Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thruebab- A home away from Home!

Blessed rainy day (Thrue-bab) marks the end of monsoon season in Bhutan and it is on this day that Bhutanese believe all the natural waters are sanctifying and that we take bath so that we get rid of all the defilement of past, and those which are yet to be caught.
Thrue at MNNIT!
It is also a day when the Families get together after the hectic and  busy monsoon (work) season to share the burden and feel the charm of their long work and belonging in the form of delicious food and drinks together. It is the day when the bond of the family are once again made stronger. It is also the day which make us forget all the stress and tensions that bothers our mind and make us a different person even if it is a day.
Perhaps that is why we value this day very much now also and try not to malign through various ways like engaging into some traditional games. Otherwise the simplest way to mark the day is through drinks together with the loved and cared ones.

Well; even though I have been away from the home (more than a decade now!) in this particular day, I don't really remember when I not felt homely. It has always been a wonderful time and homely with friends, getting together in such occasions and this year was not different. It was more interesting and Homely with the freshers welcome night for Allahabad Bhutanese Student Association (ABSA) coinciding with the day.

To mark this day, we (12 of us in MNNIT) collected two hundred bucks each. Right from the morning tea and porridge to a lunch with variety of curries, we had a very good and beautiful day. The charm of the day was added by the interactive and interesting get together of the Bhutanese students of Allahabad to welcome the freshers to our family- Allahabad Bhutanese Students Association..

Vote of Thanks at ABSA freshers night
Beside all these excitements and enjoyments the wear of Bhutanese Dress in foreign Land was lot more comfortable and a proud moment! It really feels good to wear the very unique dresses of ours after a long duration of time. It was a very joyous and interactive moment to share with someone who also feels the same and who belongs to the same community- The Bhutanese and that exactly is but the very Home! away from the Home!!