Sunday, 2 September 2012

A rare Gift..

Did we embrace the gift with good grace?
A sacred gift of wise rendered in shock
yet so real and rare that stunned all place
Or are we too young to bear the Yoke?
 The strong scent of wise left on the lawn
                                   Has still bees attracted and gathered
         Even before the crack of the first day's dawn
Even after the Course it changed
          But the route is now loose and wide
                   With both risks and blessings in the midst of space
 We still have the wise to guide
          Chosen few to discharge and execute
Strong media to scrutinize and disclose
Loyal subjects obliged to acknowledge and appreciate
 May the eternal sun of happiness always shine
May the streams of Peace and tranquility always flow
Distanced, wide and near; far from decline
Such is the dream and hope of every day  men