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College Life- Golden Life

Not everyone in life invariably succeeds to get to the college. Some fail along the way, while for others, even if succeeded, there are reasons to blame and the twist of karmic connection sways them away. The weather isn't always fair and fine for everybody.
Well, for me fortunately or unfortunately I was able to get to College. I was one amongst 140 students who availed the government Scholarship in the year 2009 to study abroad. Since then I have frequently wondered as to why everybody says college life is a golden life.

It was on 29th August 2009 when I actually knew my Placement- NIT Allahabad. I was pleased and excited to explore the place, away from home. I can never forget my first train journey (in third tier AC) to the college from Hashimara (West Bengal) to Allahabad Junction. "Where are you from?" said the Ticket Taker (TT) of the train. 'We are from Bhutan, going to college ' said my friend. 'Enjoy the journey' 'they are our guests, so treat them well' said the Ticket Taker to a person who was readying to provide us with sheets and blankets. The other people in the compartment were also cordial and nice. Among them was a man who was an army by profession, whom we talked to throughout our journey. He even provided us his mobile phone to contact our seniors at the college. That was when I realized how much hospitable and responsible persons are the Indians in general.

Most experts say that first Impression is the last Impression and I think it is not wrong. On 7th September morning at 10 AM we reached the college and the moment I entered magnificent Ganga Gate, a sense of excitement and pleasure ran down my nerves. I knew, at the instant that the place would be great, not only as a learning center, but wholly. Since then the first impression has never tarnished and a sense of smile always comes to my face, the moment I go back to that time. Albeit the differences in culture and the language specifically, which was an alien to me, I felt good and comfortable. The stranger friends were friendly; our three seniors made us feel like home. The warden and caretaker were very cordial and helpful; three of us were provided room number 73, Raman hostel.

September 7 2009 was my first day of the college life. I attended the class with so much vigor and enthusiasm until the evening when I realized that we were late by full two months and that we were in the middle of nowhere! Also most of the lectures were taught in Hindi, to which I was still an alien. But there was always hope; 'Everything is going to be fine' I used to console myself. And frankly, everything wasn't that easy! One side there was this academic thing which required so many efforts and there was another thing- a kind of freedom, nothing like that during the school days, where we are made to abide by so many disciplines and rules. A free internet connection in the room dragged all my attention, at times I even used to sacrifice my sleeps and get my eyes strained. And as such it was hard to define a clear boundary between the two. Of course the latter was always dominant.

Today when I flash back three years; from the moment I stepped into this environment; I can still feel the awkwardness, the hardships and moments of embarrassments. I can still feel how a foreign student feels in the foreign land. Memories of copying the practical and tutorial files at the very last moment, obtaining single digit number marks in the examinations, depriving sleeps due to late midnight chats with strangers on Face book and next day drooping in the class probably at the last bench are so vivid. But with every line above, I always had my time to redeem myself; something has always pulled me from going beyond the limitations.

I did not excel in studies, but neither do I regret nor am I saddened by that, I also don't feel bad either because at the end of day, I think learning isn’t only the good academic results we obtain, it is just one component. More than the high percentage, learning is how we become a better person, a better human being. I might have had very embarrassing moments either in the class because of failure to do home assignments or because I did not prepare in advance, yet these had only made me a better person. It has taught me what a real failure means or what it feels to be embarrassed. Not excelling in just the studies isn't failure. Trying hard yourself and still getting failed isn't failure as well.

Now I am beginning to realize why everybody says college life is a golden life. It is neither solely because we are able to bring very colorful results at the end nor because we get dozens of beautiful girlfriends or boyfriends. It is also not because we get to become best friends with so many people of diverse origin and culture, but because of how we choose to become one and fit into it. College life is that one period in our life where one gets to experience wide range of experiments, both good and bad, both easy and tough, both thick and thin. There are exciting and thrilling moments as there are sad and frustrating moments.

Perhaps the college life is the only time where everything gets messed up and you aren't aware of what you are messed up with, how everything got messed up or why you are messed up but by the time you are out of that mess, you realize it all and a timid and an innocent girl or a boy goes on to becoming the gentlemen and laudable ladies,(Hope this will happen to me!...)This sums it all in nut shell.

With excitement and lot of hopes, pride and dreams, I have stepped this Place and with a sense of satisfaction and smile I am going to bid farewell. I would really miss this place and time- the golden period of my Life.

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