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Seeing the future from the present

What should I write on my blog? I keep wondering. I open the dashboard of my blog and see the page filled with new updates from the blogs I follow; I click it in new tab and read one by one. That’s the very normal thing I do every time I open my Laptop.  It is where I get know and flow with the others, Blogging (for me) is more about reading others than about  my own writings, although I try to scribble rubbish out of my rubbish feelings and expressions. It is really an exciting journey.

Most would agree that generally all bloggers are so active during their life as a student. After that, for some reasons I feel people get diverted and filtered with the priorities of life- either job or family. The number of updates declines, yet there are some serious bloggers who, despite their job and family keep their blog alive with even more exciting and important information.  With my college life nearing end, I don’t know if I will have that same ample of time, although I would very much like…


Try to be a human being not just a teaching machine Do not touch only subject, but rather teach us students Let me feel that you are interested in me as a human being not just a number in your note book Do not judge me by the marks I get in my test, but rather by the effort I make Do not expect me to think of school as the greatest pleasure in life They are not at least for me Do not expect me to prefer the subject you teach Other subjects may be interested to me, and perhaps even more so, at least for me Help me to learn, to think and to judge for myself, not just memorize readymade answers Help me rather to find the answer myself, through this way may be more painful for both of us Listen to the questions I may seriously ask, however foolish they may sound to you If you listen, I might learn to listen to you Be strict with me, provided you are just. I know that I need it; through outwardly I may rebel against it Do not ridicule me, especially not before my classmate. It hurts, and I…