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Surviving in Thimphu

Thimphu is a beautiful city to live in, it is clean and peaceful. Foreigners called it a “very beautiful village” just because it is a small town despite being the capital city of tiny country. It has evolved from once a thick forest with lush forest into a so-called modern city with concrete buildings all over. The usual chirping of bird is replaced by noisy and busy honks of cars. The serene light of moon at night is replaced by various patterns of modern electric lights. All in all, Thimphu really has changed and it has rather become and expensive one to live.
And to dwell in it and make living isn’t an easy loaf of bread! It may be a small village to foreigners or big-wigs, yet to a common men surviving at Thimphu is hard and difficult. The so-called development has brought in with it so many challenges and hardships. As much as one would love to stay and work at here, for all the facilities, be it health, social or a sense of emotional comfort or business, there is an equal if not…