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A kind of Discrimination?

Every body is against gender discrimination and I personally feel gender discrimination and distinction shouldn't exist after all both men and women are but human being with same kind of emotions, same blood and bones. And when it comes to gender discrimination what instantly comes to one's perception is women being underestimated and underscored; maybe because of age old tradition that women means just confined to four corners of kitchen and no where else. How ever I feel this point is no longer acceptable. There are sections of society where it is just the opposite and it is only because these are left unnoticed!

what is more amusing is the fact that can't be denied; we just have to observe around us with every day life of ours and then feel it by our own self. A very practical example just to supplement my point; I was in Dean's (academic affairs) office on 27/08/2012 to collect my senior's mark sheets and other documents at around 3:30 pm. There were some othe…

A wake up Call

On 02/08/2012 the Royal civil service Commission of Bhutan announced the vacancies for BCSE 2012 Graduates and it was really shocking to know the number of graduates appearing for  BCSE, more than 2600 numbers!. It just depicts that Life is not going to be easy after every passing days and year. I was particularly shocked to see the Electronics and Communication Engineering course (my course!) having just one vacant post against 24 competitors! Because the branch, which has so much scope in India and abroad is just the opposite in a country- a fastest developing country with Hydro power being the largest growing Industries.
However;on the other hand, it has also been a very good wake up call for people like me who are yet to go through that sometime later. But the question that still remains is: How without the Vacancy?  Even with laudable result? Can the Government really solve the problem of unemployment? It also shows that the situation is changed and is in constant change unlike …

A sense of Dejavu!!

Sometimes I hate myself for who I am. Because every now and then I wonder why I am trapped into that noose of embarrassment and insecurity. The more we are aged, the more humble and wise we are to become but for me, I just feel the opposite! After living for twenty three years, I still wonder if I have someone whom I can rely upon recklessly. Does this mean I am so mean and different? Or is it something like I can never be a good human being?  Every new day I try to evaluate my self that the coming day is but best for making my self  a better human being and a better day but it has not always seemed fruitful.

There was always one quality which I wanted to develop so direly since nursery  and still I feel I haven't acquired that quality- Confidence. I was so embarrassed when a Professor of the college told me: " You are talking as if a timid first year, talk confidently like you are really a final year student. Be confident" Why do I stammer the moment I begin to talk? W…


I feel it is the very nature of mankind to change;  with success that comes our way, with the ladders we climb up and with the environment as well. The higher we climb the steps of success and wellness. the more reluctant we seem to become.  It is not just in the silver screen movies and Drama series that are being depicted, it happens everywhere in everyday life,Although the change in inevitable in life, it must not be at the cost of a breach to someone we care about, and someone we ought something!
Even in my own eyes, I have witnessed incidents where one's one priorities that were in the first line become the last, a son and wife becoming so rude to their own parents and even treating like maidservants Every primary preference becomes secondary then. There is one incident I can never forget in my life; It was in the month of July, 2012 in Samdrup Choeling, where there was a daughter-in law who was very rude to her own husband's mother! who was in serious ailment.And I was…


As a little child I still remember when I collected with pride, the prizes for getting positions in the class in academics. As a reward to the hard-work we have put in, it was rather the inspiration I got. And all the more the kind of embarrassment I would have to go through if i don't keep the same spirit made me study more harder. The other things bothered me less! Just for examination I used to learn mugging up all those formulas of Mathematics and the Theories of chemistry and Physics in the intermediate schools. I hardly knew that learning is more than mere mugging up!

Still now I feel little has changed, although I am about to graduate. What I noticed is the same pattern of  studying, the only difference being the change of syllabus. However,  the amount of time we study is different. It is the last minute preparation that most students get through in the college.

And one thing that is a big blow to especially the Bhutanese students studying in India is the kind of backgrou…