Monday, 22 December 2014

The Truth

The truth about your boss is that they are always right no matter what, so don’t ever argue with. The best is to nod yes all the time.
The truth about a teacher is that it is the only profession where one prepares the whole night and boasts about his knowledge the next day. (No offense to fellow teachers, this is just the truth told by my own teacher once in school)
The truth of doctor is that he advises others that drinking or smoking is injurious to health but if you live with him, you shall know that drinking and smoking are very much part of their life.
The truth about politician is that he is a very good lair. He doesn’t; think about what he can actually do or something is under his capability, he is too blinded by the rewards aftermath of election and promises blindly just to gain vote; after his desire and dreams are fulfilled finally, his promises are nowhere to be found. Even a paper decays right?
The truth of an engineer is that to a society, he is earning so much but don’t envy because not all are same, and he owes too much to banks and friends!
The truth about a girl is that she is very much unpredictable; she says she can do anything for her love until she meets a wealthy man and marries him irrespective of age. Of course money (wealth) is almost everything in this world.
The truth about a choespa (dharma practitioner) is that he preaches not to kill, be vegetarian and don’t tell lies, but you know what? He eats non-veg in the name of offering and lifting their soul, who saw this anyway in the real world? And will show a frown face if you don’t pay well for their day’s ritual.
The truth about a shopkeeper is that he is poorer than one really thinks, just like a women who weaves to sell clothes doesn’t have good clothes to wear for herself as she has to sell so is shopkeeper.
The truth about long distance relationship isn’t best as some says so and life isn’t fairy-tale, before this requires hell lot of patience, trust, understanding and loyalty.
The truth about trust is that it is very difficult to develop and too very easy to lose and once you lose, don’t expect you will find it again.
The truth about reconciliation or repair is that something is still missing and not all is right, just as the scar is left behind after you take out a nail from the board.
The truth about one’s life is that if you are able, meet some good fortunes, every kith and kin looks upon you with an eye of expectation; meet some misfortunes or failures and the same people shun you as if you are but strangers.
The truth in truth itself is that it is invisible often and by the time it becomes visible, it is already under the bridge and part of it is already damaged.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Of Choe and sii

Wangchuk and Tshewang are cousin brothers from same tiny remote village of the country. They were enrolled to school in the same year. Wangchuk is a year older than Tshewang. They were brilliant students in their own way; it was two of them who would never give the first and second positions of the class every year. Unfortunately during their primary school years, Wangchuk had an accident while herding cattle on vacation which had his hand almost broken. After rigorous local treatments, he was alright. But he couldn't continue his studies and became a year junior to his brother. Wangchuk therefore decides to remain at home helping his parents in field with animals. Tshewang continues to study, although his very good friend has left him. But the road ahead isn't easy for both of them. When one toils in the field in the sun and rain, the other endures the cruel boarder life. But what kind of life is easy anyway?
Life continues as such for years until suddenly when Wangchuk decides to join monk-hood after several years as farmer. He joins prestigious shedra in India (Mindrolling shedra) as a monk, where he once again experiences and recalls his early school days as a little kid. By this time, Tshewang was in the high school. After twelfth standard, Tshewang secures government scholarship to pursue higher studies at a college in India. This is the second time two of them get to meet once again. But this is different from their usual meetings, it’s more dignified and elderly, perhaps both are grown-ups?
At present Tshewang works in a government organization, he is ambitious and arrogant, the meager salary he get at the end of a month is just enough for him to make ends meet, he is often troubled by the day’s work, by his family at home and he has too many obligations; while Wangchuk, who also completed his years of studies teach small kids back at village who have decided to give up material world for monk-hood like him. He is calm and contended. He looks young and peaceful unlike Tshewang who is ruined by the greed for power and wealth.
So this is it I wonder, the difference in power of Choe and sii, the difference between the Nangpai education and modern education? It seems like more the modern education, more the greed and arrogance, more ambitious and materialistic, in short more trouble, just the opposite for Choe.
If only Wangchuk and Tshewang are equally blessed by the road they took although different!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Oh! Never or at least not now

Oh illness please never or at least not now, everything is just the beginning and I got to do lot of things before you engulf me and take me to the gate of  your boss, the death. Is it even fair for you to pick me among thousand and cast spell upon me? Why me? Don’t you see how happy I am right now, how ambitious I am full of hopes and aspirations? Don’t you see how much I look forward to carry out the unfinished business? What did you expect to get from a skinny skin like mine? How do you choose your right candidate anyway?
My career is just at the base and I got to climb, shape and race with the rest. Don’t you see how I am trying hard to fit in? I have siblings in line who follows me with great expectations and I ought to help them, pull them up, and guide them. I got to be by their side. Who will be at my place if you take me away so soon? Who will look after my parents who lives with every dream to see me shine and radiate my success to them? Every bit of my success, happiness (and sadness) is theirs too. I ought to serve them with pride and dignity. For all their love, care and hardships, do I not owe them a happy face at the least? Or is it too much to ask?
And most importantly I am not yet prepared to meet your boss right now, because like I said, I have so many other things to do before I prepare and ready myself for your boss. Like Bhutanese saying, don’t be early to renounce worldly matters for dharma and don’t be too late to start worldly business (something like this roughly), I am still young on the budge of blooming and I still have the stages to be a dad and husband one day, experience what it means to have family of your own, see children and be proud of them. Of course it doesn’t mean that I am not preparing or will not prepare, it’s just that time is too limited for now and I can’t fully dedicate myself for that preparation. Or are you going to snatch it all from me at this moment only?

Why don’t you cajole your boss that it was all mistaken to pick me and that I be given one more chance? Why don’t you make me realize that life is for reason and purpose and that I live it without any remorse; show me instead reason to enjoy while I prepare and ready myself to meet you and your boss with smile on my face.  When it is time, I will surrender myself before you and your boss, but right now please! Give me some time.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Fear is one that wakes us up from slumber of nothingness, it motivates us while it also paralyzes and numbs us. Fear keeps us alert and ascertain; it instill in us the sincerity to serve, calmness to be careful although our reflex actions are most proactive and sudden in times of fear. Fear make us think hard to find ways to move forward and tackle with methodologies that are often right below our eyes that we fail to see, for we tend to see far away distances. It guides us to find the real potential in us, what we are capable of and what lies beyond the boundaries of confinement. Without fear, we tend to take it for granted, laziness creeps in and things like procrastination become our constant companion. We are made up so many kinds of fear; fear of failing, fear to lose, fear to confront, fear to accept the reality, and etc….
Perhaps that’s why life is but mixture of charms, excitement, frustrations, despondency and confrontations.

                                                                                                                             To be continued........

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Of brags, blames and belittlements

In life we come across various kinds of people. Some come with load of encouragement and inspiration. We derive immense likeness and admiration just by the mere watch and talk. Some come with heavy prices, price tags and some teach us lessons that remain with us forever. There are others whom we find amiable and goes on to becoming the best buddies in life. Some are unpredictable; even if we try hard to understand and appreciate, they never reach the caliber of our conscience to be close or be causal, it demands cautiousness and distance. Some are just never compatible with our taste which is sad.
And there are some, who go on to bragging themselves about how much they DID (rather than DOING), how they were treated those olden days and how fortunate we (the present generations) are in our times. What does this matter any way to us? It is completely a different timeline! Does this mean they have all the rights to treat us the same way they were treated decades ago? Who cares about all these brags? Yes it is music when shared for the first time. Second time and after, it becomes noise! The world and people are constantly changing and perhaps these people are little aware of it.
Some incidents (of life) are indelible and remain with us forever. It is either the best or the worst. It makes us question and ponder as to what really and why that very incident happened? How do you react when you are reprimanded, and embarrassed in front of a huge crowd for some mistakes you did not commit and which is also very much mend-able? It was a moment like I just might launch F-I-R for me if there was any. Anyway who doesn’t make mistake in life? Who is perfect? Do we have no have erasers and do we not deserve second chance? Just because there is limited time or it is getting delayed doesn’t mean we compromise the work. There are people who do nothing and lead with mere service of lips. When you reprimand someone else does it not reflect the very nature of what you are? Does it not back fire the embarrassment and the hurt you have spelled upon the other? Is it professional ultimately?

That brings to how one chooses profession/career in life; certainly one that pays you handsomely (perhaps the first choice for most), the one that is respectable and one that we like/love, but sadly not all of these are present in one particular career. Some careers pays you well where working environment is horrible, some are highly respected and often these are not reachable. Most of us therefore end up with a career which is short of one of these and certainly with what we get, what fate has decided for us with. We end up sacrificing something for want of something else and I have been thinking like did I even make the right choice of career? It is sad, when you have to live and work where incidents that pulls you down and de-motivate are more than what you can be inspired from. Even sadder is when you are treated like some primary school kid, as if we are their very pie, as if the other is nothing. Any hierarchical organization is pyramidal in shape, there is one ultimate boss and subordinates till the base under him. This is certainly the most stable and strongest. Sadly there is the opposite hierarchical shape- tree/umbrella-shaped which has more bosses and less subordinates. The stability of such is very much unpredictable. There are more chaos, disorder and conflicts; there is ego, self-centeredness and all kind of blame games.
And if you are not prepared mentally, it really is hard. But I rather hope to learn more from such incidents for it is from the harsh and challenging situations that you learn most although incident such as this will remain with me. Till than until next time.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Dwelling in the Past

Don't you sometimes like to go back to old good times and memories? When you are faced with difficult times; when you can't decide for yourself what you are up to; when life eludes you of all that glittering wonders; when you feel sick of the same schedules; when you feel left out by the circumstances around; when you can't control the flow of emotions (what ever it may be). Don't you wish like what if it was that very moment?

It is silly, but don't we depend upon our past to define the present and forecast our future? I think it is OK at times to rewind and relive the past moments. It makes us reflect about the path we are treading at present, judge and weigh for ourselves as to how much we have come thus far. The past also make us momentarily happy (or sad) and refreshes the very stand point we are at after all, life is but moments and memories.

Some incidents of the present make us think about the past and yesterday was one. Suddenly I was taken back to my middle secondary school days. I have a colleague at work (different division) who happens to be the best friend of a girl whom I had my first crush.
"Tshewang you know..........(girl's name)....? I am said that you were all crazy about her, it is funny!"
Startled, I paused for a moment and said:
"who doesn't have crush? and is it crime? come on it was at 10th standard, what does it matter now?"
"No i am just surprised as to how a simple guy like you could have crush on her"

I did not answer further, instead I was just wondering as to why most of people I meet think that I am but a simple guy? What does it take not to be simple any way? I left after telling her that it is once upon a time incident and that I have almost forgotten with time.

However, I think good memories doesn't seem to fade so easily. Series of flashbacks rolled over the lane of my memory and suddenly I was at that very time smiling. The good thing about crush is that  you tend to enjoy every bit of moments without any expectations and intentions. I did not  confess either and we were just like every other classmates. I was seated towards the corner end bench of class while she was almost diagonal to my seat in the middle row. The good thing out of it was all huge amount of monotonous lecture classes would be save by mere glance. Thanks to her i don't remember drooping in the class for even once...:P

Any way after 10th standard we were placed at different schools and we never met until of course in Facebook towards the end of my college years. Who isn't on Facebook now a days? One evening I decided to tell her my story to which she took it as a normal flirt/joke.  After that the most recently we met was during Paro Tshechu last year with her husband. we did wish each other well for the life ahead.

So you see going to the past isn't really a bad hope i did not bore you with all these bullshits, till then  thanks for the patience and have a nice weekend...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Breaking Taboos

Hello, I have been on vacation lately and its good to be back!..I have nothing special to share with, the following is a direct copy-paste from The Logical Indian which is a good and inspiring page. I just want to share with my fellow bloggers...have a good reading, happy week days!...:)

“Daddy, I am so scared.” Twelve year old Tanaya ran and hugged her father.

“What happened to my big brave daughter?” “Daddy, I guess it’s blood.. Daddy, I think I saw blood on my skirt today.”

Tanaya had lost her mother six months back and Ashutosh, her father was finding it difficult bringing up his daughter all by himself. He was madly in love with his wife and he had ruled out second marriage options as proposed by his relatives. He was a doting dad and tried his best to be a mother and father to Tanaya.

“Daddy”, Tanaya spoke again. “Daddy, I saw blood in my skirt. Rashi told me that it is periods. I am on periods. Am I on periods daddy?” It was not exactly a comfortable question for Ashutosh so he tried to evade her questions at least for some time.

“Tanaya baby, do you want an ice cream? Chocolate flavour?” Tanaya made a face. “You know daddy, Rashi was right. She told me that you wouldn’t talk to me about this. Even she discusses all this with her mom. I wish mom was alive. I am sorry I told you about this. Just forget that I ever told you this.”

Ashutosh was startled and a little ashamed. He didn’t want to make Tanaya feel bad about something which was so normal. He just wanted to buy some time for himself. “Tanaya sweetie, why would you feel like that? I am your mommy too, remember? I wonder why Rashi would put such things into your head.”

“Then why wouldn’t you talk about it daddy? I am so scared. Will I die like mommy too?” “Oh no baby, never ever say that. You are daddy’s princess.” “But daddy.. blood?” “Come, we’ll go out, have ice cream and then discuss about this. This is a wonderful thing. Always be proud of this.” Ashutosh held his daughter’s hand and escorted her outside the door.

As Tanaya took a large bite off her orange flavoured ice cream, Ashutosh asked her to narrate the day’s happenings. “Daddy, I saw blood on my skirt today and I am very scared.” “Well little Tanaya, let me narrate a little story to you.” “Oh sure, daddy. Make it an interesting one.”

“It is an interesting one, kid. When your mommy was as little as you, she also saw blood on her skirt. She ran up to her dad who told her that she had received the biggest gift of her life that day.” Tanaya had her doubts. “How was it the biggest gift of her life daddy?” “Because that day she got periods for the very first time. It gave her the power to be a mother. It gave her you.” “Does that mean daddy, that I can become like mommy too?” “Yes, of course, you’re already like your mommy with your hazel eyes and chestnut hair.” “Thank You daddy. I love you. I’ll tell that annoying Rashi that my father is the best. He told me everything. I have some more questions but I’ll ask them tomorrow. I need some sleep.”

Ashutosh heaved a sigh of relief. He’d broken a taboo. Tomorrow he would be adequately prepared to break another taboo and talk to her about something society would not have approved of. As he put Tanaya to sleep, Ashutosh could feel his wife smiling at him. He had not been a good husband to her while she was alive but he would try his best to be a good father to their daughter.

--Sreyasi Verma

Let's do our bit! Spread this and help #BreakingTaboos

Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, an Australian Author is an interesting Romantic comedy novel. It is an endearing story about a professor in genetics of Melbourne university, Don Tillman who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (doesn't seem to know himself) and  explores about how an autistic man approach a romantic relationship.
Source: Google
Gene and Claudia (both psychologist by profession) are  couples who are in an open relationship and  the only two friends of Don Tillman, the protagonist. Don is  Gene and Claudia tries to help Don find love with the project called 'Wife project' which is unsuccessful. a list of questionnaire is prepared to filter out unsuitable candidates. In the midst of these, Don come across Rosie  though she doesn't know about the wife project at first. She is just the opposite and doesn't fulfill all the scores of his questionnaire. She is a smart and beautiful in character who is also on her own quest of finding her biological father. Ultimately the wife project turns to Father project, Don with his genetics background tries to help Rosie find her natural father, in the midst of these developing attraction and love towards each other.
Through his battles to find a way to understand his own behavior the novel teaches one to acknowledge and embrace our behavior no matter what. It is full of humor, emotion and warmth.
Does Rosie finally get to know her real father?
How does Don who has difficulty in socializing especially with the opposite sex explores to find his love? Read to find it yourself. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Enjoy what you have

There was once an old man with just few white hairs on his head. He was almost bald. He once went to a barber shop and directly sat on the chair in front of a big mirror. The barber was perplexed and even irritated. The barber asked the man:
"Shall I cut or count your hair?"
"Color it with black" said the man
The moral of the story is to enjoy everything you have in life, so guys cheer up and be contented, happy and enjoy with whatever you have at hand. life is never wish fulling gem.
Happy weekend....

Friday, 12 September 2014

Unfortunate incidents

I have said in my earlier posts that I don’t like to call myself an office goer when people ask me if I am in the office. I tell them instead that I am on duty. My take on office goer is someone who works 9 to 5, someone who owns his own desk with personal computer in front. The place where I work isn’t something like that. We are more than score in numbers (the staffs) and we have just five desktop computers in total, used for both the work and for recreational activities like facbooking, youtub-ing and all during leisure time. We can’t bring our personal laptops either, for there are so many long hands (thieves). Just recently my senior lost his smart phone, it was kept with charge plugs on and was vanished shortly after that without a trace. And our friends and colleagues here don’t seem to at all understand each other. Every one seems to be looking for chance to make fun of, mock and embarrass. The common thing that people out here do is to write some filthy sentences on the walls of face book, if it is kept open. Even a minute can’t be spared you know. Login your face book account and leave it for just a short period of time and you will see your wall filled with all the nonsense and dirty words when you get back. Then a row of comical comments will follow from your face book friends. I have been victim of this for several times, and each time after such incidents, I had to apologize in writing.
One such thing happened today. I opened my face book account while I was getting print out of the procedures for the work we were going to do. I went to have breakfast and unfortunately forgot to log out my face book account. The moment later after the breakfast, I saw many notifications, when I looked carefully; a filthy sentence was written and already it has generated couple comments. It’s okay that such comments can be deleted, but the problem is when friends take it seriously! Who wouldn’t take it seriously after its your password secured account, nobody is responsible other that you?
Well, I don’t flirt in face book, I have my family, friends and strangers whom I very much respect, I use this platform to get updates, the breaking news all other social entertainments but lately some unfortunate incidents have occurred demeaning my name and my personality as a whole and I would like to beg pardon for all these uncalled incidents.  I will try not to let such things happen hence forth.

Happy weekends folks…

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sudden surge of Interest

Reading was never my part and parcel as a little school going kid. For someone to adopt a new habit, it is not just an influential environment but also a source of inspiration, a circle of friends or someone to show us a path and develop in us an interest. It was only when I reached XII standard that I knew how poor I was in language and literature, even now I know i am not good, but i would like to believe that i have improved a lot. Thanks to my Physics and class teacher who introduced and inspired into the world of reading. Besides the normal syllabus, he used to frequently do a lot of talking about how reading changes one’s life and his in particular; how late he picked up the habit of reading (when he reached Sherubtse College!). I still remember him saying about the importance of reading and writing: “reading makes perfect man, but writing makes an exact man”
Since then, i have taken keen interest in reading and the days after twelve standard was the best time for me to pick up. The reporting time for the college was known only in the month of September, so for about six months i have had the leisure to spend my time into reading. When at Thimphu, i used to visit the harmony youth center often which is near to the RICBL colony (where i stayed). The other time when i was at Chukha, my cousin brother would bring me books from the school library for me. It was an interesting period of my life. i have had same the dream to continue the habit to the college, but sadly the so-called life had changed me completely, and soon the zeal to read was completely vanished! And the last book i read was somewhere in the third year, the ‘Revolution 2020’ by Chetan Bhagat. That too for weird reasons, i took so much time to complete. Since then reading was almost forgotten to me. But then i was introduced into another world-blogging and strangely i have never missed a blog post written by my fellow blogger friends! Some of the blogs have really inspired and pulled my once lost interest into reading.  I just wished if only i could bring back the interest i had when i completed my twelve standard.
Anyway lately it seems the long lost interest is suddenly surging out as if it had gone for hibernation; suddenly i feel the zeal and the thirst to read so much so that I took the PDF format of two books for my off days (Monday and Tuesday) from Google. I finished the ‘The fault in our Stars’ by John Green and ‘I am Malala’ by Malala Yousafzai. The TFIOS is a sad life and love story about a cancer patient, how a cancer patient’s life is, how difficult it is to fight a battle with our own body; how we should see and treat the patients with the lens of our conscience, how even a drop love and empathy is so much to them. It is worth spending your time! And reading I am Malala, I was like how fortunate and blessed I am to be born in a country like ours? It is an inspiring book and i think every growing mind should read this book.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Series of Serious Thought

It is for the second time that i am asked about the kind of work i do and the dress i wear at work. Last month  a distant cousin of mine called me to help him at the terminal; it was his first time travelling on a flight; he was going for masters. Along with him was his close uncle who came to see off him. He is a respectable man back at village. we shook our hands and the first question he asked me was what exactly i was doing at the terminal. I told that the terminal wasn't exactly the place i work and that we as an engineering personnel maintains aircraft, to which he wasn't satisfied by the answer i gave. Then he scanned me physically, he was particularly intrigued by the external reflector shirt i wore from the outside. i wasn't surprised when he said: "hangten ya ne zo ra thath pa awa chos ne" [literally, how is that you are adorned with such a shabby dress?] . The general expectation of people like them for every employed individual is seem them dressed handsomely with white collar around a dashing gho and shining shoes with breath taking perfume around; for them employed means that he has to have a office to himself with a desktop in front.

I don't have it all and i did not argue and explain much further, what would i achieve from this? it won't make me small either. I just smiled and said that this is what my work demands. He then asks me about how much pay i get, to which also i was plain. I told that it is just the beginning and is just a hand to mouth. I don't know what message he took back home, i couldn't even buy him a cup of coffee for i had to attend the aircraft that very instant, but i did not care! This is me, this path is what i chose and i am happy with it, It hardly matters what other people say.

Then today again, i went inside the terminal to help my cousin brother, a teacher who was going Delhi again to do master to Indian college. He was accompanied by his wife to see off again. this time again, i was wearing the same dress.
"You are graduate and you have to wear like this like any other people around mo?" she says as soon as we greeted each other.
"yea and is it not OK?" i reiterated with a smile on my face.
"Just asking!"

I don't know but yes, i gave a serious thought about these all and ultimately my conscience tells me that it is completely fine! just because one have a degree certificate doesn't deserve all that some office goers have. I think work is something that interests you, that satisfies you and something that makes you happy and suits you well, never something that suits others around you.
Yes there are people who underestimates engineers and especially in aviation, hardly do people realize the work that is undertaken by engineers back under the closed hangar. Hardly do people realize the grease stained hands that makes the aircraft fly in to air of clouds; pilots are highly respected and recognized and in fact they should be and they does deserve, for they are but the very actors,but behind them is also an engineer, who strives hard and who does all the back ground scores. well, i am too young  for now to even say this, i am just the beginner and i am still learning, but yes sometimes i feel that it is too much when people without even thinking blames, underestimates and underscores engineers.

So next time you come across any one trying to judge you by the external attire, don't give shit damn, its OK as long long as you are fine yourself!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Every one of us have stories to tell about how we landed into the kind of job we are doing right now and for those of you whose turn hasn’t come yet, be prepared to make one. Some are sad, pity and encouraging while others are just plain and normal. I have my own story.
After graduation the word “JOB” was only my word and mantra. I walked with it, slept with it and dream about it. I really needed to find job, not because I wanted a lavish life or were jealous about other’s life or not because I had the certificate of bachelor’s degree. Those were just the requirements. First I had huge responsibility as the only first member of family to have studied thus far. I have so many siblings to look after, expense and educate them besides my aged parents. I could never keep the yoke of burdens on my uneducated parents. They already have had enough with educating me. I have given them experience all the pain, all the torture, frustrations and all the form of struggles. I needed to share their burdens, their worries, and getting job was the only option I had then.
The second reason I needed to get job was more of a personal thing. I am very reserved and small-minded introvert kind of person. I needed to settle myself. I tell you if you don’t have close siblings of your own at Thimphu or anywhere, it is very difficult to survive. It is so uncomfortable to live and stay with so-called relatives. You are their guest perhaps for just the first week at the maximum, then you are but a liability. They may not tell you in person, perhaps it’s beyond their courtesy as relative, as a person, but it is for sure that so many things are said behind your back.  But then what choice do we have? I had to bear, bear with all the courage which was but the combination of shame, guilt, sadness and frustrations. Luckily I have had very understanding cousins who understood all the nitty-gritty of life as a jobless, homeless and penniless fellow and I would like to believe that what they did and said were all from their heart. They have never frown at me or showed displeasing face. They have helped me with everything they could even financially. Perhaps they were pretending in front of me? Well, I don’t care, I am so much thankful and I owe them a lot.So I needed to be independent, free of all those insecurities and I needed job!

Most people (including you) would say that you study to learn, to educate yourself, expand one’s horizon of knowledge, to help others (for some); but for me there was one more genuine reason that I studied so hard.  I needed to help myself first! I needed to get Job and the main driving force was this three letter word: J-O-B. I studied because I needed to get job. “Only after I get job, will I decide what is next” was my only mantra, a constant thought and a firm reminder. I was never choosy in hunting for jobs. Soon after the college, there was a vacation for Huawei company in collaboration with TashiInfocomm Ltd in which I fulfilled the criteria I applied, wrote the written exam which was like what the hell? The questions were not related to my subjects and I was rejected. Then series of organizations announced vacancy announcement (BPC, BBS and Drukair). It wasn’t waste trying and each time I submitted my documents, it was with prayer that I be the one who is selected. I wrote exams in all of it and Drukair Corporation Ltd was the first to shortlist their candidates for interview in which I was one. After my first interview in life, I was selected.
And now here I am as a Trainee Engineer thinking about the mantra. Although it is just the beginning and that there are still so long a journey, everything has been going pretty well.

Come 19 and it will be my first anniversary as being employed, as being independent (my own definition)but I tell that getting job isn’t the ultimate solution to every problems!Also not every career you choose is ideal; there are friends who have joined various company some of which are so lucrative and they still complain about not being sufficient and it seems the world now is driven by money. Everywhere it’s only about money, money and money. And I think it is perfectly normal; that is how life is perhaps?

Anyway one thing I have learned throughout is yes it does make a huge difference especially in Bhutan where nepotism is so very existent. We hear about the recruitment process being jeopardized and interfered by the big hands and for less fortunate People like us where we are nobody in the arena, where we have nothing to lean and nothing to push us up but just our own strength and fortune to pull, We ought to believe in our self, have faith in almighty and work hard. We ought to make it happen our self and these are only our options. And at the end no matter what kinda discouraging rumors we hear, we still have our reward returned which is all that matters! The best is to do our own home work and be prepared! What’s your story?

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Who cares after all?

The stars that twinkles and dances merrily in the middle of sky, who have had the leisure to watch and enjoy that lights the darkest night? That silent and serene moon which brightens the tiring day (of work) and make one smile; who would have appreciated for being able to see and feel?  Who would have felt gratified by the gentle drops of shower that drains all the sad and bad emotions? Who have not cursed the summer rain that sometimes gets lippy? Who have all the time in this so-called modern world to see the beauty of all these wonders? The music that enthralls and soothes ones deranged soul and crippled body, who even cares when all is well and everything, is alright?  Unless we feel alone, lonely and estranged, we hardly have time to acknowledge these small beauties that enriches our life though in very little way. We tend to enjoy music when we are happy while the lyric touches us when sad.

The closest neighbor who lives just a step away; did you even greet and exchanged hi and hello? We have ample of time to chat and flirt with strangers on the social networking sites but hardly a second to greet a neighbor whom we share a lot of resembles. We (and them in return) hear loud noises from the blasting woofers, the cute baby cries and laughter in the late evenings, but the irony is that we can‘t even tell from where our neighbor hails! The long gone friends, whom you shared same clothes once, whom you have had same meals from the same plate, do you even care to call them and say “hi dude, I missed you, how have you been?”

Well, very rare and very few of us do these. I in particular can’t really take all these into consideration because once you are apart, taking your own path, you get sucked by the silly things, you are drenched in the rain of clumsiness, you are busy of your won and sometimes lost in the world of nowhere. That is sad though!

But then, who cares after all?

Thursday, 31 July 2014


Yesterday I finished my work by two o’clock in the afternoon. There was just one sector flight and there wasn't any schedule work cards to do as well. So by around 2:30 pm I was home. As soon as I reached home, I had my lunch and was just taking rest, which turned to long sleep. There was a knock, a constant and irritating one at my door. I tried to ignore at first, but the sound was becoming too loud for my ear drums. Suddenly so ragged, I went to see who it was disturbing my peaceful sleep? There was this innocent vendor girl at the door, perhaps a village girl of early teens by her look. A basket full of fresh apples was hanging down her right hand and her left hand was hanged by a plastic full of sliced pumpkins. No sooner did I opened the door than the girl tells:
‘Acho apple dha kakur me zhag ga, zha nang mey (brother would like to keep pumpkin and apples, please keep)’
Why would I have pumpkins? Pumpkin isn’t my favorite, I have had enough of it as boarder student during my school days and unfortunately it wasn’t apple’s day to come to me in that very mood.
‘Me zhag Me zhag (no, no I am keeping neither of it)’ came the very words from my mouth and my hands shut the door instantly. I went back to the bed to bring back the lost sleep; but I couldn’t, instead the incident at the door came flashing around my mind again and again.

“Why didn’t you at least show her the courtesy as a human even if you don’t want? Have you no other softer sentences to reply than those short, and rude ones? You are such a mean bastard!” Questions kept pouring and ultimately I felt so sorry. I regretted for treating her like that. It was so harsh and rude you know. Just for want of a little sleep, I embarrassed and humiliated little innocent girl! So unkind and so inhumane of me.
Suddenly my instinct told me that there was still time to mend, to heal. I ran fast to open the door so as to keep a kilogram of apple as a courtesy, only to see that she was gone forever from my sight. I don’t know if my neighbors also treated her like me? I hope they weren’t as rude as me. Then I realized how horrible, how bad I can be sometimes. The devil in us often rises in the most unexpected moments you know.

I pity her and seriously I horribly regret for what I did. I feel guilty and remorseful that my conscience did not help me. Does this mean I have at the least a DOT of goodness in me? Well, I don’t know but next time, no matter what mood I am in, I would at least try to show that little goodness in me. Yesterday’s incident will be reminder for me. Please remember my incident and don’t ever be rude like me folks. Good days!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Respect isn’t just an action where one bends one’s head or bows down and kneels on knees with all the effort or say flowery words from the mouth. I think this kind of respect is just one form, so conventional and so outdated. Respect is not something that is so easily earned or so easily demanded; respect must be deserved! And once it is earned, it should be upheld with all the care and caution, because it is so easy to lose as well. Especially in a society where we live in, we are ingrained with the notion that respect is solely bowing in front of someone high in rank, someone well-off, someone who looks up to for something or someone elder or senior than us. We are groomed in a society where anyone better than us, anyone higher in status than us ought to be treated with all these called respect. Perhaps it is true, but only one sided.

I think respect is lot more than mere physical displays and actions. What is the use if one shows all these traits with so much hesitance and reluctance? You know the best form of expressions aren’t always expressed, instead it is just felt? Respect is being yourself, speaking with your heart; it is about being honest with yourself and others around you having mutual understanding. It is about appreciating the individual’s say and opinion, their authenticity, their frankness and their contradictions with dignity and taking it all in to consideration.  Respect is about knowing that not every one of us is good enough, that we make mistakes, accepting these mistakes and learning from it. Respect is about accepting the defeat with dignity and smile, no belittlements and no blame-games. Even fighting for one’s right with valid reason is but respect because both side needs to know one’s grievances and frustrations.

There are people who, just because they are senior (in service) tend to demand so-called respect. First why don’t you show us if you deserve and you know what the respect will follow automatically? Even the drivers talk and act kingly to the so called juniors. As I said, it must be earned! As a driver you ought to know first what your duties are instead of bragging with all the years of service. What is the difference when it comes to picking up and reaching home those whom you know better or are seniors and others who are new? Why partiality? Do your duties without any favoritisms, treat everyone like one with just and equality. If you don’t get any complains or there are no problems and misunderstandings, which in itself is but a respect for you! In today’s generation who isn’t educated enough to not know all these? And if you intently and carefully see in any organization, there seems to be a gap which I would like to called as ‘generation gap’ people tend to blame today’s generation that they are spoiled due to so many emerging technologies, that they have forgotten the very etiquette of humanity and respect. But I dare say that today’s generations have much broader sense of thinking, reasoning and exposure. It only means that today’s generation is flexible with changes, that they are not reluctant with those out dated cynicisms and typical norms unlike the older ones. All these are but a good signs of respect after all.

Ultimately the fact that respect is not so easy a task to earn and too easy for it to lose is that perhaps it is too obvious to us and we fail to notice. We humans are too busy searching for answers far off places that we often fail to see what is in front! Respect is something which you get back if you give, not something you expect from others. Perhaps the best is to live without expectations for expectations often lead to disappointments and discontentment.

Monday, 23 June 2014

A call with a friend

The Nokia tune of my mobile phone was ringing to its highest volume, the time was almost ten PM and I was half asleep. I normally go to bed early so that I am able to wake up early the next morning for my work, otherwise the worst day waits for me. The caller was my old school mate and a good friend. Somehow I had his contact number saved in my phone. It has been long time since we met in person. After twelfth standard, we had our own trace of path. He went to Doethang (JNP) and I went India to pursue B-Tech. Even in mobile it was long time ago that we talk. Suddenly I was nostalgic and suddenly I was smiling.

We talked a lot reminiscing the good and bad memories, funny and hard times during our primary and secondary school times; about how we played treasured marbles and walnuts, had silly fights, how we studied under the kerosene lantern, about how we used to rush for second shares during meal times. I am sure as boarder student, no one has had their stomach full; we were worse than hungry wolf and would rush for second share even faster than a cheetah can, and sadly at times we would lose even the amount of food we had in our plate, some would even fall into that mighty mess pot! Don’t you feel nostalgic? Yes we talked about it all. We talked how suddenly time had us divert to different path; how things change once we enter the world of work with new goals, new responsibilities, and new circle of friends with new definition of living. We both agreed that life is not very easy to manage; once you are employed, everyone looks up to you with expectations and when you are unable to do justice, we are often earmarked as ‘changed with chair’ although circumstances does and you still remain the old you.

In fact it is true when he said:  “As a kid and young adult when studying, everything I did was to demand, frequently ask parents and siblings to send money as if money was free-felled to them, but now when I am at their shoes, when I am asked with same kind, I can feel the pinch” But after a while we both consoled our self that, we ought to make life easy or life will never if we just blame, regret and that now is perfect time to help who helped us when we are able, when we are single and no family. It is the best time to taste the test of times, be it good or bad, that we must never let down people who sacrificed for us and pushed us with all their effort to this position. We must rather think of it as our responsibility, as our duty, no matter how much difficulties we face or how much compromises it involves, after all we only receive what we give as some say.

Our conversation suddenly got jumped from that funny talks to serious ones, perhaps we are no longer that small naughty kid and we were both rejuvenated. Perhaps without such memories and realizations, one can hardly think if at all we are growing up? You know, even a simple conversation can be so insightful. By the time we were short of words, it was already 11:30 PM. We said good night to each other and promised to keep in contact henceforth. Sometimes fifty bucks voucher is worth recharging than unnecessarily flirting with girls….:P 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Human Factor class

Humans aren’t perfect, that is why we must forget and forgive, that is why we must prepare, that is why we have so many back-ups and alternatives, that is why we must accept the fact that mistakes are inevitable and we can’t predict when? Humans are not some robots, we get fatigue, and stressed and we get carried away by the environment that surrounds us.  Studies and researchers have proved and found that human factor is one of the most important factor that must be considered in terms of production, success or failures. And particularly in aviation world, no matter, how much the machines (aircraft) is designed well, no matter how latest or equipped it is, simple ignorance by technician or engineer which may not be serious to him/her can compromise the life of  so many people, the passengers. And I think human factor is equally important to other world of work too. It must be given much emphasis and consideration.

There was one day refresher course about the human factor, about how a simple ignorance or a simple change of screw/nut can bring huge disasters and havoc. A tutor from Air France during one day class talked about the importance and impact of human factor in one’s every day work.
There are twelve factors called as ‘the dirty dozen’ which must be carefully understood in every world of work. We are very much prone to these dirty dozen and most of the mistakes, errors and problems are created because of shortfall in one of the following factors.
1. Fatigue                                        7.  Stress  
2. Complacency                              8. Communication
3. Distraction                                  9. Lack of assertiveness
4. Lack of knowledge                    10. Lack of team work
5. Lack of awareness                     11. Lack of resources
6. Pressure                                     12. Norms

There are safety nets for each of the above factors and as a worker, we must be able to understand well and apply each time we have a work in front of us. We must ask questions like, Can I do the work? Did I have enough rest? Do I have all the safety precautions at hand? What would be the consequences if something goes wrong? Do I have enough knowledge and training to do this work? Am I not compromising the safety of not just me, but around me?  There is vast difference between error and violation; Error is a non-voluntary action related to what was intended to be done while violation is voluntarily differing from the norms.

Anyway this is just the brief summary of what was enumerated during one day class. As a beginner, it was very much helpful and I would like to thank management for organizing and letting me and others like me be part of this very important class.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

The greener pasture

Every one of us at some point of time look back and think if only I took a different path; we dream, aspire and envy about the life others have, after all who doesn’t wish and want a better, happier, luxurious and beautiful things in life? But the sad part is that not every one of us is fortunate enough to reach that destination. The bridge that connects one’s present foot to the other often comes with so many prices and so many thorns.

Recently there was a vacant post for pilot in Drukair Corporation Ltd, which I tried my luck. I gave a try not because I do not like my present profession; in fact I very much enjoy my present work, despite the very odd duty timings and not-too-conducive working environment.  Every day I learn new things, touch new things and do new things. But being human, this so-called greener pasture motive had me drive to another land of fantasy. Seniors and colleagues around added the fuel with encouragements. And I am sure pilot is a dream job for everyone; how exciting is to fly over and above the clouds! The profession that involves insurmountable risks is also a very clean and courageous profession which is respected by the society as a whole. Besides the pilots is one of the highly paid professions in any country. You have a better scope in future.

Unfortunately this will be just a dream for ever.

Well, I am not hurt by the failure to get through the written examination, but that day, that very evening after the results were declared, I did realized something which I hope will remain with me and guide me henceforth. The incident has taught me so many life lessons; something in life is never meant to be ours, something is always beyond the capacity of one’s so-called ‘Soenam’ and that all things happen for reason. Even the brain that worked so well once completely does the very opposite at the much needed time. The questions for the written examination were all twelve standard and strangely it was that subject that pulled me down so badly. When expectations exceed achievements which so often happens, it is when we realize that life is fair enough! I also learned that we are what we were disposed to be and it is better to be happy and make best use of what we have and what we are given at hand.

There is always another mountain behind one mountain; we just have to keep walking. We just have to let the wind blow on its own and not disturb its rhythm.

In line with this, once a Bhutanese man went Australia following the steps of others with the hope to make money. He got job which was so easy but was highly paid. His job was just to press the switch ‘on’ and ‘off’. The reward for his simple work bothered him. He asked himself: “why do I get this much pay for just monitoring the switch?” He decided to dig and to his astonishment, every time he switches ‘on’ it triggered the sharp blades that slaughtered live cattle (the bulls). That was when he realized greener pastures are not always green. He resigned and returned to Bhutan.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Can you give it back?

“The trust that I entrusted upon you with all my heart; the undying hope which if piled would make up the highest mountain. The precious time I spent with you irrespective of whether I was busy or free; the moments of laughter and smile that I shared with you. The showers of tenderness, understanding and the appreciation I had for every little thing. The compromises, the adjustments and the sacrifices I made just to bring in smile for you. The rain of tears I shed with you and for you in the worst of your times. The happiness and the smile I brought upon your face with me and my presence.”

Can you give it all back? Well, it doesn’t really matter now, just do some homework to know about how much you meant to me and what it means to know that it is all past tense now. Perhaps you will a pinch of realization then or perhaps we were and we are never meant to make a story! No matter what differences, no matter how short the duration, it is something that I will treasure as a gift, it is an episode that will echo once in blue moon and resonate. I am happy that you came to my life although just in blink.  I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life is better singly

While two hands are must to clap make sound, does it not become a noise then if we aren’t careful or mindful? Sometimes I feel it is much better and easier singly. Everything becomes half then- the burdens and tensions, the responsibilities and the areas to worry and mind about. It becomes easy to manage and maneuver. People say life is incomplete without someone to lean and talk to; that we have the space between each fingers so that one day we will have someone who will fill and complete.

Well it may be true that there is someone who can fill that space, but to fill it with a tenderness of excellence, care and by someone who understands and appreciates with all the loving kindness of heart is rare. Because these are not something that comes without compromises and adjustments or side linings;  Such thing doesn’t come out of that vast blue sky, it needs to searched first, search with all head and heart, then nurture with all the affection and care. If we search it in the wrong place, it is a problem, and if we nurture carelessly, then also it becomes a problem.

If two decides to be one but can’t share equally the yoke of burden or any other thing for that matter, life can never be smooth; there is always a room for imbalance and instability. People say Love is blind, while I wonder how one falls in love without even seeing with one’s own heart. Yes life is imperfect but to thrive in the midst of this imperfectness is in our own hand and it is sad that often we are swayed by the mirage of unseen thorns and once we get pricked even by that tiny spike, we complain and nag as if it is the only us who get chosen; as if everything is perfect. But still, ultimately what matters is how we tackle as an individual, how we thrive as an individual in the midst these maze; how we react singly. 

Life is much better this way!

Friday, 9 May 2014

For want of Kiss

Jigme drives his recently met girlfriend towards Kuensel Phodrang-the Buddha Point which seems to have become the young couple’s dating hotspot. Go for evening walk along that road you will witness what not scenes. It is sad to notice sanctity such as this being contaminated even when it is not fully constructed. More amusing is for the tourists who are every day witnesses.

Anyway Jigme was adamant that he would at least get kiss in front of that majestic statue. Jigme and his girlfriend met on the junction near Druk School. A soothing music was played and with silly laughs and conversation they drive until their car gets sudden struck on the wide road. They weren’t even at the middle of the way towards Buddha point! Jigme was luckily a technician by profession. He got out to trouble shoot and the problem was with fuel pump. He did everything he could to solve but was in vain. It demanded the fuel to be sucked by mouth so that there was continuous fuel supply to start the engine. There wasn’t other option then to resort to this and after vigorous moment he was successful. 

The car was fine but not his mouth. Even after a gurgle and wash with a bottle of water, the smell of diesel did not leave his mouth. And to his surprise, his girlfriend not only denied kiss, but also made him return from the middle of way…Poor Jigme…;).

Moral: 1. Sanctity surpasses all defilements

             2. Expect unexpected in life.

PS: Inspired from true Story

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Joy of Little things

The May month has already dawned and some people say that it is but a month of happiness, a month of new life, an evolution and growth, the month that comes with and begins with complete package. I don’t know if it is true, but I would like to believe and hope that it is true. The April month wasn’t that bad too, although on the very first day of that month, it was funny to be fooled by a colleague; so called April fool.

Anyway for me, this month will remain as one of the most satisfied and happiest month. Not because great thing has happened to me or I have done great things, but because of the little things that I have always aspired to do; something I like to believe that it is ingrained with my blood, the aspiration to help and serve my parents in all times to come.  Happiness isn’t when you win a lottery or when you are being promoted, happiness is when you know for sure that that you have not enough and you still manage to give and share. Happiness isn’t when you know everything, it instill in us a kind of ego, happiness is when you know yourself that you don’t know and you still give a try. Happiness is knowing that not everything is under your very hand and that something are meant to be left as it is-unattended.  Happiness is when you are hurt deep inside and you still manage to smile and make around you comfortable.  Happiness is knowing that others won’t listen and you can’t change them but still remind them; a satisfaction that we derive out of it. Happiness is not when your wallet or bank account is full, but empty; still knowing that you spent wisely and for good purpose.

Such little things that hardly get the attention are sometimes the only ones that remain and stays with us. It reminds us of the cruelty that the so-called BIG things comes with. And once we begin to value such little things, we begin to understand that there are places for everything, no matter how small or how invisible one may be. We have our own roles to play in the midst of this big and busy world, with our own world of tenderness and affection.

So cheer up guys, happy days ahead….. J

Saturday, 19 April 2014

BOB Incident

Have you ever felt that Bank of Bhutan is deceiving you? I don’t know if it is legally and corporately right about this: charging double for lending an ATM card. Did you ever experience with Bank of Bhutan officials where you were charged double while getting your ATM cards issued after you open a saving account? It happened with me at Paro BOB branch office. I maybe wrong and if I am, I beg my pardon; otherwise I really can’t imagine where the money is going. Although it is just two hundred bucks, how many people are there availing this service?
It was a month ago when I accompanied my sister who was opening saving account. I was her witness. We filled the form duly and the counter lady told us to get the ATM card issued, pointing to a gentleman with white gho who was perhaps an IT personnel.  We were quite happy that ATM card was being issued instantly. It was saving of time for not only us as customer, but also for them. The white man called us to his office, entered something in his desktop and took out an ATM card from his drawer. He made my sister sign and handed over the card to her. He then asked us to pay Nu. 200/- . At first I wasn’t that serious because I thought he was flirting with my sister. I pretended as if I did not care. My sister was serious and getting her purse from her hand bag; In between, I interrupted and said:
 “Seriously sir, because I did not pay at Thimphu; the BOB cuts from the account balance na or is it different here?”
And he was laughing hysterically saying that ATM cards don’t come free of cost as if I was dumb ass and do not know. I told that the money is already deposited in the account and that they can cut from that deposited amount; which is done with Thimphu BOB office. But he was adamant. Then he started lecturing me that it was company’s rule, it is what they do and that we had to pay by any means. There weren’t any logic and concrete reasons. Why do we have to pay double? Any way I did not argue much and let my sister pay, for it was just two hundred bucks.
Then it was again recently where the same thing happened with my cousin brother at the same BOB branch office.
It was completely different when I created my BOB account in the June month at Thimphu BOB headquarter. I deposited some cash that very day and when I got ATM card after about two weeks, I found my balance being de-credited with Nu. 200/- . That was when I knew we had to pay Ngultrum two hundred for domestic visa ATM card. 

Is this not confusing? Perhaps we are made to pay double when we are availed with card instantly. Otherwise what sense does it make? Or is it because there it is head office and here it is just branch office?

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Phallus Tower

There is famous Eiffel tower at Paris in France which is the symbol of love, where people from across the world visits to rejuvenate and celebrate their love. Who doesn’t dream about the visiting and experience such beautiful moments in such a majestic monument? Similarly in India we have beautiful Taj Mahal, also a symbol of everlasting love built by the great mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his dear wife Mumtaz Mahal. And this has left me thinking like what about something like the Phallus tower in Bhutan? Ever thought about it? Would it ever do justice with its engraved reasons behind?  Would it serve its very purpose?

We have unique culture, customs and traditions, which for the centuries has kept us in the shower of peace and happiness and which has ensured the very sovereignty and independence. Phallus is nothing new or different. It has a deep religious connection and symbolism in Bhutan.  The exciting stories about its significance are heard and known through the biography of Lama Drukpa Kuenley, famously called the divine mad-man. Its painting and wooden sculpted pictures are found in every door and walls of the Bhutanese households. It is believed to ward-off the evils and devils. So something like phallus tower in Bhutan would not only keep intact our preserved culture and beliefs, it would also protect us from the evils…lol

With the country going through rough path economically, something like this would be very helpful and viable! It would attract huge number of visitors, the foreigners in particular who are so curious about such unique existence in our country.

PS: this is an elaborate response to a conversation with Yangchen C Rinzin, kuensel reporter at Phuntsholing in twitter (@yrinzin) who came up about #phallus_tower topic a week ago. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

The western Thief – Ngalong Gorben (Khegpa)

Did you ever hear of the word Ngalong Gorben? It is a term used in my community. It literally means the western thief, commonly called Khegpas As a little kid, when we used to refuse and obey our parents or elders, they used to say “Ngalong Gorben gi budu Na”; ‘the western thief will take you’ And we used to instantly obey and get with them, because we imagined Khegpas to be no difference than Ghosts. Such was in fact one good trick to allure and lend in the ears of an innocent kid to their wish and I am sure such traits do exist even to this day.  And surprisingly I am yet again amused to hear about this, I feel nostalgic!
Yesterday I called my parents, just a normal call to ask if they were doing fine. They were doing fine, only problem that they and the people over there are alarmed by the presence of Ngalong Gorben, the Khegpas. Frightening the people over there. Everyone seems to be cautious and alert. They said that after the dusk and before dawn, they are unable to roam or walk alone. I even laughed when my parents said that some of the village people have even readied their bow and arrows. Seriously?
Well, about the Khegpas, people say they are also normal human being like anyone of us, who hides by the day and becomes active towards evening or after the dusk, It is said that whenever there is new constructions like bridge or dams, if a human life is sacrificed (put underneath alive) then the life extend is prolonged. The rumor about their presence are only heard in the remote communities and it is said that kids are their favorite targets of kidnaps. Do we hear about them in urban areas? People say they are the secret agents of the government or organizations and that they are highly paid for doing such job.  Do you believe?  Fine, take that as truth about the extension of life but instead use that cheap quality construction materials, will it still resist the test of time? Will it hold the truth behind this nonsense? This I think is unnecessarily hurting and disturbing the innocent and peaceful people. God only knows who such people are, perhaps they are doing other grave things in such names.

I will share a story which happened with me which is related. It was in the year 2010. I finished the second semester of my course and was heading home for the summer vacation. I had to walk two long days, but I decided to cover it in a day as I had no heavy load, it was just a bag of about fifteen Kg. It was raining lightly when I was about to enter my village. There is a small village which I have to cross before I get to my village. I was alone and there was one cattle herder on my way. I forgot to take umbrella and awkwardly I was using my towel to cover my bag backside. He was suddenly alarmed and questioned me. I thought he was crazy, as if I wasn’t from that community, although I I did not know him as a person. He was telling me where I was going, the name of my parents and why I am going? I answered all his questions. He seem to know my father; then only he let me pass!

That day I reached home rather amused thinking that the herder was really mad. I reached home and shared what has happened with me on the way and my parents weren’t surprised! Then only I realized as to why the herder asked me so many questions. Perhaps he was suspicious and wanted to make certain that I belonged to that community. From what I heard the next day you would surprise to know that during those days the parents took turn to escort the day scholar students of the school we studied as a kid. A hell lot of problem and disharmony was caused, everybody was scared. I don’t know when it was stopped, because I had to return back to college. Now again the same story? Please not again.

Personally I thought that Khegpas are only the rumors; that it is just a hearsay passed down to generations, that it is just the defunct tricks to frighten or avoid naughty kids from doing bad things, but it seems it does exist? Even at times when the world is advanced with wonders of science and technology? The better question is why? If it is so, then the various monuments that are wonders of the world should have numerous live humans sacrificed? I think civil engineers should know better. It is the choice between one’s real efforts and/or rely on such orthodox superstitions. Otherwise why create unnecessary disharmony and disturbances? 

Jela- Dho Chorten-Bemri Trek (25/6/2022)

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