Monday, 14 November 2011


Life is full of questions. Sometime there are more questions than answers. Sometimes there are questions which have no answers even. And other times there are questions which are answers itself! As such it is either with YES or NO that we live this life. Just with YES only and without No is incomplete and vice versa. Sometimes the answer No to somebody somewhere on something can be more worthwhile and better than saying YES, as frictions and some kind of restrictions are always needed in the  midst of smoothness. It might be but a very good prevention from deadly accidents down the line.

There are so many choices too in life, so many options to opt, so many paths to walk and whether its  good or bad all depends on two things: YES and NO. We often recieve what we give and hardly give what we recieve(This is what i feel). There is nothing as free lunch, althought credits do exist, but never are we gonna escape without the clearence of those credits. This is what is called 'LAYJUDREY'. And this ultimately boils down to saying YES or NO. Some incidents in life comes as disguised, as masked which we often fail to notice and our consciousness is such that its really easy to say YES than to say NO. We often say more YES than NO. when we are being tempted by those unreal and masked and disguised temptations we are left with nothing but to accept with obvious YES. The YES is one word which comes so easily from one's mouth and hardly do we remember that in the farflung corner, there is yet another word NO waiting patiently and eagerly which requires bit more courage to say, bit more time to think upon and analyze, and bit more patience, and may be thats why it has got more VALUE. It hardly comes out and this is what adds to it the preciousness.

There are so many incidents in life which definitely requires NO. The unreal temptations that deteriorates the very health like drugs and drinks are but few to be mentioned. But being human with untrainned mind, we live in the midst of mistakes, becomes the slave to YES and ultimately becomes the servants. ( Atleast to me). It is at times when we have to say NO to our dearest and loved ones, because we feel its right which actually is wrong that we fail to notice the trick of NO.I wish i had that fortune and guts to say NO before the word YES.

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