Friday, 28 September 2012


                                                    བ་སྤུ་བཟུམ་ཀྱང་བྱ་བ་བཟང་པོ་འབདན།།                                                                          མ་བཤོལ་མཛད་ན་རང་ལུ་ཕན་པ་འོང་།།

(written on 02/08/2009 after xii standard.)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheat or Cheap?

Life is short and that is so obvious. But I sometimes feel people are often misconstrued by this very fact. It is ironic to see people walking down the streets and bars with common slogan: ''Life is short why not enjoy to the fullest today" Well, that maybe true and that life is unpredictable and unprecedented yet this doesn't mean we have all the liberty to spoil its charm and value by engaging into some unhealthy and unsound activities. There are so many other good, healthy and re-creative things to hook up with, which rather adds value and enriches the very meaning of life.
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I think life is short, so that we know its value and beauty. It is never short so that we can do anything that comes our way.. Life isn't short so that we can change so many partners as we wish There are limitations to everything and we ought to be bound by that. If we don't love from the heart why lie? Why after all have been said and done?
Just a day ago I was talking with my friend about relationship as a girl friend and boyfriend and how it sucks our life if we are unable to keep up to its brim of expectations. At one time we were both saddened because it seemed all isn't well and that somehow we had the same perspective. Of course mistakes are bound to take place for we are human made up of untamed mind but it doesn't mean we go at the extend of an affair with another. The worst thing is when these happens in front of our own eyes. Does a good question not deserve a good response? Does a good man deserve a bad and playful woman? Why do we fail to understand each other or even of we do, why with certain friction, reluctance and uneasiness? Why an awkward and strange displays in front of our own eyes?

I feel the beauty of any kind of relations is (and should be) to be received, to be nurtured, to be accepted and to be believed in. We feel secured resting on the mother's lap. And secretly or openly our heart yearns to be the part of people who matters most. Otherwise I fear if it is a relation at all.

Relationships are never a test!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Surprises are wonderful!

Surprises are always unexpected in life, because it is either when expected things come in unexpected times or when unexpected things happens unexpectedly. Surprises are both pleasant and unpleasant. Some surprise make us special; it make us feel loved; cared and that we are part of something. That's what most surprises are meant for though. There are other surprises which rather instil in us the kind of insecurity and suspicions. And these are mostly with the ones that comes after so many expectations and by the time it come, its value and charm is already lost. Some surprises make us feel too small, too timid and low. Some even robs all the morality and dignity of ours so to say. Surprises are also flattering sometimes.
Not all surprises are worth sharing and worth remembering. Yet every surprise has its own history and a scar of specialty printed in the soft corner of one's soul that affect us in one or the other way.

I am surprised of my self by the mere fact that I am aging every second but I am hardly aware of it think of it. May be that is the biggest surprise to some one who have already realized the fact of this very life- A fleeting, delicate, short and unprecedented life.
 Change is inevitable and with that comes yet another surprise. The fact that I have changed a lot not only physically in appearance but emotionally as well have surprised me. What is more surprising is knowing that I have changed!  But there is one thing in my life that I really don't want to change and I am gonna make sure that it never happens, otherwise the surprises we derive from witnessing other people will only be a surprise and I really don't want to be surprised by that. And that is about being my self principled, loyal and dedicated to my own self and to my Parents.

There are so many types of surprises that makes our life interesting and meaningful. A note of money from the old jeans pocket, midnight call from best friends after longtime, hi and hello from old buddies after long period, are but some to mention that enriches and add value the very life of ours.
It was a week or two past when I realized how much it feels good to be surprised sometimes in life even if it means one time call in a year from the ones we care about. I got two surprised  calls from the ones I look up to and that was when I started to think that life isn't complete without those small entities like simple hi and hellos.

And as a student the most surprising moments are with the examination results we get at the end of day. Because what matters most as a student is the result we bring after all those years of tireless midnight candle burns. With this what surprises me is by the question as to where I have really gone wrong during last three years of college? In a way I am very much surprised! However; eventually what uplifts me is by the fact that I am aware of that! it is never late to amend it!.

All in all surprises are wonderful!..:)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Thruebab- A home away from Home!

Blessed rainy day (Thrue-bab) marks the end of monsoon season in Bhutan and it is on this day that Bhutanese believe all the natural waters are sanctifying and that we take bath so that we get rid of all the defilement of past, and those which are yet to be caught.
Thrue at MNNIT!
It is also a day when the Families get together after the hectic and  busy monsoon (work) season to share the burden and feel the charm of their long work and belonging in the form of delicious food and drinks together. It is the day when the bond of the family are once again made stronger. It is also the day which make us forget all the stress and tensions that bothers our mind and make us a different person even if it is a day.
Perhaps that is why we value this day very much now also and try not to malign through various ways like engaging into some traditional games. Otherwise the simplest way to mark the day is through drinks together with the loved and cared ones.

Well; even though I have been away from the home (more than a decade now!) in this particular day, I don't really remember when I not felt homely. It has always been a wonderful time and homely with friends, getting together in such occasions and this year was not different. It was more interesting and Homely with the freshers welcome night for Allahabad Bhutanese Student Association (ABSA) coinciding with the day.

To mark this day, we (12 of us in MNNIT) collected two hundred bucks each. Right from the morning tea and porridge to a lunch with variety of curries, we had a very good and beautiful day. The charm of the day was added by the interactive and interesting get together of the Bhutanese students of Allahabad to welcome the freshers to our family- Allahabad Bhutanese Students Association..

Vote of Thanks at ABSA freshers night
Beside all these excitements and enjoyments the wear of Bhutanese Dress in foreign Land was lot more comfortable and a proud moment! It really feels good to wear the very unique dresses of ours after a long duration of time. It was a very joyous and interactive moment to share with someone who also feels the same and who belongs to the same community- The Bhutanese and that exactly is but the very Home! away from the Home!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

A real Summer in three Years!

My first impression about the college was but excitement, and it has only been deteriorating  with each year. The very unique nature of this  Place, Allahabad is it's climate and weather conditions. It is so hot in the summer with temperatures nearing 50 degrees Celsius. This year the place recorded the highest temperature of 48 degrees all over India!And it is very cold in the winter. with temperatures going down almost to freezing point!  But all in all this is the place where I learn and I am Loving it.

In front of Hostel
It has been three years now since I dwell this place and the climate especially the summer has always been characterized by scorching heat and sweat and hardly with rain, (Luckily we don't get sunburn though!) but this year it is surprising to experience the real summer!. Since two days ago, there has been a constant rain with thunders and lightening all night. Yesterday morning I even had to wake up early because of the scary thundering sound!

This reminds me back at home when I herd cattle (during the vacation) in the rain and those long leeches measuring my body. This makes me nostalgic! Gosh! I really miss those moments!... I can still witness at this time the brown and wild Ama Jomo chhu doing the annual assessment, carrying debris and logs that comes all the way from different mountains (Laas). I can also see busy fisher men fishing along the bank of Jomo chhu under tiny Umbrella.

The good part maybe a sound sleep or with less heat but the darker side is the laziness such kind of weather instills in us. Every muscles seem to be dormant and for the sake of argument I have bunked the classes and haven't attended even a single class for two days! It seems the bed and blankets are only solutions!..:P

The concrete towards the college class rooms from the hostels are all filled with water, which reach almost up to knee! The days may be normal but with the rains and thunders, (even if it is  for two days) it has already made me feel like experiencing the real summer I spent years ago at home and will be cherished.

Love: Weakness?

I always try to question and then answer what is the very weakness of an individual? Well; that may differ from one person to another, some are good in studies while others are weak, some robs every medals in games and sport while others are only the witness, but every individual to own credibility have their own share of weakness and the strengths.And that is the beauty of life.

When I rewind back to the school days, I still remember and feel that awkwardness of being a witness to the friends being engulfed by sickness so called Lovesick (that is what they called so..) I never thought and even wished that I become one. Because I was more into myself and and I hardly had time to even think of things beyond certain boundaries. I was always reminded by the innocent parents and relatives who have been but a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Being the very trustee of the family I never even dared to think of that. So it was rather funny to see friends being carried away by that unreal and coined Love.
But at this very instant I am beginning to wonder if I was wrong. Maybe the time wasn't appropriate  because no sooner than i realized, I was in love! But in the very sense of my own I know where I am heading and I know the difference between and now and that time as well. Having said that I think it is never bad to venture that frontier if at all nature calls naturally because at one point of time in human life for sure it will come so naturally for it is the very part and parcel of life. And we just have to respond willingly and broadly with clear intentions and priorities.

Sometimes I like to be loud even if it means without a crowd to lend me ear because I like to be heard even in the midst of being an absurd! Ever since I ventured this path, I know it is wonderful, it feel good to know that someone is always there for you in thick and thin. At the same time I have realized that it is lot more than a piece of bread and butter. It is not easy. And that is to say that it comes with so many responsibilities, compromises, understandings, adjustments and frustrations at times as well. Not everybody begs except the ones that roams the street and that is because they have no choice! And When it comes to love  I feel every body is under it's shade and that's where we become an obvious beggar. Why everything at the cost of something else?

Nothing seems tethered in life without love. Every body is but a free bird with right to fly but why do we create those demarcations and boundaries? Are these all the very demonstrations of 'us' being subjected to weakness, limitation and fall? Why do we often become emotional? Because humans are but made up of emotions? Of course it is and we are being controlled by that but why don't we know that it is actually happening to us?

Is this the very manifestation of weakness?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First and the friction!

Getting acquainted with anything 'new' in life is hard and challenging! We need to try and go with various and every possible ways to get along. For example getting familiar with stranger and becoming a good friend is a long process;  we never become a good friend just in a blink with a single handshake with c-shaped broad smile! It requires a lot like care  and constant revisit

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Lately I have realized same is the case with getting good  books! I mean to study seriously. I have just tried to get into the environment of study at least an hour or two in a day after a long break (the new session has started a month ago) and that has been the most challenging I should say. The worst part is I haven't been able to catch that grip yet. May be that is because I was hooked up and accustomed to those unreal and unhealthy business like social network, TV series and Movies. Are today's youth getting carried away by those new technologies? Is it serving more than its purpose? A good food for thought in fact.

Ever since I entered college life; the 'study thing' became secondary. Not because the course did not demand; but because there were certain situations that rather took leverage and had to compromise with the 'studies'. College life is really exciting! It is full of fun if we really think from that usual norm- College life is 'cool-age'; we get to experience so many new things of life, new friends, new foods, new environment, new technology and particularly it is the beginning of a new phase of one's life.  How ever if we think the otherwise, college life is just the addition of workload (and this really sucks!), the start of the torturous and busiest time (in life may be), reduction of the hours of sleep because of having to burn midnight oil so that we are in that brim of so called 'the mass'; otherwise we are left all alone in the bottom and that's really bad and lonely!

Well, this is not be the end of story but what intrigued me to write was the mere incident (yesterday) where I couldn't dare talk to a girl (for the first time though) regarding the final year project work. Seriously I sometimes feel ashamed of my self for being so stupid, timid and foolish! Just because the other is of high pointer (in academics) and you below them have to do anything with not daring to talk? Or does this breed any kind of guilt and restrictions? NO!!, then  why did I feel so Low and so down? May be because I am too circumspect!..BUT WHY..?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A rare Gift..

Did we embrace the gift with good grace?
A sacred gift of wise rendered in shock
yet so real and rare that stunned all place
Or are we too young to bear the Yoke?
 The strong scent of wise left on the lawn
                                   Has still bees attracted and gathered
         Even before the crack of the first day's dawn
Even after the Course it changed
          But the route is now loose and wide
                   With both risks and blessings in the midst of space
 We still have the wise to guide
          Chosen few to discharge and execute
Strong media to scrutinize and disclose
Loyal subjects obliged to acknowledge and appreciate
 May the eternal sun of happiness always shine
May the streams of Peace and tranquility always flow
Distanced, wide and near; far from decline
Such is the dream and hope of every day  men

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dreams and Nightmares

Lately dreams and nightmares have been constant companion with me and at times I am even beginning to fear myself! because the dreams have been rather scary and dreadful which often leave  me in a state of bewilderment upset and frightening. And somehow every dreams seems to involve my parents or someone I care about. The worst thing is that I can't really remember and recollect it all clearly and completely; it is always a kind of blur, out of blue and horrendous. I was just wondering if these are all precursor to something unexpected and unfortunate. I am just scared!

With all these kind of stuffs nagging around my life; I also called my parents back at home and they were all good which was but a great relief for me but more alarming was when I heard that same kind of situation was what my mother is into these days. Does this mean something or am I being more superstitious? At this very instant of time I am but a helpless and I am just scared if my emotions and sensibility is tested by the invisible force of unknown.

source: Google
Dreams...;hmm; well, why do we dream at all in the middle of night or in the middle of peaceful sleep? why do such nightmares make us cry sometimes or even make us sweat and scream in the middle of nowhere? I have never clearly understood what dreams are meant for? Does it supplement or complement one's desires of unfulfilled and reach? Does it convey some kind of messages that needs to be discerned with all the precautions and care? Or is it kind of pre- warning that is making us aware of and pacing us the way we lead and live? But then why do we not remember it all completely and clearly. Does this add more mystery and weight of dreadfulness?

I was trying to open the book (study) yesterday after the breakfast but before I even realized I was dozed off and there was this terrible dream; where I was unable to save two people from being washed away by the river which seemed very outrageous. I was carrying a baby girl on my hands and walking up the steep slope with much difficulty and suddenly I had to witness that terrible scene in front of my own eyes. After a gasp of breath and tearful eyes with fast heartbeat I was brought back to reality; Thank god! it was only a dream! It was noon by then.

I have always been in the middle; I mean I neither ignore those stuffs nor am I completely swayed by those unreal fantasies; but I wonder and am scared if such frightful bad dreams and nightmares  continue throughout? May be I should resort to some kind of remedy; but WHAT?

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