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Being Thin

Often it is about being obese and overweight that people generally complain but strangely it is about being thin and underweight that I have been whining ever since I was a student. Most seem to gain weight and their belly protrudes out as one embarks into the world of work (that is a generalization by the way) but unfortunately or fortunately it isn’t same with me; instead, my weight have been consistent since college days.  What should I do? What is wrong with me? Last week I met an old friend of mine who was heading Bangkok. We haven’t met since twelve standards. I was actually shocked to see him totally different with beard on his face and his little belly almost protruding like three months pregnant mother. And it was an embarrassing moment for me to hear him say that I haven’t changed at all, that instead I looked pale, weak and thin. For a man who already knows the fact, comment like this is like a salt on the already sore spot. Anyway that very moment got me into thinking like…

My new Interest

If there is one thing that I regret right now at this very stage, it is about not participating in the games and sport during school times. I have never taken part in whatever games and sports the school conducted, for the reason being that I hardly saw future in that area. As being from mediocre family enjoyment or entertainment was never my bread and every time such opportunities came, I gave second thoughts like what if I get struck and not be able to fulfill my eventual goal? Ultimately it was the academic results that mattered and knowing that, I had always easy excuse when it came to PE classes. By the time I realized the importance of games and sports and other co-curricular activities other than bookish knowledge it was almost too late. It was during the college days in India, when I realized how much it is equally important and fortunately I had college mates who were all interested, most of who were first timers like me who had realized and who were interested to take chance…