Thursday, 29 March 2018


Spring is a beautiful season of the year. It’s time when all the crushed and ruined  hopes are renewed with lush orchestra of joy, happiness and newness. It is the time for one to leave behind all the cold, harsh and miseries that the dreadful and cruel winter had brought in; set aside the past, prepare and ponder for the future with all the prayers and blessings collected over, forgive and forget once and for all.

Spring brings in with it an ample of time to rejoice and rejuvenate. It is the culmination of a new beginning. With beautiful and bountiful blossoms all around with pleasant scent and calm weather, what can we expect more than this to start a new go?What do we need more then these to dream big and plan big? 

Spring is season of love and happiness, although for farmers it’s busy one with all the works. It’s a season to sow new hope and aspirations. So leave behind all the unwanted baggage, start fresh, keep dreaming for the better,  never rule out and give up. Life  is of course always a matter of how we choose to see act. 

Good day folks....! 

Monday, 19 March 2018


Where the mountains are capped by snow
Where Serene and chilling streams flow 
Where the kings with golden heart serves
Where the subjects soothes in chants 
Dances on the rolling suite with pure joy 
Basks under the sublime sun with toy 
Of eternal bliss, peace and comfort 
Where the one’s loyalty can’t be measured 
Where untarnished culture echos far and wide
Where age old traditions are the biggest aide
A real heaven on earth indeed
Happiness beyond one’s greed 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

When is life fair anyway?

I was wandering and wondering along the woods
Suddenly My mind crosses through the days of childhood 
When each girls dreams one day of being princess
When her mom is the epitome of All she wishes 
And her dad the hero, the knight in shining armour
When each boy dreams of that charming prince 
When his mom portrays all qualities he would one day browse
When his dad is but a friend, a guide  by his side
When little siblings are but their goal 
And the reflection of their soul 
When every little hope is watered by all kinds of effort and bite 
And when all the tyrannies are overcame with triumph 
When finally a day comes to reckon 
When the princess meets his Prince Charming 
Life has cruel and disheartening plans 
The boat they boarded capsizes 
On their maiden journey through ups and down   
Through the rugged terrains of high and low 
Dreams shatters to nightmares and begins to haunt 
Hopes turn sour and belittles their hunt 
In anguish and agony they stare above 
And utters Why us, why us?

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