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Being the victim of inferiority complex from the minds of other is fine, yet being victim of the inferiority complex of our own self is far more worse, degrading and inflicting.

Sometimes the sorrow and sadness just keep us occupied. There is nothing but blankness that  hampers the very schedule of one's routine. The source of such state are numerous. They are just countless that nothing specific comes to our mind and mouth, even if we try to take sometime and note down on the sheet of paper. It is just impossible.and this is strange in fact!May be that's why such sorrow and sadness or depression so to say is so dangerous and unpredictable for we can't really see its depth.Of course we do know something is wrong but not what we are up to.
Just like a bird with weak wings have tough time resisting the strong current of winds, so is the life of a men with weak background and a weak steps to step upon. Frequent deceptions and prejudices conquers the life of ours disrupting an…