Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Being the victim of inferiority complex from the minds of other is fine, yet being victim of the inferiority complex of our own self is far more worse, degrading and inflicting.

Sometimes the sorrow and sadness just keep us occupied. There is nothing but blankness that  hampers the very schedule of one's routine. The source of such state are numerous. They are just countless that nothing specific comes to our mind and mouth, even if we try to take sometime and note down on the sheet of paper. It is just impossible.and this is strange in fact!May be that's why such sorrow and sadness or depression so to say is so dangerous and unpredictable for we can't really see its depth.Of course we do know something is wrong but not what we are up to.
Just like a bird with weak wings have tough time resisting the strong current of winds, so is the life of a men with weak background and a weak steps to step upon. Frequent deceptions and prejudices conquers the life of ours disrupting and killing the very energy of motivation and eagerness. it weakens the very bond of relationship and trust.
The philosophy of Buddhism says that wealth or money means nothing when it comes the gate of death for we can't take with us, well that is obvious, however I personally feel that we humans are what wealth like money makes us.It seems to control every kind of situations and circumstances and even the emotions. when these abandons us everything around us seems to neglect us. yes there is huge difference between rich and poor. Death may not concern all these differences yet in this lively life this is all that seems to matter. Every body is hungry and craves and life demands its very requirement. Even the loved and closed ones are at stake without flips of this mere paper called money, and that is exactly why people crave and are attracted towards it.
Although human beings are one race with the mere fact that all are humans, there are so many differences. Not all are equal. Just because we are human doesn't make fulfill all the requirements of being equal. Some are born weak, others strong, some are born high and others low, as such there are lots of discrepancies. Life isn't fair.
Sometime I like to ask question why all this? Why all the differences? yet I am convinced and consoled after all for this is but fact; this is what life is. Not all cocoons goes to becoming butterfly.Not all win and soar,some need to suffer and lose for this is what is called BALANCE. Every one have their own chance, own share and I hope one day or the other my turn too will come by..

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