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Story from New Zealand -Part I

The world may be too vast physically,  we may be too far from each other, from our loved and desr oned, but thanks to so-called development and advancement on the field of science, technology and communication we have every means to connect each other, we have various social medias apps on mobile phones that h connect helps us rejoin with our loved ones,  irrespective of the place one resides and provided there is mobile connectivity of course. And thanks to our service providers - Bhutan Telecom and Tashi Cell, we have almost every parts of the country connected by mobile connectivity. So no matter where you are, in which part of this world you reside for what ever purposes you can easily connect, talk, and see each other. We can also hear, listen and watch through live streams anything that are happening in and around the globe and this is yet another plus point besides huge ill impacts that comes with it along.

Anyway the point is that provided one knows the limit, provided we are…