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BOB Incident

Have you ever felt that Bank of Bhutan is deceiving you? I don’t know if it is legally and corporately right about this: charging double for lending an ATM card. Did you ever experience with Bank of Bhutan officials where you were charged double while getting your ATM cards issued after you open a saving account? It happened with me at Paro BOB branch office. I maybe wrong and if I am, I beg my pardon; otherwise I really can’t imagine where the money is going. Although it is just two hundred bucks, how many people are there availing this service? It was a month ago when I accompanied my sister who was opening saving account. I was her witness. We filled the form duly and the counter lady told us to get the ATM card issued, pointing to a gentleman with white gho who was perhaps an IT personnel.  We were quite happy that ATM card was being issued instantly. It was saving of time for not only us as customer, but also for them. The white man called us to his office, entered something in hi…

The Phallus Tower

There is famous Eiffel tower at Paris in France which is the symbol of love, where people from across the world visits to rejuvenate and celebrate their love. Who doesn’t dream about the visiting and experience such beautiful moments in such a majestic monument? Similarly in India we have beautiful Taj Mahal, also a symbol of everlasting love built by the great mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his dear wife Mumtaz Mahal. And this has left me thinking like what about something like the Phallus tower in Bhutan? Ever thought about it? Would it ever do justice with its engraved reasons behind?  Would it serve its very purpose?
We have unique culture, customs and traditions, which for the centuries has kept us in the shower of peace and happiness and which has ensured the very sovereignty and independence. Phallus is nothing new or different. It has a deep religious connection and symbolism in Bhutan.  The exciting stories about its significance are heard and known through the biography of La…