Friday, 31 December 2021

Reflecting on the 114th Royal Speech and New Year

 I hope everyone is reflecting over the very strong and poignant speech of his majesty the king on 114th national day and are ready to implement it now that the brand new year 2022 is almost up on the horizon. The personal message I took from his majesty's speech was about reflecting on our own conscience. we ought to keep always in our mind the sacred duty that we all have an individual, as a humble citizen and as common service provider being the public servants. I remembered instantly what my boss used to say the first time I joined the world of world - RAA (not Royal Audit Authority by the way). RAA stands for Responsibility, Accountability and Authority. As a law abiding citizen, we ought to keep this three in mind, but the sad thing is that most of us want and vie only for  the last A- Authority. 

The highlight of his majesty the king's speech was about the accountability and to reinvigorate the 'Nga' in one's daily discharge of the duties. If we have the accountability, the other two are surely taken care of and as his majesty pointed out, that's what is lacking in the Bhutanese conscience. The so-called "Nga" is so much needed in our conscience. It's high time that each one of us give a thought about it and take appropriate action. One doesn't have to do anything great; but we can surely do our OWN thing in great ways and that's what matters after all. 

On the individual level, what one can do is to mind our own business, do the work diligently and smartly; being mindful about ourselves. We have to put in extra effort and develop a "Nga" for if one does on the individual level, all can be done. The sad thing about the royal speeches is that we tend to forget with time until the next one comes without any concrete results. If that is so,  for how many times his majesty has to remind? For how long will this go on?

Most of the systems are too stagnant, too rigid and sometimes even chokes us which is why we are still struggling to get to the end of tunnel. We are still inside that maze of a system that act as a stumbling blocks rather than the stepping stones. The question is how to and who will take one out of that maze that's being created by ourselves? The answer is each one of us, every individual. If each one of us can clean our own door steps, the world will be  clean as mother Teresa said and that's what exactly will happen in the world of work too. If each one of us put in little extra effort without having one to remind or make/force us do it. We ought be consciously clear and clean with what ever we do.

So for me His majesty's speech was a fervent call for all to act, to act fast and get the results for which each one of us has that sacred duty to fulfill. There are no rooms and excuses for the failure, for the complacency and for the corruption.  As I welcome the new year, I also resolve my self to do and give my best both in the world of work and on the personal level too; to become a better and productive individual so as to fulfill his majesty's wish.

Happy New Year !!

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

The ugly side of so-called Donation


Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom, perhaps the last Shangri-La so to say where the Buddha dharma is flourishing like never before. Of course it is an individual’s choice to which religion you opt to practice and get acquainted with; Buddha dharma is progressing in the small country and have become a kinda safe haven.

Recently the Kuensel, the national newspaper of Bhutan covered an article titled “what makes little boys become monks?’ which showcased the unseen and unheard but obvious reality of the institutions catering to Buddhist education. All in all, the story is same for all the institutions. “Many young monks are from the broken families or economically disadvantaged groups, who feels becoming monk is the best choice” states the article. This is the basis from which the word “Donation” comes from.

Bhutanese in general are all generous and kind by nature, they are willing to lend helping hand of any-cash and kind. They are willing to donate so to say and it’s really nice to see people doing anything they can with the genuine hope to gain good merits as a result. . Bhutanese believe in the law of karma, the cause and effect and perhaps that’s why year by year  people are reaping the benefits of it all and country prospering well as a whole.

Anyway the flipped side of this is that, somehow, these are unevenly distributed and like the old adage, there are rains where there is already water and this creates inequality where by the institutions that are genuinely in need of the basic amenities, genuine care and support aren’t reached particularly in remote areas.

I happened to be part of this thing and I am actually proud to say that we, a group of friends are able to be of some help (even if it is a meagre one) to dozens of young and budding monks who are studying at a secluded place. We intend to do more to help and uplift the lives of these young kids who were once on the verge of getting spoiled and wasted but got something to look up to; something to hang by. It’s such a joy to watch these innocent kids mostly from the broken and disadvantaged families finding a purpose to live. We are starting by providing food and clothing (dresses) for the year 2022.  The shelter for them is being sponsored by other generous group and we are grateful to them.

Despite our best and pure intentions, we do face criticisms and struggles on the way. We want the good merits gained, the sense of purpose and satisfaction, joy that comes from such noble works to be shared with others too and on the way seek the help from others, the donations from people alike ( friends and colleagues) which sometimes doesn’t end as intended. There is reluctance and arrogance which is actually fine as we take it positively.  Despite all the hardships and hiccups we are strong; we value and respect other’s perspective and their freedom of choice; we keep aside the reddened  face and we live with the positive attitude that we will strive harder instead if need be to fulfil not just the dreams and wishes of those innocent souls but also ours. Believe me the joy we derive from doing such work is too sacred to give away and far too exceeds the small setbacks and glitches that come on the way

If your intention is pure, there is nothing you can’t do and nothing wrong in doing what you love. But harder one must try.

In my next and following posts, I will share in details the realities of the monks, their life styles and about the monastery. If anyone wishes to donate, even a cent, it would be such an honor to be receive. No amount is small. Like we have the saying: “if your intention is pure, your path is clear and good”

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