Monday, 9 April 2018

Letter to my wife

My dear Wife,
I don’t know if you remember or not that today is but a special day for us. It may be almost the end of this very day. I have intentionally waited this long hours just to see if you also remember and remind me which you didn’t and maybe that’s because you thought the same as me- waiting for me to remind you first. But if there is one thing that I have learnt through the years with you, it’s that you don’t always show first, instead you wait for me to see first, do first or remind first for this matter. Well, then I just want to say, HAPPY SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY MY DEAR.

Days and years may go and another come by, yet the memories we created for ourself, the best times we have had through the college days and after will only remind us that life as ‘US’ has been abut a beautiful and wonderful journey.. It only means we are here for real. Yes, the boat that we sailed hasn’t been that smooth, but then whose life is perfect anyway? It’s through the storms of struggle and fights that we get rain of  happiness and satisfaction. Aren’t you happy that it’s been seven long years now and that we have somehow managed well. With age of bond that we share for each other, it will only get Better for sure. It will only be exciting you know dear. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR. 

One of the greatest gift you have provided for us is our little champ. I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful thing called Family. Ever since he joined our circle, the bond, I must be frank and I tell you  life has been pretty tough and challenging, but, but that  doesn’t mean I have not enjoyed every bit of moment.  It has taught me so many life long lessons that has made me only a better father, good husband and perhaps a matured lover in my own way although bit forgetful. But again, this to my defense only means that life isn’t perfect after all and so are we you know. 

So on this memorable day, I just wanna remind you that inspite of the life being pretty harsh on us, inspite of the family and other’s presssure, inspite of life taking us down I will still hang by your side and remain at your back and walk with you no matter what. I will support you through thick and thin. I will laugh and smile with you and cry with you if that’s what’s required. And The most important I  will never forget to love you. 

With lots of Love


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