Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The contributions and Donations

 Bhutan is a Buddhist country and Bhutanese the Mahayana Buddhist practitioners.The laws of cause and effect is engraved in every Bhutanese mind and we firmly believe in it.
We strive and work hard to make a decent and better living out of it. And hence in general, Bhutanese are warm and gentle in heart, peace loving people. Because of our belief in doing good for the well being not just ourselves but all sentient beings, we try to promote and propagate the good deeds-the very teachings of Buddha and perhaps that’s why there is a stride rise in thing called Donations for instances like construction of that or this monastery or statues, recitation of this or that and so on; perhaps the easiest way to accumulate good merit is in the form of such means. Aldo we hardly question the accountability of such means. But sometimes I wonder if this is not too much? Some people blindly believe and ends up becoming victim of scams. The question is if there will ever be an end to such means or if such is leading to unfair means?  Irrespective of the purpose it serves for good or bad, these kind of acts have only lead to rise in making of easy money. People have began to take advantage of such systems and started to loot instead. The scenarios of day light beggars at thimphu town knocking each and every doors of the building by people as young as aged in mid 20s and 30s says a lot about how such means have gradually changed to this and how people have started exploiting such means. And this has a rippling effect on the genuine ones who are in real need of such schemes. 

Frankly, it’s an embarrassment to seek donations from fellow friends and colleagues even if it is genuinely required, for the good of individual or a community. For instance, from where I come from in a remote village, we are in grave need of fund for the construction of a community lhakhang (monastery). Lhakhang is an inevitable and integral part of a people in every community. It’s a place where people pay homage, seek blessings and solace, where people derive peace, keeps their faith and hopes alive. But even after four long years, the community is unable to build a decent lhakhang.  Though physically the lhakhang is built wonderfully like real Zhangdopelri the interior still lacks the required design and intricates. The monastery still need structural designs, paintings and sculptural works inside.The community people can’t do much than the physical works. Therefore we have but no option to seek external assistance and donations. As a native from the village, it has become our moral responsibility to help revive the treasure of the community. Those of us from the village, the civil servants, business men and others have done a round of collection a year ago. But that wasn’t  enough. 

Hence I have initiated to seek donations from people I know who are willing. My friends have agreed to help me. Please help us revive the glory of the community. Please help the fellow people of our village regain their pride. If you are interested to help in any way, let me know and contact me. The donations howsoever small the amount may be shallnot go to waste. 

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