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It was around four thirty pm yesterday that i left the college computer center to hostel after a delightful chat with my love, i wasn't feeling that well, may be because the chat seemed so short and short of time time afterall.
 After reaching the hostel i wanted to go back to facebook for no specific reasons and  it was what really shocked me then. There were so many post including by BBS, and Opposition Leader about the tragedy Bhutan was into, the wangdue Phodrang Dzong being caught by flames.. However i did not take it seriously because i was certain that the it would be saved, but then i was wrong. By evening it was just the story of saddness and the melancholy, the ground reality being unable to save the Dzong! How Tragegic?!!

Eventhough staying away from our own homeland, thanks to the modern development of social networks we are able to keep upto date what and all are going on throughout the globe, and of course it is very saddening to know such tragic incident that has e…


I was just wondering what could be the very heart of any kind of relationship,. Everyday midnight calls? Everyday love cards? Everyday love made and kisses? or some invisible things like trust, faith and loyalty? Then suddenly i remembered the immediate incident that happened recently between my love and me. Communication, or making yourself known even in the midst of worst part of your life or even in the midst of your busiest schedules is what matters after all. No matter how much we are into good or bad situations these must be expressed and exchanged.Even if it is a worst thing to be shared it is always worth sharing because it is always better safe than sorry. It clears the cloud of doubts that shadows our self and the other. It also defines the very fact of where one is wrong and right the remedies from then. An effective and expressive communication about how we feel, what it means to be in bad mood and situation makes the other understand and aware of  and leads to a better a…