Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Then and Now

The other day Namgang (my friend) and I were gossiping during our leisure time about how life has suddenly changed in time, how we are tuned to fit into that maze of change and how we are made by certain circumstances to change. Change is inevitable you know. As a kid or a young school and college goer, what do we expect from life? The timely entitlements, fun with buddies and laudable result at the end of day were only something that really bothered. There was nothing like living and sailing through as a captain yourself because you have not much to mind about, there were fewer nags, less compromises and fewer nuts to worry about. That period is the best.

And suddenly when you join corporate life, all these begin to fade and this transition is not very easy and hassle free. Your shoulders are bogged with more responsibilities, you have more reasons to worry about, and more things at the date line to be accomplished, more sleepless nights and sometimes you end up blaming yourself for not convincing someone who doesn’t understands you. When put upon the other’s shoe and sit on their chair, we do understand that they were right those times and that our thinking was only from one direction.

Don’t you miss so called college life?  Yes I do! Those silly fights with friends over silly reasons; the times when we witnessed friends becoming crazy over girls and how teachers used to catch and embarrass them in the morning assembly, the teachers themselves hiding their silent crush on the student; the meals which the more you take, the more hungry it would make; the common midnight calls and unforgettable theft cases. Even the undergarment clothes wouldn’t be spared! Is it not funny?

But now when we reminisce back and think upon it deeply, such incidents were but the only essential part of so-called learning. Through all these, perhaps we have become wiser, more tolerant, more vigilant and more decent. Perhaps we have known what an embarrassment or the difference between love and infatuation is? Perhaps what we are today is exactly shaped by those funny and strange moments.

Now what do we have? Only memories of the past which are both sweet and sour! Every day is a routine and scheduled; go to the work, get upset by some silly corporate and professional reasons, come home in the evening, regret about the day, redeem yourself and hope for better the next day. This cycle repeats maybe with slight change. You miss the luxuries you once had the privilege to experience. You hardly have time to contact your best buddies and the tight grip we had once begins to loosen. However at the end its life and it has to goes on. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Walking Alone

Yesterday I was allocated to with wheel shop to assemble the wheel tyre and the work was finished by 1400 hours. I decided to walk from the work to my house at Woochu. It was bit windy and the sun was having tough time getting through the fluctuating clouds. The new majestic high way from Bondey till Paro NIE Bridge welcomed me where the works are still in progress. The chilly Paa chhu flows down by the side of this high way and it’s peaceful to see and feel how beautifully the river flows; clean and calm and is refreshing to walk down with the river. I wished I was like the river you know, to which it has nothing like turning back, no complaining, no sadness, sorrow or happiness.

I walked through the new pedestrian path- also work still in progress until the Bondey town. I scanned the view of it and thought myself about how shabby it looks. If you do the same next time you will see that Bondey town has more number of beauty parlors than grocery shops! Perhaps people over here are more fashion oriented? There isn’t even one Tailoring shop here. Passing the Bondey Zam which was inaugurated by the then crown prince Jigme Kheser Namgyal Wangchuk, I could feel the shake of it with the rhythm of vehicle’s ply. The road from the Bondey towards Woochu, is dusty and bumpy because the expansion works are in full swing. I wished if it rain for an instant to subside the filthy dusts that irritates not only people who walk or work by the side, but also those lethargic drivers.

Below this is the barren red rice paddy field patterned with few cattle and horses. It is dry and dusty too.  I have walked numerous times along this road but never had such strange feelings. My memories suddenly flashed back to the time when I came for the first time. It was different that time; every valley looked wonderful and green; filled with lively paddy plants. People were busy with the field works.  So this is Impermanence?

Just then a tripper truck loaded fully with logs of wood perhaps for the Bukhari of the cold season passes by and clouds my way with another circle of dusts. I covered my head with the jacket and continued walking to the house wondering if the change that is undergoing in me passes unnoticed as such?

PS: from my diary dated 13th December 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013

Tuition/Coaching in Bhutan

Yesterday after work, it was almost 1800 hours when I reached home. I directly went to the kitchen prepared myself dinner hurriedly for I was hungry and in the midst of it, my mobile was ringing. It was my uncle. We talked about our health; they were all good. He was asking me if there was something called temporary class at Paro. I did not understand the meaning at first. Later I knew what he meant; he was asking if there were tuition classes for students on vacation at Paro. I told that I had no idea about it. His son (my first cousin) has finished class XI science this year and he wanted to have tuition during this winter break. He was also talking of the financial burdens he was going through. For a moment I was sympathetic but then a strong infuriated pulse ran down my nerves and I was suddenly angry. Tuition class? Come on!  Yet I controlled it and seemed normal during the whole conversation. We had some minutes of talk till he gave the phone to my cousin. I directly asked him why he wanted to take tuition classes. He told that XII standard syllabus seems so vast and that he might face difficulties the coming year.
“But I did not, I had not even good reference books to refer, I still managed and my result wasn’t bad” I told. He wasn’t convincing.

Yes forget about tuition or coaching which I have never heard until I reached India, I did not even had the so-called guide or reference texts to study in the tenth or twelve standard. Even then at the end of day, I was one amongst some 145 students who got government scholarship to study outside the country. And I am very much grateful to the government of Bhutan for such good opportunities offered. Especially for families which aren’t strong, getting education is not that easy although the education is still free.
I told my cousin that as long as you work hard with determination and willingness, you will get your share. I told him to come and stay with me and prepare himself if at all he is interested and that I will help if I can. He wasn’t sure; perhaps he is going to take those classes which he said was at Ugyen Academy at Punakha.

Well, tuition or coaching may help get immediate colorful results or whatever the benefits it might have, I am always against it. I think it is for those lazy individuals, who want to take shortcuts. It is only for the rich families who have all the luxuries to walk an extra mile. Why take normal academic sessions then? It is all the more a waste of time and resources. If one is incapable, even dozens of tuition and coaching classes will be of little help. Tuition/Coaching is like spoon feeding a child who actually knows how to eat himself/herself. It makes one more complacent, dependent and lazy. That’s my personal opinion though and not to hurt the sentiments of those who are blessed with all the money and facilities, those who have thick pockets to expend and to avail such opportunities.

On the other hand I think if one is really interested, willing and determined, why not concentrate in the classes during normal academic session, revise and test it yourself? I tell it that the reward you get out of your so much effort and dedication irrespective of day and night is so much yours, beautiful and long lasting than you get with the helping hand of others. It is more satisfying and encouraging.

What do you have to say?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Career Choice

Ever since graduation, I used to ask myself these: “Am I on the wrong path?” “Did I choose the right profession?” The answer was always vague! I used to scratch my head hard with the hope to find if there was even a right answer to this? That’s when I became impatient and hate my own self for fooling around myself. Decision making is so very crucial in one’s life, particularly when you have so many paths in front. If you don’t choose the right one and as a matter of fact wisely; the only thing that you are left with is but regrets and frustrations. It becomes so late then you know. But then with mistaken path already treaded, it becomes inevitable to find the alternatives and move along with it for life has to go on.

There comes so many junctions in life and one mistake of a step has so much ability to keep you awake or under delusion. Fate may be the deciding factor of our life, yet sometimes fate is what we make about our self. Deciding one’s career is one of the most important juncture in life. As a kid, I was never aware of which career is best in one’s life or which career suits you best. I was neither told as to which career would best fit me nor was there anyone, even teachers who guided me with apart from that normal bookish knowledge. But this doesn’t mean that I am playing blame game here, although sometimes I do feel if only I had some guidance during the school days?

There are so many factors when it comes to choosing one’s career; the interest and the ability we have; the scope that particular profession has in future and it viability through the changing situations and circumstances. Just because others are taking doesn’t necessarily mean that one copies them. In India, most of the profession of a child is a kind of hereditary. If a parent is an actor, his children obviously are groomed to become actor. It is same for doctors, engineers lawyers or businessmen. I have noticed that the profession of most of my friends in engineering college was but decided by their parents.

I don’t know if it is same in Bhutan, maybe it is in few urban areas but not for rural flocks where most of parents are ignorant and innocent due to lack of formal education. One factor that decides the choice of career is having to fulfill the obligations of family as the eldest or the first one to have got education and the need to look after the siblings and relatives. Perhaps this is one reason why people hops into whenever opportunities (vacancies) irrespective of what they desired or dreamt of. The career objectives become secondary you know.

However like I said, once you have decided one naturally finds way to cope with it, we begin to love what we have chosen and if we have all the passion and enthusiasms, I think it is all that is required. At the same time it is a food for thought for all Bhutanese if our youngsters are adequately groomed and equipped towards making right and appropriate career choices in their life?

Did you make the right choice? What is the story behind your profession? 

Friday, 6 December 2013

A Letter to Fate

Dear Fate, 
I know somewhere you are silently having a close watch on each and every actions of me and that at some point I will have to succumb under your very feet, yet here I stay, staring at the ceiling and wondering if I can ever see you in real; have a nice talk; so that all the bad unprecedented things are prevented and only the good things is prevailed in this beautiful (otherwise) world. It is so hard to understand you. How do you even manage to control the whole universe? There are so many whys and how that keeps me awake and wondering.

Why do you have to be present everywhere every time?

What result did you give for one who have put in all the efforts and who had struggled for dozens of years?  When it is time to reap fruit, you have stretched your ruthless, bitter and cold hands of discontentment and greed. Why are you so partial and selective? Do you even see how much sweat simple peasant losses to have a productive harvest so as to make their ends meet? When all is set, you have them the worst hailstorms without even prior warnings. Do you even notice how much an innocent student burns mid night oil for want of good result? But you have to be there and let this charming student commit suicide! Why are you so ignorant? Don’t you see the burning flame that is yet dormant in that student? Did you know who much courage it takes to commit such actions? Does he/she not deserve second chance? Why do you make difference between haves and have-nots? Why do you elevate and raise all that are having excess but deprives further who are depriving? Do you even know the meaning of word FAIR?

Why do you have to come between two sweet love birds? You go there, brainwashes them until they are inseparable and suddenly you let them change their mind, brings in misunderstandings and finally separate them. Why are you so greedy and jealous?

If you can make two strangers meet, let them fall in love why can’t you make them spent their life together? If you can make people agree to disagree, why can’t you make them agree? If you can keep them in touch even though thousands of mountains and miles are apart, why can’t you do for just few miles?

Lastly I know I can never win over you, but let’s be fair please. Don’t control me fully, I have my own conscience and I will try to abide by what is good and acceptable universally. Please try to keep your dead end hand away from me; just guide my conscience. As long as we are good at this I think we can have a safe and peaceful harbor.

Yours sincerely

Frustrated Human

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Is being alone Loneliness?

Is being alone a kind of loneliness? I wonder! Sometimes when the harsh winter weather creeps in from the window and you are all alone in vast room sipping coffee alone, it doesn’t seem to make any sense.  When your kitchen is so silent and there is only the sound of the bubbles from the rice cooker and the frying pan accompanying you, it doesn’t feel to be well at all. When you have to go to bed and the torturous nightmares are only your companion, it doesn’t feel right you know. And again in the early morning when you have to wake up and repeat the whole process of the day, it doesn’t feel completed. Something seems to be missing. So does this mean being alone is but Loneliness?

Life is really a labyrinth you know; it’s hard to understand or tune in and adjust yourself with. When one faces you, there is back of the other; why can’t we have both at the same instant? When you don’t have, you try so hard to have it and when you get it, with time it just becomes a satiated toy which you don’t want to go for it again. And by the time you urge for it again, it is either lost somewhere or the situation is not always favorable. And this leaves you behind wondering with regret if you have even done it right.   Even the music which was your favorite and most pleasing becomes a noise after all with the passing of time; such is the nature of so-called insatiable life.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my off days, and I have just started reading the Autobiography of Dalai Lama which was my perfect time pass. But otherwise I really don’t know how to pass my time. Suggest me some good books friends so as to fill the gap of being alone which I don’t want it to become Loneliness.

Have a good day friends…

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My New House- My New World

It is just over a week that I stayed myself separately and it feels light and different! I have been staying with a cousin brother ever since I graduated. I have also been searching for suitable rent for some time and finally I have got and it does feel great to have one’s own apartment to live in. If we are not from the capital and we have no close relatives and siblings especially in Thimphu, it is very hard to survive you know. I hail from the very remote jungle and I don’t have any real siblings here in Thimphu or any other urban areas but luckily I have my first cousins who have helped me since twelve standards and I owe them a lot.

But still it is not always easy. As a student or a job seeker, having to live with relatives during vacation or after the completion of your studies is hard. There are instances where we have to often pretend and even lie out of guilt. We have no option but to live in fear at the cost of compromises and adjustments. Anyone can be a guest only for the first day and the next day we are but pest! We begin to encounter fake smiles at the faces of host as the duration of our stay increases. A friend of mine who was recently employed with me has lot to say about this kind of situations, about the guilt and uneasiness one feels at other’s home. The most interesting thing was about the meals.  Omara charo faii ga zawa” (Just ate in friend’s house) used to be his common sentence most of the time whenever he was offered with meals and had to remain empty stomach. I am sure most who traced the same path would agree with him on this which I am one of them.

Having a rent, a house yourself means that you have more freedom, freedom of choice, freedom to your mind and body. There is no guilt or pretense. You can have meals whenever and whatever you like. You can go to bed or wake up as you wish with alarm clocks off in off days. You have all the freedom to decide yourself; whether to come home early or late night or hang out with your closed buddies. There is no tether that pulls in whenever you are at the rim of certain circumference.

 Of course it isn’t an easy task to set up alone at the beginning.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Weird thoughts about the Work

Come twenty this month and I am three months old as a Trainee Engineer at Drukair Corporation Limited. So much has happened within this very short span of time. Some are so funny, some are really serious and reflective, some are saddening and some so hard-to- digest. Yes the first pay is exciting, it means that you are independent and everything must be managed of your own henceforth. With this there come so many expectations from both within and outside, so many compromises and adjustments. Lines of to-do comes at the door of your mind and when you can’t fulfill, you become frustrated, impatient and a complain boy! The worst is when your friends, the same class mates with same qualifications, placed at hydro power projects compares their salary with yours. This is too much you know. Such is the difference made by some mere difference in the path one takes. Perhaps it all boils down to how one is made to lead and live so called life.

Every colleague of mine would agree with me that the most peculiar thing about our work is the timing. Early in the morning when even the cock hasn’t crowed, when even the dogs at the corridor or some corners are into its sound sleep; we have to wake up and get ready. I don’t dare call that I am an office goer when people say if you are at the office?And in the evening most of the time it is only after the dusk that we unlock the doors of our room. At times we have to go to the bed starved out of the tiredness and it is especially hard for bachelors like me. That’s why I sleep early to wake early and it’s interesting to note that even the sleep has known the schedules of my work. And with the start of chilly winter season, having to battle with the cold early in the morning and late evening, sometimes I am often taken aback with regrets and remorse as to why did I even choose this profession after all?

The working environment isn’t that bad; the seniors and colleagues are all cordial who are ever ready to assist and lend their helping hand. Some in particular are so encouraging who in every possible ways show us to move forward but it really hurts when there are only underestimations, blames and no motivations which often I experience. It is embarrassing when people make fun of the degree certificate to the lack of practical knowledge. Yes we do lack the practical knowledge and we have and will never hide about it. That is why we take all the enthusiasm and interest to learn no matter what, but why not at least appreciate our frankness of our lacking? We don’t boast of our B-Tech certificate; no never! Of course everybody has ego and it is disheartening to experience like a small kid being scolded for his/her carelessness. We are all class PP students for now and proper guidance and motivation is all we need.  Who doesn’t make mistakes after all?

But then these are again the reality of any work and organization. When I am reminded of the competition we have at the Job market, when I think of those unemployed individuals whom once we walked together along the streets, I do derive some kind of inspiration and motivation to get going with whatever is on my way.It makes me feel secured and realize that instead of complaining it is time to appreciate and make the best out of it. A good friend of mine once replied me the following in the Facebook chat when I said that work is often boring and frustrating:  ‘Not having work would be more frustrating’ and I think he is very true.

Because at the end of day, it is after all my bread and butter, it is what I make living out of it and I have to adjust and love what I do.  Any way it’s just the weird thoughts that hovers me around under the cozy blankets battling to get some sleep.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Can beggars be chooser?

It’s not first time that I heard about beggars in Thimphu being not only forceful but also rude. There were instances when I heard of the beggars knocking the doors with sticks instead of hand. And with increasing number each day, it’s not only worrying to the residents but also a cause of concern for the government. Frankly I was little convinced when I heard of such stories from various sources including my cousin sister. However they were right!

Once it was my friend who stays with a relative at Thimphu (NPPF colony) and was alone at home, the owners were out to work. He heard a knock at the door. He didn’t give damn on the first knock.  Second time the knock was even louder; little frustrated, he opened the door’s latch reluctantly and he saw a man aged about fifties in ordinary gomchen’s attire. As soon as he opened the door, even without a word from his mouth, the man stepped inside the room and then started to talk. The man told that he resides at Paro Taktsang doing meditation and that he came to collect annual ration. He also boasts of so many other religious accomplishments and stories, which convinced my friend that he was really a realized religious man. He felt touched with all those brags and even though jobless himself (because he is a recent graduate) he searched his wallet and gave the man one hundred ngultrum. There was a beam in the man’s face, he could see it. But there was more to it. The man then began another round of talk that shocks my friend.

“Ja cup thuragmawamo, tshampa tong tongsangmachako” ( is there not even a cup of tea for dry throat of me, tshampa?) came the words. Believing it and feeling pity, my friend went inside the kitchen prepared a cup of tea and offered him. Then another surprise comes:
“Is there no Zaw?”
That was when my friend began to doubt if this man was even a decent gomchen? He told that he has no idea if there is anything as such for it was not his home. With much difficulty, he managed to let the man go out of the house. That evening when his relatives were home, he talked of the day’s incident only to receive some hard-to-digest words.

The same thing happened with me with the same Man! Fortunately I was along with my sister at home. The time was about nine in the morning and we were having breakfast. The door of the house was regrettably not latched. With just a murmur, (not even a clear word!) out of no where came the man. He came directly into the room and repeated the exact words he said to my friend.  That was when I became certain of the man’s identity. My sister told if I had Nu.20 or 30 to offer. The man heard our dialogue and it was surprising to hear him say that he wants at least Nu. 50/-! I had no change but he was again quick to answer about having change with him. After I gave him 50 bucks, he was inquiring if we had a cup of tea for him, immediately the dialogues of my friend echoed in my head.

With changing time the beggars also seem to have evolved and become demanding. I remember reading someone’s blog of the same incident and I realize how true the scenarios are now. So a word of caution to the residents of Thimphu; one should never keep the doors un-latched.
It’s also saddening to see the pristine spiritual religious being tainted by disguised as above. It may not be a serious issue for now, but if certain cautions are not taken, the numbers are on the rise and it will only become worse in the times to come. 

Interestingly just a week ago, I found the same man at Paro bazaar and I was wondering when does he starts his annual retreat at Paro Taktsang?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

For the first time in Air

It was about 12:30 pm, 13th October 2013, Wangchuck (Friend of mine at work) and I was readying to receive the ATR-42-500 aircraft which had gone to Bumthang at around 10:30 in the morning. I took the transit form and aircraft arrival/departure form from the rack and walked towards the ramp- commonly called as terminal. Sangay sir, a senior LAME (Licensed Aircraft maintenance Engineer) to which I was attached with was already at the terminal and was on his way back to the Hangar. He was busy on the call. I heard him say: “Was there was unusual cranking sound? Which engine is it...”

I walked behind him; I wasn’t sure if there was some problem with the aircraft but I was certain that it was delayed. I enquired him if the aircraft was grounded at Bumthang? And he said:
We need to go to Bumthang, there is Starter generator problem and we need to replace with it. There is also VVIP tomorrow and the aircraft must be at Paro by any means”
In the midst of our conversation, Mindu sir who is very jolly and straight-forward person joined us. He briefed Wangchuck and me as to what we were going to need; that we get it all issued from the store. The maintenance supervisor was informed formally we were almost ready to start our journey to Bumthang airport by vehicle. But there was transportation problem; I mean there wasn’t a good vehicle! That was when I realized about the two choppers pledged by the PDP government during Campaigns. How much it would of help during such emergency cases? Finally after various calls to the bosses, it was confirmed that the Hilux of Mindu sir was to be taken on hire.

I took pack lunch that day but it reached home as it was. I gobble up some spoons of rice and aludam that was prepared for lunch and hurried with a coat in bag towards the hangar again to load Hilux with the equipment and components that were to take. By then it was almost 3pm when we started off our journey, perhaps the longest one ad-hoc; imagine crossing five Dzongkhags in one evening, make the aircraft takeoff the next day! The worst might was waiting for us. Even more worst was when Sangay sir took the driver’s seat. The road from Dochula till Pelela is too rough and tough while the road from Pelela to Yotongla till Bumthang is small; the minimum speed was at 70km/hr. and every time there was some bumps rings along the way I was scared to hell. The normal nine to ten hours journey was reached at seven hours. It was 11:07 pm when we reached Bathpalathang airport. No sooner did we reach there than the trouble shooting began, we replaced the starter generator which took almost three hours in lamp light and tested again which was Ok; the engine was starting fine. Relieved we headed to Rinchenling Hotel at around 2:30am and took our night halt.

Wangchuck and I were to return to Paro in flight for sure; but the passengers were almost full in the morning trip and there was talk of Load penalty; so we were told to take the evening flight on the VVIP’s return journey. But in the morning again on pilot’s consent, the plan was changed and two of us were called to board in the morning at 6:30 am flight. So excited were we for it was the first time to fly in the air. The air hostess welcomed us cordially with smile. I was excited to see the beautiful valleys from 20000 ft. above the ground. Unfortunately most of the views were clouded and the views weren’t as expected. Nevertheless getting the opportunity to fly for the first time itself was pretty much an experience and I would never forget the story behind my first flight in air.

Within 30 minutes, the airplane landed at the Paro international airport. So short was the journey; the seven long torturous journeys by a normal vehicle is reached within 30 minutes thanks to Wright brothers; technology is a wonder indeed I thought.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How can we Curb Unemployment Problem?

Bhutan is a small developing country with small population of approximately about 7 lakhs. The developmental philosophy is Gross National Happiness (GNH) which has gained so many worldwide appreciation and praise. But on the other hand, like any other developing or developed countries, Bhutan has its own share of problems and challenges. Youth unemployment problem is one of the most challenging one that Bhutan is facing and we can’t really afford to stand and stare this exponential growth each passing day. With the development of a people, society and country at large, youth unemployment is becoming a major problem which affects not only individuals, but also the society in every region. And to solve this problem, it is not only the sole responsibility of a government or agencies, non-governmental organizations or private companies or corporations, but a collective responsibility. All must go together hand in hand. Otherwise it would be too far from realizing it and the concept of GNH would be so challenging a task to be achieved. There are various factors that directly or indirectly lead to the problem of youth unemployment in any country.

Unemployment problem can be caused by the lack of necessary and required skill in a relevant field, the mismatch of the job and this is the most determining factor in our country. Every thousands of students from middle and higher secondary schools across the country and graduates from universities both within and outside the country are produced. But what is sad is the inability to absorb these passed out youths because of the mismatch of what they learned and what is required by the employer. This is the major cause of concern for Bhutan government and Bhutanese people. With number of students increasing every year, the problem will only keep soaring unless certain measures are taken care at hand.

It is so obvious to see that young people without a job for long time may probably endanger the very stability and sovereignty of a society and nation as a whole. Youths are always filled with enthusiasm and burning desire with righteous ardor. They need a suitable career to realize their dreams and aspirations. Without a decent job, a proper guidance or engagement, our youths may resort and attribute to so many social problems and lead them to embark the path of degeneration and crimes. Youth unemployment is also an unseen waste of talents and resources. Our dynamic and farsighted kings have always emphasized the importance of youths and youngsters in nation building and that they are the future of a nation, but what a waste it is when number of university graduates sits around all day long roaming the streets, gambling and has no decent career to develop, let alone seek his or her dreams.

To bring our youth to a bright future, our schools, government and youth we have our own chunk of responsibilities. The government must make sure and initiate that the universities and colleges across the country present an appropriate course (the syllabus) that is associated with relevant work experience after the completion of studies. Any company or an employer will never refuse to recruit an individual with sound knowledge of the work with fund of interest and enthusiasms. The companies and the agencies have the responsibility to offer job opportunities with deserving emoluments and rewards. And the youth themselves in turn has to do their best to become qualified and capable. There is no question that a position will be rejected if one has the most suitable talent and capability.

Rural-Urban migration is another most prominent factor that causes the youth employment problem in our country. Bhutan is still developing country, an aid dependent country and not all parts of the country are accessible to better modern facilities. People living in the rural areas without basic facilities like road, electricity, safe drinking water become an easy prey to the modern life in urban centers where such facilities are present. Young students leave in the middle of their schoolings to better life in towns and cities. People abandon their happy and secured life at home in villages, which they think are but the hardest, the cruelest and most unfortunate. They  migrate to urban areas in search of jobs and better facilities where not everyone is fortunate enough to live up to their dreams leading to not only unemployment problem but also many other social problems like gang fights, drug addiction, flesh trade and even suicidal cases at times.
To mitigate this problem, the government must have a balanced developmental strategies and programs in place; the industries must be set up in designated areas where it can retain people in and around and which can benefit people surrounding it. This is where private sector comes into picture and hence private sector must be empowered and strengthened with certain responsibilities, authority and accountability. Private sector is one of the main engines behind any developmental activities of a country and it must be morally supported and nurtured with proper guidance and regulations.

Corruption and nepotism is yet another factor that has a direct link to unemployment problem. Small and religious country like Bhutan can’t afford to have such incidents because it is too small to deceive and be deceived, where everyone can know each other within small span of time.  Corruption and nepotism is the very root creator of the difference between haves and have not’s. But ironically, corruption and nepotism seems to be rampant in our country that every day we hear rumors about recruitments being tainted and disturbed by bigwigs. Such actions deprive the rights of certain sections of society and can hardly progress as compared to those uplifted by some sort of assistance. Hence this must be curbed by legislation of strict rules against corrupted people. As proposed by good governance committee (in national council) in the recent parliament session, the merit-based recruitment and selection process must precede over social connection and there must be a mechanism to fix accountability on heads and human resource officers.

Bhutan may be a tiny Himalayan country, but it is adorned with rich biodiversity and these natural and renewable natural resources must be put into good use. The constitution of the country states 60% of country’s areas to be maintained under forest cover and therefore, maintaining this, the rest must be utilized to a good purpose. The government must come up with various small scale and cottage industries that will absorb and engage number of unemployed individuals. Otherwise what is the use of leaving such resources unutilized and then ultimately giving way to illegal utilization and transactions like the recent one at Paro dzongkhag? Bhutan can also harness various other renewable resources like wind and solar which can be a good alternative towards alleviation of living standards of middle and lower class families, an indirect way to curb unemployment problem.

We have a parent Ministry- the ministry of Labor and Human resources, which coordinate and facilitates an easy outflow of the employment opportunities in the country and which act as a bridge between the employers and the job seekers. A lot of mechanisms and programs are conducted like internship programs to gain experience in a relevant field which is appreciated and which must be continued fairly without fear or favor. There are complains and criticisms about the ineffectiveness of such programs because of the inability of ministry to take action and I am convinced that the ministry has no teeth to really put their efforts to reliable and productive implementation. This must be taken into account with appropriate solutions by the government, morally supported by public as well as the private to further strengthen its capacities with certain legislations and executive authorities to function effectively and independently.

Certain immediate measure like job fairs to sensitize and create awareness about changing the mindset of our youths take interest in blue color jobs, the dignity of labor must be increased an implemented. Certain unconventional methods of earning like betting and gambling which are done secretly in closed doors must be legalized which would reduce the exploitation and increase in taxes. The government must also support civil society organizations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental organization (NGOs) which takes in large number of personnel.

As stated earlier, the youth unemployment problem should not be thought of as an individual problem, it is a national (perhaps global!) problem and everyone must put their head and hands together. The employers should not too strict, seeking only the experienced ones. How can one gain experience without even getting recruited?  And the job seekers in turn should not be too choosy and think of only the incentives, because there is nothing as free lunch! One must prove that one is capable and deserving. Otherwise the youth unemployment problem will only aggravate in times to come.

PS: An essay i wrote sometime ago; credit also to Mr. Namgang for relevant help..

Thursday, 10 October 2013

A for Ama

For nine months you have carried me in shame and pain, gave birth, ate and slept with shit, walked with the pace of mine, had listened to silly insistence and nag. The list goes on….. Yes, mom you are the best. I love you and I am grateful, honored, thankful and proud. It may be a normal thing about the mother-to-child thing; like if it is not mom, who? Something like who doesn’t like their own blood, or who will if it’s not the mom? Yet the fact still remains that not all mothers are fortunate enough to be or give, likewise not all children are lucky enough to receive. What requires is the perfect marriage of a Merit, བསོད་ནམས as we call in Buddhism. In the mist of so called life, either one get lost and carried away by some unfathomable circumstances until it just become a mere name.

You may not be educated but you have given me the best wisdom that is not found in any of the books, you may not be well-off, but I have got the most expensive gift- the gift of life to treasure. I owe you so much. You have sacrificed so much for my sake and I am grateful; I know it can never be repaid, yet I promise that I will do my best as a son, as a loyal son. I know what you expect from me. It is not that expensive gold or the best attire or best food, but what is best for me; for my joy and sorrow is yours.
 Thank you Mom, I Love you.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Life as I see it

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Life is not always as easy as it seems. Every one of us lives the same life, yet not all of us live in the same way, we may walk the same street, yet not all has the privilege to walk with head held high, for some of us it demands a hushed stumbling. Life may be fair on its part, yet to an individual it seems unfair and unjust. But still we are to live on! The music of life keeps on beating and we have to cope with it.

As a little kid, what do we know about life? What do we know about the hardships and hurdles, the curses and blessings, the sadness and happiness or the young and old? As the child is king, everything is in front and at hand; hardly do we realize about how much it takes to reach there. As we grow up to become a youth school going children and then into college, we slowly understand what the nitty-gritty of life is. As a young blood, we are often tempted by certain emotions and pulses which often lead to unhealthy involvements; at times we are victimized, that’s when we embark into the path of degeneration and crime. We are drenched into one-sided thinking, the narrow one and we often fail to notice what it is from the other side.

After college, we enter into the world of work; we get frustrated by the profession we choose, for the pasture on the other side of bridge is always greener, then the marriage comes in between followed by kids and suddenly the life gets stagnant! That is it, over! The unfinished and burning dreams and desire we had once come to halt and to full stop. But still we aren’t satisfied, it isn’t enough and we don’t stop it there.  We tend to seek and search and the more we get, the less satisfied we are and the greedier we become. What a sad thing?

My life in particular had been pretty exciting so far, not because I was lucky enough or the entire long journey was smooth and frictionless, but because I have been able to survive, I have struggled enough to know what it takes and what it means to live and this gives me hope, it makes me envision myself and it makes me alert. I am just beginning to have the real taste of it. It is full of tests and every rising sun gives me a chance to do new, be new and learn new. The challenge that lies ahead keeps me awake, although it often makes me sad and hopeless for it is with lot of compromises and adjustments. It often makes me pause and rewind back thinking if I have blundered or if I have traced the right path or if it will be ever same?  Life is full of ironies you know. While I am happy to have lived so far, it often wonders me and I am even scared to think of what is in store for me in the coming days (Will I be even alive?) as to how I shall tackle it and as to how I will react to those unseen comings..

In the midst of all these, I wish and pray for the best, I make myself convinced that life is two side coins and that there are always HI’s behind every Byes and dawn after dusk. That it is in the hands and head of our own to decide, do and dwell.

What do you think of your life?

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Tell me it’s Ok
Or it is not
Now that we met in this life
And you have disturbed my mind
Please answer me

Tell me it’s OK
To be silent sometimes
No call, no SMS, no email
Silence is golden you know
Now that you know the value
Please answer me

The sun that rises from the east
Who doesn’t know it has heat?
The stream that flows down the vale
Who knows not it’s calm and quite?
Now that we know each other

Please answer me

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Expectations

July 13th 2013 was another historic day for Bhutan and Bhutanese people. The day was when Bhutan underwent the second parliamentary elections. Surprisingly and even shockingly for some, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had a comfortable win with 32 seats against Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) with just 15 seats for the national Assembly. The people had spoken their voice, made choice and entrusted the new government. Democracy maybe just five years old in Bhutan, yet it seems Bhutanese people have understood what politics really is. And this only means that people can be never deceived or fooled.

There were so many stories, both good and bad particularly on the eve of the poll day, so many allegations, accusations and lies; and as an observer, I think these are only indications of politics becoming dirty. I am certain that these will only get worse with the time. Let’s wait and see any way.

With the verdict out, with the choice made aloud by the people, it is time to think and act as one. It is high time that people take into account the larger interest instead of petty party issues. Yet seeing the increase in number of complaints lodged every day, the heat of the politics seems to be strong still at the lowest levels. Therefore the new government’s first priority should be to cool-off the raze of fire that has emotionally burned so many people’s lives and bridge the divided sections of society into harmonious one although the time is the best healer.

As a recent graduate and job seeker myself, yes my first and foremost expectation is to get employed. And I am sure it’s not just me, but thousands of others like me who shares the same sentiments.  We are least concerned about rupee crisis, economic situation of the country or whether helicopters and power tillers can be reached. Right now what is our main worry is whether we will get a decent job. May be then we will know all others like what rupee crisis or deteriorating economic situation is. We do know that Unemployment problem is not an easy task yet it is also not impossible and as pledged, we would like see it implemented as pledged. Both parties during the campaign have promised 100% employment and I wish to see that it was not just the lips service to fill their vote tank.

 The above was written after the election result. Now that the atmosphere is normalized; the parliament session already began; and the annual budget proposed; let’s wait and see.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Irony behind ‘Zhungka Songo’

Have you ever heard of this word: “Zhungka Songo”? Well, it may be first time to many but I am sure most Sharchops would know its meaning. It is a word that is commonly used by most of the people of eastern part especially by those in the remote parts of the country.  Zhungka Songo (roughly government people) literally means those people who are educated and employed, and who resides in urban areas away from one’s home. But not all who dwells in urban centers are fortunate enough to live equal. The name has also been overused and it also means to people who have abandoned their home in villages and migrated to towns and cities in search of better life. And perhaps this is one word that encompasses all the reasons behind Rural- Urban Migration- the most common and prominent problem that Bhutan is facing; leading to yet another critical problem “the unemployment problem”

There are places especially the remote parts of the country which are not yet connected by road or electricity; where people are still illiterate and innocent. Such people are easily influenced by those unreal stories behind so called elite urban life. They become an easy prey to the trap of fallacies behind life in urban centers and are dragged towards it, even by being mere witness to some fancy dresses, the smell of perfume or even by some pleasing rumors. The mindsets of people are such that life at home in village is but the cruelest, most difficult and most unfortunate. Hardly do they realize the clear picture of how people lead urban life. For them every outsider or civil servant or contractors with thick pockets (or seems to have), nice attire and hairstyles are but Dashos and perhaps this is one big reason why there are so many cases of rural people being looted and cheated.

A story about a Voucher is very relevant here: “A woman lives in the capital city whose husband is working at a private company. With the meager wage that her husband gets they are struggling to make their ends meet. While on the contrary her relatives and friends back at home thinks very much the opposite. In their eyes anyone (including her) who lives in town has a luxurious and kingly life. She frequently gets calls from them saying her to recharge their mobile phones. While she does that (fulfill their wishes) with so much reluctance and difficulty, she has her balance in her mobile at negative numbers! Whenever an emergency arises, she has tough time giving missed calls!" Such is the life of so called Zhungka Songo…. (…;(…)

Well, what does this mean? What does it says about an individual, about a society and nation as a whole? Perhaps it’s high time for more sensitization, more awareness and education? This is something to be pondered up on.

And today is blessed rainy Day; hope you had a good day?  I particularly had a bad day, in fact very lonely and dry Thruebab ever till now. Anyway May all the dirt be cleansed and fall season wait with all charm and fun.

What did you do today on Thruebab?

Monday, 16 September 2013

The impression and the Hopes

It was on 20th August 2013 that I formally joined Drukair Corporation Ltd, under Engineering and Maintenance Division. For about three weeks I (we) was attached with the executives (managers) who do all the paper works to get familiarized with the work flow of the division and company as a whole; to know the interdependence of different sections under the division, to get the taste of how things run in the world of work. It was pretty new world for me and was very engaging; we were briefed and encouraged with what we ought to do down the line, the roles and responsibilities as part of the organization; in fact everything; from personal to official, from mere gossips to insightful information and advices and about how our career prospects will be in future and how we need to get prepared and adjusted towards achieving it. One particular word that has had continuous effect and which will remind me throughout is about being very careful and safe. It was on the very first day when my manager said this: “We are the very front runners in the society and under the constant watch, not only by the heads of the company, but also of the state, the entire nation. Do one minor mistake and we are not only keeping at stake the life of ours but so many of others”

My very first impression was "a cordial and exciting atmosphere" hope it will last forever. The executive managers and senior engineers were all warm and friendly. Our welcoming wasn't that grand yet our interactions were like one family. The general Manager spoke with tough and tactful words about RAA, ( it’s not Royal Audit Authority by the way) the Responsibility, Authority and Accountability which are the most fundamental thing that defines how well one as an individual thrives in an organizations and the company as a whole. He talked about how to demarcate between the three and go which is very much complementary to each other. “If these three doesn’t go together or are not complementary, one as an individual or any organization can never be successful and smooth. What do we want as human being? Obviously the Authority and hardly do we want to be responsible and accountable for the authority we have and that’s very fact and saddening. With some responsibilities there comes some authority and ultimately if we are not held accountable for it then the problem of competencies come which is ultimately linked to one’s attitude. That’s what our General Manager has to say.

With all those in mind, I finally joined the line a week ago, the field where we deal with live aircrafts, checking its wellbeing, doing maintenance if necessary and making sure that the air craft is not on the ground. Every day is new for me and I love it actually. The seniors are very motivating and helpful. Whenever we have doubt (which is very much obvious) or do they feel we need some attention they are always on their toes to impart what they know and that is something I would like to live up to throughout. The timing is yet another which if taken positively will make me an alert and active person; Before dawn I leave home to work and only after dusk, I reach back home and that, sometimes make me nostalgic about the school times when we woke up early to study, which was worth at the end.

That let me to another thinking: Who would have ever thought (after graduation) about landing up working in an environment where one deals with all the works of a field man, a work that demands physically strong and mentally alert? Of course I haven’t. The only thought after graduation was about sitting on the rotating chair with personal computer in front and doing the assigned work. Yet life is other way around and we have to abide by it. There are so many circumstances that play its role and sways but I take it positively. Now that I have narrowed another path; I would like to make sure that the journey is fruitful. Perhaps this is where I make so called LIFE, be contented and cope with it for the rest of my life.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Failures, Frustrations and Final Relief

Life is not always smooth, there are loads of boulders along the way and ultimately its fate and luck that decide and dominate the torrents of life’s episodes (this is what I Feel!). We never know for sure as to what is in store for us and what is to unfold tomorrow or the next day. Sometimes what we expect doesn’t happen while what we don’t aspire and even dream  in our wildest dream happens unexpectedly and that’s when we are made to pause for a moment and ask ourselves as to what this really means and what the hell this has to do with us anyway?

There is not one incident, even a tiny one that isn’t linked and I believe everything is intricately intertwined to each other and there are chains of events that follow. The worst curse that one consider come as the biggest blessing in the later part and the biggest mistakes or decisions one make are only indications or harbinger of something good and vice versa, which we fail to realize often.  Everything happens for reason in fact!

A lot has happened within three months. Since graduation,(in the month of May), there was this constant fear of getting ignored by the society as a whole, this constant fear of failing and being left alone. The consistent thought of “what if at all I am unable to repay my parent’s debt?, what if I don’t get job and am unable to stand on my own feet?, how will I live up to those who has place in loads of trust and hope?” has drained calories of energies and the thought of how do I live up to the expectations of some sections of society was even more torturing and distressing. Yes it is one thing to be able to walk, but another very different thing to be able to walk in equal pace with others with our head held high!

However the period was also one of the busiest, although it was literally a vacation after the college days.  The discouraging vacancy announcements (for it was just one at the most) in organizations like Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd, Bhutan Broad Casting Service Ltd and Drukair Corporation Ltd kept me engaged somehow. I was ever ready and willing to hop on where ever I get into for there was huge and tough competition. The most distressing and discouraging moment was on 3rd August when the Royal Service Commission (RCSC) announced its vacancies in its website. My profession had just single vacant seat and the number of students vying was more than two scores!

Suddenly the struggles of more than dozens of year’s study seemed to halt! The only thought that came was that I might be left unemployed! That was the moment when I knew for myself how greedy I was. There was no peace of mind, the days were restless and the nights sleepless. Anyone who has gone through this stage will know I am sure and those of you who haven’t yet experience will definitely come for sure at some point of time.

Anyway the vacancies that were announced often in corporations kept my breath and there was little hope. Drukair Corporation was the last to announce its vacancies but the first to complete its formalities- written examination and selection interview. It was also the organization that had highest number of vacant seats which was also the most encouraging. Despite so many rumors going around about Drukair being the most corrupted organization when it comes to recruitment which was disadvantage for people like me. The only way was to prove myself worth and deserving and on due day it was most relieving to see my name amongst five others. Thank you triple gem, thank you parents, Teachers and thank you everyone who has directly or indirectly involved in making me stand where I stand now

This is where I begin another thread of my life and I look forward to serving it to the best of my ability.

Getting Together in Blog

It has been for some time since I posted any article on my blog. The series of examinations and the adjustments with new lease of life has kept me bit busy. But I have never missed to read an article of the blogs I follow in my leisure time which I enjoy and learn a lot. That was when I came across Ma’am Rekha’s Post about blogger conference which I liked very much to be part of it. It is a very good way of interacting and knowing better. I am yet to learn a lot, but certainly initiative such as this would really keep those with same interest together and I look forward to future innovations as well. Thank you Rekha ma'am and all others who took keen interest in being part of  blogger e-conference as most say.

Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what is the story behind your blog title?
I first heard and knew about the word ‘blogging’ when I was in the twelve standard in 2008 and since then I always wanted to explore behind what it means. I am boy by birth but when it comes to emotion, I am bit girl-y and I always maintained a notepad that was collection of the random rubbish thoughts. And blogging is but the best platform where I can express my joy and happiness, the sad and sorrows, the failures and frustration. It is also one of the best forms of learning. As such I never miss even one post that I follow without going through.
My blog title is “My SiMpLe ThOuGhTs with caption ‘untold stories and unrevealed thoughts’ and it is pretty simple as to why I kept this. It is as I said earlier, my best companion, although for some time I have been unable to update due to so many reasons.

How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?
It was back in 2008 when I first created my first blog, yet owing to limited time as I had to be busy with assignments and studies, I had never written even an article, as good as not having a blog! Only when I reached final year to my college (2012), I started to become serious blogger (not that I write well), but it was then I started to learn and read others blog seriously and earnestly. And going by that it’s only about a year since I have been blogging.
I am recently employed at Drukair Corporation, Paro and I am yet get a real home by the way.

How do you schedule your blog post; Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes?
During college days, I used to write at least three posts a week but there is nothing as scheduled time. Whenever I am inspired, whenever the situations demand, I make note in my laptop or notepad and then post it my blog whenever I have internet access.

Does your family and friends know about your blog?
My parents are illiterate and I am the first to get education but I have some cousins who know about my blog. There are also friends who know and read my blog, and that's where i derive inspirations.

Thank you

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