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The mystery of my Life

We hardly know the value of life and love until we have that unexpected and tragic accident that completely changes the course of our life or unless we really get into the realities of being that crap who seems to be left all alone behind. The perceptions we have to life all changes then and that's when we really get into knowing the very ground realities of what life really is.

Life is fragile and it is one thing called LOVE that enriches and keeps it rigid and going..It gives the strength, the motivation and inspiration and best of all the HOPE, because even without anything but with hope, there is still some space somewhere in life. It beams the dimer light to a brighter one, and lightens the shadowed and darkness. It ignites very little spark into mighty flaring flame of fire.Thats the beauty of hope.But once gone,it is very difficult to revive,and so many prices are to be paid along. It is not that easy to get and not that easy to lose as well. May be its the only reason i am…