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Of Examination

Have you ever wondered as to why people tend to make mistakes even after thorough revision, even after one is fully convinced and aware that one is confident enough to get through and especially in teaching-learning process, this is a damn thing you know, because it is either a matter of pass or fail, a matter of division in the sense that once you are unable to reach a certain level, so-called pass, everything seem to look different, everyone seems to look differently. I wonder how an hour or two of an assessment or examination can really sum up or determine the very knowledge or the skills learned after a whole load of syllabus and subject? And I think learning is but a continuous process.

Well, failure may be the pillar of success, but if we take otherwise in other sense, I doubt if it is not the first step towards degeneration, towards timidity and cowardice and weakness, because it weakens the confidence level you have had, the zeal and even the attitude towards that particular …

Story from New Zealand Part II

It is exactly two months today dwelling and studying in foreign land and despite very lovely place at here, I feel homesick, I miss my parents, my colleague, my work and my country; perhaps this shows how attached we are to our country and what we do no matter how bad, how harsh or how terrible it might look.

We have recently shifted our house after staying  in Chinese landlord's home for about a month. There was another Chinese flat mate who was full of complain. No matter how much we tried our best to keep the house clean or keep our noises low in the house, he used to complain and give us lectures. The internet was another thing he blamed about saying that it has become slow after we guys reach from the class in the evening although we were equally paying. Therefore since then we have been searching new apartment which we finally got one. She (our present landlord) is a nice one, as most New Zealanders are generally; the rent and the distance from the institute also a reasonab…