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From New Zealand

In life, it is not just the education that is so important and take us miles to the path of success, other than education it is the exposure and the experience that is equally important if not more;  no matter how much educated one is, if you aren't aware of the basics that makes our day to day life, we end up meeting funny and embarrassing moments and that is when you really think about if education really helps? There are so many funny and interesting stories happened on the way, some of which happened after reaching here and which I will write about in time to come. Life is not always as we think it is. We think about people living in third countries especially in Australia or any other to be relaxed, always enjoying, having good time and making loads of money at the end of the day, but we know the reality only when we reach in that very place, in that very position which turns out to be the other way round and which is actually a mountain made up of mole by people.

Any way ab…