Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheat or Cheap?

Life is short and that is so obvious. But I sometimes feel people are often misconstrued by this very fact. It is ironic to see people walking down the streets and bars with common slogan: ''Life is short why not enjoy to the fullest today" Well, that maybe true and that life is unpredictable and unprecedented yet this doesn't mean we have all the liberty to spoil its charm and value by engaging into some unhealthy and unsound activities. There are so many other good, healthy and re-creative things to hook up with, which rather adds value and enriches the very meaning of life.
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I think life is short, so that we know its value and beauty. It is never short so that we can do anything that comes our way.. Life isn't short so that we can change so many partners as we wish There are limitations to everything and we ought to be bound by that. If we don't love from the heart why lie? Why after all have been said and done?
Just a day ago I was talking with my friend about relationship as a girl friend and boyfriend and how it sucks our life if we are unable to keep up to its brim of expectations. At one time we were both saddened because it seemed all isn't well and that somehow we had the same perspective. Of course mistakes are bound to take place for we are human made up of untamed mind but it doesn't mean we go at the extend of an affair with another. The worst thing is when these happens in front of our own eyes. Does a good question not deserve a good response? Does a good man deserve a bad and playful woman? Why do we fail to understand each other or even of we do, why with certain friction, reluctance and uneasiness? Why an awkward and strange displays in front of our own eyes?

I feel the beauty of any kind of relations is (and should be) to be received, to be nurtured, to be accepted and to be believed in. We feel secured resting on the mother's lap. And secretly or openly our heart yearns to be the part of people who matters most. Otherwise I fear if it is a relation at all.

Relationships are never a test!