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Series of Serious Thought

It is for the second time that i am asked about the kind of work i do and the dress i wear at work. Last month  a distant cousin of mine called me to help him at the terminal; it was his first time travelling on a flight; he was going for masters. Along with him was his close uncle who came to see off him. He is a respectable man back at village. we shook our hands and the first question he asked me was what exactly i was doing at the terminal. I told that the terminal wasn't exactly the place i work and that we as an engineering personnel maintains aircraft, to which he wasn't satisfied by the answer i gave. Then he scanned me physically, he was particularly intrigued by the external reflector shirt i wore from the outside. i wasn't surprised when he said: "hangten ya ne zo ra thath pa awa chos ne" [literally, how is that you are adorned with such a shabby dress?] . The general expectation of people like them for every employed individual is seem them dressed h…


Every one of us have stories to tell about how we landed into the kind of job we are doing right now and for those of you whose turn hasn’t come yet, be prepared to make one. Some are sad, pity and encouraging while others are just plain and normal. I have my own story. After graduation the word “JOB” was only my word and mantra. I walked with it, slept with it and dream about it. I really needed to find job, not because I wanted a lavish life or were jealous about other’s life or not because I had the certificate of bachelor’s degree. Those were just the requirements. First I had huge responsibility as the only first member of family to have studied thus far. I have so many siblings to look after, expense and educate them besides my aged parents. I could never keep the yoke of burdens on my uneducated parents. They already have had enough with educating me. I have given them experience all the pain, all the torture, frustrations and all the form of struggles. I needed to share their …

Who cares after all?

The stars that twinkles and dances merrily in the middle of sky, who have had the leisure to watch and enjoy that lights the darkest night? That silent and serene moon which brightens the tiring day (of work) and make one smile; who would have appreciated for being able to see and feel?  Who would have felt gratified by the gentle drops of shower that drains all the sad and bad emotions? Who have not cursed the summer rain that sometimes gets lippy? Who have all the time in this so-called modern world to see the beauty of all these wonders? The music that enthralls and soothes ones deranged soul and crippled body, who even cares when all is well and everything, is alright?  Unless we feel alone, lonely and estranged, we hardly have time to acknowledge these small beauties that enriches our life though in very little way. We tend to enjoy music when we are happy while the lyric touches us when sad.
The closest neighbor who lives just a step away; did you even greet and exchanged hi and …