Monday, 24 September 2012

Surprises are wonderful!

Surprises are always unexpected in life, because it is either when expected things come in unexpected times or when unexpected things happens unexpectedly. Surprises are both pleasant and unpleasant. Some surprise make us special; it make us feel loved; cared and that we are part of something. That's what most surprises are meant for though. There are other surprises which rather instil in us the kind of insecurity and suspicions. And these are mostly with the ones that comes after so many expectations and by the time it come, its value and charm is already lost. Some surprises make us feel too small, too timid and low. Some even robs all the morality and dignity of ours so to say. Surprises are also flattering sometimes.
Not all surprises are worth sharing and worth remembering. Yet every surprise has its own history and a scar of specialty printed in the soft corner of one's soul that affect us in one or the other way.

I am surprised of my self by the mere fact that I am aging every second but I am hardly aware of it think of it. May be that is the biggest surprise to some one who have already realized the fact of this very life- A fleeting, delicate, short and unprecedented life.
 Change is inevitable and with that comes yet another surprise. The fact that I have changed a lot not only physically in appearance but emotionally as well have surprised me. What is more surprising is knowing that I have changed!  But there is one thing in my life that I really don't want to change and I am gonna make sure that it never happens, otherwise the surprises we derive from witnessing other people will only be a surprise and I really don't want to be surprised by that. And that is about being my self principled, loyal and dedicated to my own self and to my Parents.

There are so many types of surprises that makes our life interesting and meaningful. A note of money from the old jeans pocket, midnight call from best friends after longtime, hi and hello from old buddies after long period, are but some to mention that enriches and add value the very life of ours.
It was a week or two past when I realized how much it feels good to be surprised sometimes in life even if it means one time call in a year from the ones we care about. I got two surprised  calls from the ones I look up to and that was when I started to think that life isn't complete without those small entities like simple hi and hellos.

And as a student the most surprising moments are with the examination results we get at the end of day. Because what matters most as a student is the result we bring after all those years of tireless midnight candle burns. With this what surprises me is by the question as to where I have really gone wrong during last three years of college? In a way I am very much surprised! However; eventually what uplifts me is by the fact that I am aware of that! it is never late to amend it!.

All in all surprises are wonderful!..:)