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“What do you do?”

Onetime I was traveling from Paro to Thimphu in a taxi. The taxi driver was a friendly and a jolly one from Tashigang. I was the first passenger to get into; we waited for a while till two others came. It was only four of us altogether. The driver seemed happy for he got passengers which means adding a stack on his wallet. The music player was on and he was equally singing together with each song that echoed in the whole seats. I was in the front seat, but I dared not tell anything about the music although it was too loud for my ear drum. I sat patiently and seemingly normal to him, browsed Facebook and twitter on my mobile.

Suddenly he reduced the volume of the music and asked: “Hang Chag la Nangcha ya tha Sir cho? (What work do you do sir?)” At first I was frightened not because he asked me that question, but because the question was unexpected and ad-hoc. Then I was blushed and embarrassed, because I really didn’t have concrete answer to that particular question. I stammered for a m…