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People say long distance relationship does not last long. However i say long distance relationship is best;  provided there exist complete trust and faith to each other. Long distance relationship teaches us to be faithful, trustful, and loyal not only to others but to yourself as well. Of course clouds of doubts and suspicions do come by along the line, yet these are but stepping stones onto which we can lay our trust, faith and loyalty.
Long distance relationship indicates how much we value each other and how much true we are to our self and how much it means to be but two as one. It tests our patience, our temperament, and frustration. As long as we overcome all these and are under our right hand, i think all is well. Although what is most essential in long relationship is the frequent reminder as to say how much we are to each other, the communication. On the other hand, the other type of relationship,this hardly takes place, because people are being blinded by the mere pleasures…


Well to me it is but a fact that an embarrassment creates gap between oneself and the surroundings. The moment we are embarrassed, it seems like every one is ignoring us!. Some things in life are always complicated to understand. i just wonder if others also feel the same. A moment of shame shakes all the confidence we have, all the encouragement and motivation we got and even the dignity we have so to say. It seems to instantly isolate us from the rest of world. It may not be the case yet may be its the individual's own perception and this is what i feel.
Back in the primary to pre-college  times it was always a moment of pride when it came to academics and all was well, how ever, now life has changed! it is never the same and won't be. For last three years, and since then  it has been a moment full of tensions and insecurity. The mind has been into the state of frequent chaos, disorder and fights.Of course this stage of life being college life and the fact of this stage be…


God to a NINE year month baby: You are to be born on earth tomorrow. 
Baby (crying): How i will talk with people?
God: I already sent an angel to earth, she will teach you.
Baby: How will i pray to you?
God: The angel will teach you.
Baby: How will i know good or bad?
God: Angel will teach you
Baby:If i suffer from sorrow?
God: Angel will be there to listen
Baby: How do i find that angel?
God:Very simple; people called it 'MOTHER' 

Everything on this earth has alternatives, everything on earth can be replaced, bought on our own wish. But there are two things that are beyond our reach, which has neither alternatives nor can they be bought with all the heaps of wealth we have. And they are our parents: FATHER and MOTHER. Apart from the obvious facts of carrying us nine months and making us a real human beings what is more special about them is the LOVE for their children. No matter what kind of child we are, no matter how much we distress or annoys them, they have this unwavering LOVE, wh…


Life is a series of dreams
Either we can choose or lose
That unreal pleasure, joy and happiness
Or that soaring sorrow and grief
Which, to some is so brief
Live luxuriously on a cosy chair
Or struggle for a loaf of bread in despair
Lend lump some money on charity
Or beg the streets for a penny

Life is but a busy buzz
People on the rush to the work all day
A little time to stand and stare with gay
And feel that fresh and fancy breeze
Savor the sweet smell of daisies
An irony is at the end of day
A very few remains without a dept to pay

Life is but a curse
To prepare for the worse
High though titles and proud the name
It is the matter of how we play the game
At the gate of great leveler the death
Neither is the fame or boundless wealth
We may walk the beach with pride and honor
Only to know that it was a rumor


Some incidents and moments in life are never forgotten no matter what. The first crush, the first proposal and may be even the first passionate kiss and love too (for i am yet to go through this though..:(..:...). The worst ever fight on the other hand, the simple acts that wounds the heart, the silly beating by teacher and the parents are some of the most common things that stays somehow with us forever.
And if ever there is an instrument to measure and compare all these emotions, i might just be the first one to implement it and probably the very last one to leave.

Remembering the past good moments re-energies us, rejuvenates us and motivates us to higher heights. However even a touch on that worst ever and delicate spot of hurt, betrayal and hate cuts the wound even more deeper. Sometimes we are left with nothing but to curse our self for being that silly unable to forgive and forget. And to me particularly, the worst ever character is that once such things occurs its is really di…