Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Transition.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is known for its rich culture and tradition. It's isolation and domestic polices have helped protect its culture and natural beauty. These are among the reasons it is referred to as the Last Shangri-la, the crown jewel of Himalayas.

With recent transition to the democracy, which did not come through struggle and hardships like other countries of the world,but as a gift from the Throne is valuable and unique.  Bhutan's step to the international community since a decade ago has also brought so many good changes back at home. There has been drastic economic development, the standard of the people has dramatically improved. But the ugly truth is the price that comes along with all these improvements and changes which  are way beyond the imagination sometimes. It seems there are more questions than answers, more problems than solutions.

Adversity, precursor to imbalance and Aberration?

Go back to history when Bhutanese people enjoyed the constant peace in mind (at least), although there were physical hardships. People hardly thought of the competition, the inferiority complexes, the drugs or that fancy fashions. People were least concerned about the external comforts, but with developments and changes, the people has become more greedy- The self sufficiency is replaced by the stock of savings, the early clothes from raw animal skins are being replaced by those fancy dress, which rather seems to bring more ugliness. And not every one of us are fortunate enough to walk that path. We may be born as an equal human being, but some aren't that lucky to have fancy dresses, some aren't that fortunate to have luxurious life as others, or eat in the five star hotels as others. By then a huge gap is being created.

Well, that is when people resort to any kind of crimes to cloud their smallness and backwardness, to fill that gap, or as a compensation for not being able to reach that par.
That is when they resort to things which are more ugly to safe their faces.  That is when the youths resort to drugs and fights, because it is the only rescue for them. That is when prostitution becomes the best resort for the women. Who wants to lose, or be intimidated, or be embarrassed by the society or the surrounding? Who doesn't want be loved or cared after all?
At the end of day, everyone of us are human being, governed by the same emotions, in the small corner of heart, everyone is same and desires the same.

And now whose fault is it? Is it just the youth for drug and fights? Or is it just  the women herself for the prostitution? Does not everyone, the government, the policy, the organizations and an individual responsible? Is it not a combined problem? Rather than playing the blame games upon one another, is  it not high time to curb such problems, before it is too late?

As a child, who would want their mother to resort into such circumstances? But now having already been the water under the bridge, is it not everyone's responsibilities to think back, as to where we went wrong, where such incidents will lead us?

In a country where sanctity is valued  very much, in a land where it is very much difficult even to watch those normal Bollywood and Hollywood kissing scenes with family, such news (Paro Incident) is shocking though. But at the same time, it is but a very good lesson for all of us.Perhaps it is the best time to think if it is but time to legalize such profession or if not how to make sure that such things don't occur in the future. Or is it just the tip of an iceberg?

Some questions will never have answers though!...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Secrets Of College Life

College life is one biggest thing I am going to miss in my life. Every day of a college life is but a blessing, although some comes at the cost of other things that is unfortunate. However, the blessings always exceeds the curse, the good exceeds bad, the joy and pleasure exceeds sad and gloominess, strength exceeds the weakness, good memories exceeds the bitter and bad ones. May be that is why everyone says college life is a golden life.

Team Varanasi and Inkrri Team
 Every moments spent is but a memory. The hardships and struggles we take to pass that academics exams may be very important and the ultimate thing, but when we get through so-called the college life what we actually go is with the memories.Things like late nigh drinks among friends in the hostel although once in blue moon (of course that is when purse is thick!) and the crazy moments after that, the dry and wilt-y times when we are broke (which is the case most often),  the share and talk of non sense with friends,  the late night chats and flirts with girls in social networking sites all makes it even more marvelous.
Get together; Bhutanese from Varanasi and MNNIT

The past few days have been the most wonderful. On Saturday 20th October, fifteen fellow Bhutanese studying in Banaras Hindu University and Sanskrit university came to our college (MNNIT) to play football. They spent a night with us and twelve of us, the MNNITians did our best to be the best host. Get together it self was very wonderful.

Having the lunch we prepared!

Coinciding with Dasara, yesterday night (23rd october) we twelve of us had a blast! It may seem bad and unhealthy from one point of view, but this doesn't dilute the purpose we have, we do know the roles and responsibilities we as a student! I think it is OK once in a blue moon, after all life is uncertain, we never know what is in store for us. I have been drunk just once in my Life (till now) and yesterday was the second time!

The funny thing about the yesterday's night was that even in the drunken state, we went to the play ground to play football and that too for two long hours at night under the street Light! (from 12:00 to 02:00 AM). Yes, the apple flavored Vodka (two bottles) did energize all that strength to play! It was really an interesting Night!

Dasara Moments
Of course it is the college Life that has taught me so many things; to drink, play, even to Love and the fact that a successful life is but a journey and never a destination.

Monday, 22 October 2012

It is Eleven PM Now

It is Eleven PM now,
The room is as usual- Silent and Alone
The big old fan is spinning hard to keep away heat
But today it is awkward and uneasy
The sound of fan is disturbing me!
It is all of a sudden a Noise today

My Mobile is dead silent
No Musics, No SMS, no call
May be one  justice after all to the gadget
My laptop isn't shutdown as usual
It has become hot because of heat
Yesterday I felt warm and cozy
But today, I feel cold and crazy

My diary page is still a big blank
And my head filled with things I don't know
I can't frame it into meaningful words
Yesterday, we talked, we laughed and even made vow
we smiled, we murmured and  enjoyed silence
But today, it is gone and  I am missing it all
From the time I wrote you in diary of my life
To the time we shared both Laughs and smiles
From the time we fought and hurt each other
To the time we departed with an ugly face (once)
From the time we talked and complained of silence
Till we comprehend and acknowledge the fact
I am reminiscing it all and it cheers me in fact

Eleven PM is precious and special to me
The time I first expressed my Love
The time that defines the love of my life
The time that begins my immense joy and hope
Time that also commence the worst fights and disputes
Time that exposes my strength and weakness
And the time that keeps me agile and active

But it is different today
I am all alone and you are missing
I miss you and I am looking at the clock
The clock seems so slow and sluggish
Yet I am waiting here like that old times
Come fast, I know you will.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Teacher, Student and Punishment

I often ask myself: where I would be at this very instant of time, If I wasn't at the first hand admitted  to school?  If I hadn't meet the teachers I met? Of course I can also frame the answers. Parents have given me two legs to walk, taught me to crawl and step on the floor, but teachers have not only shown me the right path but also how to reach that path. Parents have given me two eyes, but it is the teacher who taught me what is but a real beauty.
All in all, if  it is the parents who brings seed of a flowering plant in the open field; it is the teacher, who actually makes it grow to a beautiful flowering plant.

Most of our life is also spent with teachers. It is only in the early age and during the breaks that we spent our life with our parents. As a little kid, parents admit us to school, and for me particularly, I was admitted to school at the age of 6 and from class II (aged eight) I was kept as hosteler. So, I pretty well know what a life really is as a teacher, who apart from teachings (their job), and their family at home ends up becoming another to huge number of untrained and raw (so to say) students in the hostel.

At the same time, as a student, I  (we all though!) also know what it means to be away from our little home, from our beloved parents. No matter how much good teachers are, we always find reasons to blame them. And even more bitter is when we knowingly bunk the school for the parents at home and as a consequence, get punishments from teachers.

It is one thing to get punished due to our mischievous acts, failure to do home assignments, or as a result of indiscipline, but another to punish because of the failure to understand the concepts taught in the class, although hardly are the students being punished for not knowing what is taught (bookish knowledge) in the class.

I did get punishments ranging from tiny push ups to as severe as oozing blood from my forehead because of a hit with a bell ringer by a teacher. The later one was though way back at primary school. I don;t exactly remember why I was being hit with. I only remember the kind of funny cry I made and how vehemently complained my parents, only to know now, that they didn't dare! May be it was the reason behind all the escapes of punishment since then, because after that I hardly remember myself getting punished either because of mischievous acts or owing to studies.

Well, I personally feel it is always a good thing to have some kind of punishment in schools, as long as it is accepted by the social norms and ethics, after all what we learn most is through mistakes  and the if there aren't certain things to guide and control, we never know where we headed. I am, as a matter of fact proud for what I came through.

However, I feel the recent news  by 'The Bhutanese paper' if ever true is beyond the social acceptance. There are so many other ways and means to grooming a student, to instill a discipline in students and to make student more proactive. Such kind of punishment will only instill a fear and a sense of inferiority in the young budding minds which will only do more harm than good. For a moment, or day or two, the teacher may be satisfied  by the students obedience, yet in the long run, I feel it won't serve the purpose. It is rather torture to the students, which will only hamper their growth, and which is contrary to the very concept of  Teaching- Learning.
It will only lead us to so many questions without answers.

At the same time our teachers should never be discouraged with such incidents. It should rather come as an extra lesson. It is just one out of thousand. All our teachers are human too and they know what is right or wrong, The incident is unfortunate.

(PS: The post is never to criticize all the teachers of our country. I am indebted to my teachers for their valuable job, more than as a mere teacher.)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Paradox!

Not every one of us get in to what we once dreamed of in life. Not every one of us has liberty to decide what is in store for us, not in all the circumstances.  It is most of the time, that unfortunate or fortunate luck and the twist of fate that changes the course of our life and decides what we are in life. Of course the passion, the will and determination are essential deciding factors too. The force of so called fate is unwavering and we can never go against it. Some thing in life is never under our control.

I never thought that I would land up into engineering profession. I am almost 7/8 engineer now. I doubted if I am going to be a good one. I was afraid if justice was at all done.  But  now I have accepted the fact and I think somehow I am tuned to this.  I am OK now.

Source: Facebook
First impressions are not always the last. My first impressions about the profession was that it would be more of a practical based and less theory. But that is far from true! Yes it is not that easy as we think it is.
  •  A 500 to 600 hundred pages of text is covered in just one subject within  not even four months duration!.
  • Most of the practical classes are left to our self, may be that's to instill a sense of creativity and independence.
  • Every students burns mid night oils, but at the very last moment! The biggest headache is collecting all the master copies to xerox just before the exams.
  • Proxies are very common. Most of the students hardly attends the classes, unless the professors are strict enough.
  •  Mugged up of even a whole book hardly helps! 
Eventually at the end of a day; every bad has good; every weakness have a strength behind, there are always hidden meanings behind every displays. Life was hard at some point of time though, when I look back three years; when everything seemed hard, impossible and unreachable, when the work load was too much and I neglect it instead; I realize now that a patient heart is what it all requires. Time heals everything!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Lines Of Encouragement

"The most beautiful thing in the world is to see the parents smiling and the next beautiful thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile"

Well this is a beautiful, inspiring and encouraging line. It reminds me of my Mom who once said when we spent together during the Vacation sometime in the summer of 2010: "སྐྱིད་པོ་ཨ་ནི་ཆོ་ལས་་་ནན་ཐུར་གཡོག་ནོང་ཏེན་གེ་ལ" which literally means: "Life wouldn't be that hard  after you get employed, I will stay peacefully". This was the response when I said my parents not to toil and worry too much about me and the normal field works and hardships they have to go through to make ends meet. Since then it was an extra lesson I learned, more of how much I am to them; as a responsible son. It was another big step that life gave me to leap up on, that will always remind me in the days to come. It makes me more cautious so to say.

  As an innocent and uneducated, who never got chance themselves, they have realized the very importance of it and have enrolled to educating me, toiling day and night. And being the eldest one in a family to get education,  makes me a more responsible.
  • What if I am unable to fulfill their wishes?
  • What if I am obstructed by the mistaken paths?
But not even in the wildest of my dreams had I been discouraged to serve my purpose. Every time I remember them and their conditions, a strong gush of encouragement and the will that says 'you can do and you must do' echoes and wakes me from the slumber I might be into. Every time I step over a bar, I stand still for a moment thinking if that will not jeopardize my very purpose. And I am happy because that is what I want; to become a responsible and loyal son, and may be sometime later a good husband, and ultimately a good father!..:)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nostalgic Feelings

After having a good time among us, the Bhutanese MNNITians with a delicious dinner prepared our self in the hostel and a bottle of Vodka yesterday, and then of course a phone call with my Love, it was almost 3:00 AM when I went to sleep. It was almost Noon today when I woke up. As usual, after a mild shower I went on with the normal business- in to the internet world. I read the blog of 17th Karmapa, the article about how His holiness the 17th Karmapa recognized the 4th Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche at the age of 12 by giving all the specific locations and alphabets of the parent's name. Go for this

Then I was Face-booking, perhaps the only platform where we share every thing- the frustrations, pleasures and sadness, the tensions and all kind of news through so called the status updates.It is also a platform where we get to see every kind of photos uploaded by our friends. I suddenly captured the glimpse of the Photo (the below) which was uploaded by my cousin brother Wangchuk, who is a monk at Mindrolling in dehradun.

My Little Home
And for some moment I was completely taken aback, as early as a little naughty kid who would refuse to go school if he was not given a note of five or ten Ngultrums by the parents, to those windy nights in winter in the bright moon light, when we kept the traditional theme of 'Night Hunting' alive, for other times we were at boarding school, to those days when I finished bottles of brewed Ara with my dad and  my mother controlling us by lying that there is no Ara at times. All of a sudden, I wanted to go there, be with my parents. I want to be where I was once; free from all the nagging of modern technology. I once again wanted to feel that excitement as a cattle herder both in sun and rains with long leaches measuring my body.

 I realized how much I have missed them. It has almost three years since I last visited the home. This winter break I am planning to go Home, but the questions are:
  •  Will I feel the same as I felt once as a little Kid?
  • What change awaits for me? (which I can make out by the photo itself though).
  •  Will I still be treated as a little kid? (which I exactly know though:).)
However, more than anything else, it is my parents whom I miss so much. The hardships they have taken, the sweat they shed, the sacrifice they made just to feed and educate me through all the times are more then being just a parents. They are everything to me. The kind of encouragement I get from them is unwavering and that has what kept me going no matter what.They have done their work now- making me a real man. It is now my turn to be a real son. It may be a long way to go, but nothing will shatter my hope and aspirations. One fine day I will make them Proud.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Last year at this time; not only was Bhutan and Bhutanese people  into a celebration mood and enjoyed the joyous moment, it was also the international community that was abuzz with the news of His Majesty the fifth King's marriage to  her Majesty the Queen Azhi Jetsun Pema. The historic wedding caught the attention of every major newspaper in the world.

 Although I missed all those moments of celebrations and togetherness as the whole nation came together back at home; I was equally happy and excited in foreign Land. I may not have seen, and hear  the joyful cries of their majesties and the public at large,  I could still feel that exuberance.

 I can still feel that excitement and exhilaration. 

His majesty the king walked hand-in-hand with the Queen and turned his romantic self inside out, publicly kissing the Queen not once but thrice, throwing the people at the wedding reception into a rapturous frenzy.

So in this light I would like offer my purest of prayers and wishes for the first anniversary of the Royal wedding. May the eternal sun of happiness always shine on the Land of Thunder Dragon under the dynamic and visionary guidance of their Majesties.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Religion entirely above Politics in Bhutan?

The Constitution of Bhutan says: "for the political system in Bhutan to be secular where religion was elevated to the higher pedestal through the declaration, ‘religion shall remain above politics"

Well,  Religion ought to be above the politics not only in Bhutan, but any where in the world.

Source: Google
  • Religion is a spiritual thing and must maintain its sanctity.
  • Politics is hurly-burly thing that happens on the ground with all kind of both truth and lies and deceptions to fill the vote bank, all the promises that may be both false and true, both good and bad. 
  • There can't be a good harmony, effective system and a just society without certain distinction between them,as their main motto is entirely different.   
  • Both must be allowed to operate independently for the betterment of men and society.

However looking into the scenario of Bhutanese political system specially in rural Bhutan, I don't really feel there is a distinction between the two. A religious community comprises not only of monks but also the Gomchens, Tshampas, and Nuns. And most of the educated ones in the rural areas, who are a little better than the mass (so called labshay ngenshay people),  are but Gomchens and Tshampas and they are also the only ones who participate in the electoral process. For this they have to give away their religious identity by cutting their hairs short ( for the tshampas) to availing the voter cards by changing their occupation in their citizen identity card. This was what I noticed in the first ever democratic election process in Bhutan 2008. And that I think it is out of religious ethics and codes. But still that is how it worked in rural Bhutan and will do the same in the future too. Without this there can't be good people in decision making process, and so is the question: Is Religion entirely above politics in Bhutan?

Strange Feelings, Unlucky Week..

Sometimes we just know we aren't well, but not why? We know something is wrong but not what and why is it so, we know emotions are playing game with us but not how and why? Life isn't always smooth as we wish it could be. A moment of happiness is suddenly clouded by the torrents of roughness and friction. Sometimes a sudden gush of  anger with anguish of grief ruins every thing!

Source: Facebook
Is it really true of this: "Anything is highly valued and considered before we get hold of it and then right after we lose it; in between when you have it, the value depreciates and the bar comes down until it is lost again" I personally think it isn't the case with everyone.

I wondered as to where I was going this week with all those rambles of thoughts, ranging from personal life to family, to complexities of love life, to difficulties of college life as bad off one, to all those unwanted current and future situations that should be least concerned with.
May be the week wasn't that fortunate and lucky. In every steps I took; there was some lapse and a kind of failure. Although the week was just after a wonderful trip to Bodh Gaya, the days that followed wasn't that productive and worth mentioning. Even the cell phone that gave me an impressive service past one year ceased to function properly with me this week!

When every other friends have their demand drafts (from DAHE) in their accounts, I still doesn't know where mine has really reached. And each time I tried to contact the concerned people, it was always encountered with unfortunate excuses. The first semester project presentation is just a week ahead and I still don't know if I will be able to do it well; because I still am not aware of what it is all about, not because I give less damn, but because I have but no other option for it is the price we get to pay if we are unable to talk freely and confidently with one's mates and the worst being with intrusive ones and of of different sex and race.

 However, everything is in fleeting motion and there was some rays of merriment and exuberance towards the end of week. We MNNITians  (Bhutanese) went to play football for fun with Bhutanese students of Sam Higginbotttom Institute of Agricultural Technology and Science (SHAITS), Allahabad. it was an interesting and rejuvenating one where we once again shared  a common laugh, smile and a sense of harmony..

So it is just the matter of time; time is a great healer and Some answers to questions just need a silence!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fate and Unanswered Questions

Ten years ago or before, there wasn't much stress and worries. It was that usual and regular 'school thing'. Back then the thing that bothered much was if  my belly would be filled from the common hostel mess of black spotted rice and potato curry, if ever pretty girls look and think of me, when will be the break, and so on. The regular morning and evening study was but the perfect moment to gossip about what not things. Of course there was also a kind of fear, perhaps the biggest fear that time- 'if i will pass the exams to the next higher class'. And it was quite easy to pass too. Nothing like carrier or Job bothered, in fact such things were but an alien. Even if such thing crossed our mind, there was always an excuse; it isn't time, there is long way to go!

But with exciting journey called the learning period,  from schools  to the golden college life almost coming to end, a strange feelings  often bothers me. A stream of question runs through my gut like; Will I get Job? (This is my immediate question now!) Did more than dozen of so called learning trained and groomed me good enough to pay back? Am I capable to compete with others? Do I have that  potential to serve or stand on my own? What if I am unable and fail to do so? How am I going to repay the Government and the Parents who have tirelessly expended everything on making me stand this very moment amongst others? Like wise the questions are just numerous.

And at such times, even a news about our friends being able to do their part (if not yourself ) is but a great comfort. Today I heard one of my seniors who just passed out a couple of months got job in a corporation. And for reasons unknown, all of a sudden the gloomy face of mind was gradually clouded by a jolly one with broad smile and for a moment every bothering questions were gone. Even more was I happy for him; because unfortunately he didn't get through Preliminary Examination, held sometime in August. Maybe that was for a reason and today as I think back I realized how the fate seems to play games sometime and twist around unexpectedly. I guess fate never plays fool, it does its part impartially. We just need to accept and answer to its callings.

Then when I posted in the group; Bhutanese students Association MNNIT in Facebook, the following:
"Hearty congratulations to Engineer Tashi Nima for getting employed. Join me to wish him Luck , cheers..:)
PS: Don't forget the promised Party!..:P"

Eventually  I think it is a good thing to be tensed by such emotions sometimes, because we never know what is in store for us. It help us stay focused in our own track and make us look both back and forward with more clearer and broader view.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

National Dress: A sense of Pride in Foreign Land!

There are certain things in life that makes us special, unique and proud, certain things that make us feel loved and certain things that quenches our thirst. Well, I never realized I had one such thing until a recent trip to Bodh Gaya.I have always been proud to be a BHUTANESE; but I never thought a mere national dress would draw such attention and make me feel different. Even a total stranger seems to know us so well in Bhutanese Dress, comes to us and say: 'hello! Can we have a photo'. Bhutan may be too small, but to the outside world I think we are considered very unique and different and I think every one of us must be proud of that and live up to their expectations, at the least by loving and accepting who we are.

Chinese Pilgrims
Most of Bhutanese youth (may be adults too) are influenced by those fancy western dresses and that is obvious. We have so many youths who are Korean fanatics. However as a matter of fact I have never been carried away by those dress codes, no matter how much it looked good or fancy it is although there are situations where we can't escape; because when we are in Rome we have to be Romans.I always liked our national dress and  I enjoy wearing it. This college life has only made me like more!

And that was when we decided to wear our national dress at least while we are on excursion and yes it was worth wearing!We were proudly walking the streets of Bodh Gaya and it was surprising to notice that within no time we were but the center of attention to the surrounding people. Everyone, both young and old, both Indians and foreigners, both men and women were staring at us. That was when we realized how it feels to be real. Although there was also a moment when those local people tried to take advantage of us, but that never deterred (me at least) to be refrained from wearing our dress in foreign land.

Taiwanese Women
We had some memorable photos with complete strangers. However the point is never to brag of such photo sessions and moments, but a sense of pride and satisfaction we derive as a people from Bhutan; which a Chinese on pilgrimage called the happiest nation in the world!

I am proud to wear my dress (Gho) and shout to the world that I have the biggest pocket in the world!...:) Everyone should give it a try, maybe you will notice the difference!..:)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The stories Behind..(Gaya Trip)

There are so many stories that makes Bodh Gaya a precious and very sacred place of all other places on earth. Lopen Khandu who is the Umzey of the Royal Bhutanese Monastery narrates the stories behind all the sites as follow:
1. The story of Statue in the main Chorten:
It is said that the statue is self created. There was once a mother of Brahmin caste and three sons.  The two elders were ardent follower of Hindu and they built the biggest Hindu temple that stands some where in Bihar today. The third and youngest son was also interested to do something in life and once asked his mother what he should do in his life. The mother asked him to built the statue of Buddha (སྟོན་པའི་སྐུ) which was the first time that he heard of the word 'Buddha'. He asked mother what that means and what is required to built that. His mother wasn't sure as well, but she said that she saw Buddha when she was eight years old
One night the third son had a Dream about the statue; someone told him that to construct a statue of Buddha, you need to have golds and he was asked to collect the prerequisites and keep inside a locked room (it is the present days statue site!!) and was asked to see after six days. After collection all the materials and six days when he opened the door, to his utter surprise he found the present day statue was self emanated with just fingers and toes incomplete. So the third son is believed to have made the fingers and toes himself. During the time of Muslim's uprising it is said that the king of srilanka Dharmapala covered the statue with mud and the statue remained unaffected.
That is one reason why Dorji Dhen is so sacred apart from Buddha's enlightenment and the statue is very precursor to other statues in the world. Every other statues are copied from this statue.

2.Sung joen Drolma (the talking Taras):
It is believed that there are seven Tara (sung joen Drolma) in and around the temple.The one which is attached to the right side of main chorten is believed to have talked to Nagarjuna (Goenpo Ludrup) while making the immediate surrounding fence around the chorten.Is is said to have told Nagarjuna to keep the statue of hers attached to the chorten for the well being of sentient beings. Nagarjuna is also believed to have put on the Sertok of the Temple. There is also one Tara who spoke to the King Ashoka who built the modern main chorten. Inside the Druphu,which lies adjacent to the main chorten, there is also the statue of Tara who spoke once.

3. The Nalanda University:
The Nalanda University was once the home of learning to five hundred panditas. The most famous one is the story behind the pandita Shantideva (རྒྱལ་སྲས་ཞི་ཝ་ལྷ) Shantideva studied all the teachings on his own, in private, and within himself, focusing on the meaning of the teachings and practice. He remained in Nalanda without doing anything outwardly. To the other panditas, he seemed to be the laziest person. There was turn by turn teachings among the Panditas and once it was shatideva's turn. Other panditas were finding ways to embarrass him. Shantideva asked if the other Panditas wanted to hear a teaching that was heard or one that was never heard, On others request to teach the unknown, so that they could embarrass him.T he place (adjacent picture) is where he taught Bodhicharyavatara (སྤྱོད་འཇུག) containing ten chapters for the first time. It is said that when he reached ninth chapter he  levitated off the ground, and rose up higher and higher into the air until he was disappeared. 

4.The Vulture Peak (བྱ་་རྒོད་ཕུང་པའི་རིས):
 Buddha delivered his first teaching at Sarnath, Varanasi to his five main disciples (འཁོར་ལྔ་སྡེ་བཟང་པོ) on Four Noble Truths. Then Buddha delivered his teaching for the second time to five hundred Panditas at the Vulture's park on Prajnaparamita ( ཤེས་རབ་ཀྱི་ཕ་རོ་ཏུ་ཕྱིན་པ་). Behind the peak also lies the meditation cave of Sariputra and Moggalana.

4. Saptaparni stone house (རྒྱལ་པོའི་ཁབ):
This is a place in Rajgir where the first Buddhist council took place among the Panditas with regards to the  continuity of Buddha's teachings. It is said that the teachings of Buddha are sealed in a rock so that when the time for revival comes in future it can be easily assessed. 

5. Hsing ta Khorlo (ཤིང་རྟ་འཁོར་ལོ):
It is believed that  Buddha has taken the five hundred good births and five hundred bad births before enlightenment (དག་པའི་སྐྱེས་བ་ལྔ་བརྒྱ་དང་མ་དག་པའི་སྐྱེས་བ་ལྔ་བརྒྱ) and this hsing ta Khorlo is when Buddha was born as a horse. When his partner wasn't doing the work sincerely and when the owner was striking with stick, the Buddha (in horse body) couldn't resist out of compassion and therefore is said to have told the owner that he was the one who wasn't obeying him. So the owner is then said to have freed the partner and stroked the Buddha violently and made him carry the rest of work. It is said that Buddha Felt the first Compassion in this place.We can still see the prints of the wheel today in Rajgir.


Wonderful Bodh Gaya Trip

In front of main Chorten
Bodh Gaya is a religious site and is the center of this very world. It is the place where past three Buddhas have attained enlightenment and the present Buddha- Sangay Sakyamunni sometime in 623 BC. There are so many important stories that makes the place a very sacred and important one to visit at least one time in our life.
This is for the second time that I visit the place, the first one being during the Moenlam Chennmo coinciding with Dukar Wangchen last winter. But that was just like a dream, amidst thousand of people, I couldn't even enter the main Chorten and it was also just for a day due to accommodation and other problems. This time it was a very relax and peaceful. We got to visit every place nearby.

Five of us; Dorji, Kinley, Yenten, karma and Myself had a very wonderful time there. We stayed in the Royal Bhutanese Monastery during our time at Bodh Gaya. We were also lucky enough that we met Lopen Khadu from Punakha who is Umzey in the monastery who helped us a lot and even acted as guide behind every sacred sites, we have visited.

Kinley, Dorji, Yenten, karma and Myself
If there is one thing that I will be always proud of and never be regretted by the placement I got at this very place- Allahabad, to pursue my degree, it is the chance I got to travel different places. Allahabad lies in the very center to all the important and sacred places, at least from Buddhist point of view. Varanasi is just a three hours drive by Bus, Kushi Nagar is few hours by bus and Bodh Gaya is just seven hours away by train.

With Lopen Khandu toward Jagoe Phung poi Re
I have also  been very fortunate to have wonderful friends, who knows the very meaning of being friend in times of both thick and thin and for this I am very much Thankful. There are so many moments I am going to cherish throughout in my life.

Jela- Dho Chorten-Bemri Trek (25/6/2022)

 It was along time dream to experience this famous trek from Jela- dzong to Bemri via Dho-chorten. It is a beautiful trek indeed. We booked...