Sunday, 8 February 2015

The other side of smile

Dema (name changed) lives in the heart of Thimphu with her husband along with two beautiful kids. She is a house wife, but weaves all day long after she sends off her kids to school and husband to office who is driver in one of the ministry. Thimphu is an expensive city for people like Dema whose husband’s salary is too low to survive. She has therefore resorted to weaving Bhutanese clothes to sell and supplement the expenses of their survival in capital. For now she has been doing well. She is uneducated; life has been cruel for her that when other siblings of her got education, she couldn’t because she is the eldest and had to help her parents.
Dema is from eastern Bhutan, from a large number of families. Her parents are both peasants. Everyone knows eastern parts of Bhutan are famous for producing baby-sitters and so was her village. At the age of 10 she was also taken to Thimphu as a babysitter with the hope that someday she will be able to help the family. The family with whom she stayed wasn’t welcoming. It was not just the babysitting but also all other house hold chores like cooking and laundry. The head of family- father who was like her second father began to treat her different after she became young adult, teasing and waiting for any good opportune moment to take advantage of her. His wife witness and catches this on the spot one day and the fate of Dema is then changed forever. She was chase out of the house. Luckily, as the fate has it, she comes across a boy, her present husband whom they fall in love instantly and decides to marry.
Since then the sun of happiness although dim started to shine on her life. This is blessing in disguise for her she now at least can shed tears of smile, although behind that, she does have a dark shadow that haunts her every now and then. Not all smiles come from that genuine happiness, some are just forced, the fake ones while some are just the reflection of pain inside. For Dema, her smile is not just her acknowledgements to the above for sparing and knowing her plight, but also the reflection of her past, hardships and struggles.

So you see there is nothing as free lunch in life, everything comes with price tag and some day or other we ought to balance or the nature will do for sure. A clear and clean atmosphere is always waiting after horrible hurricane. Happy day folks…..

Monday, 2 February 2015

Inspiring Blog award

First of all I would like to thank Langa Tenzin, Ugyen Tenzin and Jigme Zangpo and Sherab Pelmo for nominating me, it is such an inspiration for me. I am really sorry for the late response though. I will directly go to the seven facts about me.
  1. I am originally from lauri, under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag which is one of the most remote place in the country. And I am the first to do engineering from my village. As a kid, I wanted to become teacher but after twelfth standard it got change after securing scholarship. I opted engineering and surprisingly ended up working in aviation company (Drukair Corporation Ltd) where I have to start right from the beginning. The fact is in Bhutan it is very rare where an individual chases and chooses the profession out of sole interest’ it very much depends upon the availability of opportunities!
  2. I am most of the time silent but I talk too fast seriously, all my colleagues and friends advise me to talk slowly. I am bit introvert kind of person and I hardly start conversation with strangers and that is why friends have often said that I am too serious; it is just that I need more time get familiar with. 
  3.  I started reading only after twelfth standard and was inspired by a teacher who always talked about language rather than his subject-science; but sadly I haven’t been able to keep aglow. I maintain diary as well and the funny thing is that if you read, you will see the most repeated word I use is ‘any way’. I noticed while I was once checking how I wrote in the previous years to save my boredom. Perhaps this is because the word consoles me somehow, don’t ask me how? 
  4. I am too bad with kids. I mean I can never be friend and play around with little kids, and for the record, there is a nine months old child of my friend, who seem to have known me by the face; maybe I look so terrible that whenever I lend my hand or try to play with him, he just starts crying terribly. 
  5. I also like watching English television series and my all-time favorite is “The Lost” and “The Friends” which I would watch again and again during college days. Now also I try to find time for these but life changes you know with time and with it your habits as well. 
  6. I don’t drink much but whenever I am drunk, which is so very rare, I tend to become talkative and courageous revealing all the secrets. Onetime I was too drunk (during college days) that the next day was an embarrassing one for me to hear from friends about how acted and even confessed a girl of my crush! Since then I have never been drunk, and I wish never to be henceforth.
  7. People say forget and forgive but unfortunately for me it is bit difficult. I don’t get hurt too easily but once I get, it becomes very hard to forget as well. This is where I try hard to change; I hope i can change with age.
well, about the nomination I don't think even one is left without being nominated for I think I am late, yet as a norm, i would like to derive inspirations from following who are not so frequent in the world of blogging and this is just to say that i enjoy every bit of your writings, please continue writing. 
Happy blogging folks.......

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