think it is never bad to venture that frontier if at all nature calls naturally because at one point of time in human life for sure it will come so naturally for it is the very part and parcel of life. And we just have to respond willingly and broadly with clear intentions and priorities.

Sometimes I like to be loud even if it means without a crowd to lend me ear because I like to be heard even in the midst of being an absurd! Ever since I ventured this path, I know it is wonderful, it feel good to know that someone is always there for you in thick and thin. At the same time I have realized that it is lot more than a piece of bread and butter. It is not easy. And that is to say that it comes with so many responsibilities, compromises, understandings, adjustments and frustrations at times as well. Not everybody begs except the ones that roams the street and that is because they have no choice! And When it comes to love  I feel every body is under it's shade and that's where we become an obvious beggar. Why everything at the cost of something else?

Nothing seems tethered in life without love. Every body is but a free bird with right to fly but why do we create those demarcations and boundaries? Are these all the very demonstrations of 'us' being subjected to weakness, limitation and fall? Why do we often become emotional? Because humans are but made up of emotions? Of course it is and we are being controlled by that but why don't we know that it is actually happening to us?

Is this the very manifestation of weakness?