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Call with Dad

After tiring day at work, Sonam went straight home to take rest, to take a short nap, but the sleep was nowhere near, so he decided to call his dad back at village just to see if his mom and dad were doing good. At the other end of the connection, his father’s voice looked tired and exhausted. He felt pity! He inquired if his dad was alright. Well, his wasn’t sick, only tired from the day’s work. His dad has been continuously working in the jungle with the rocks, making piece of bricks to construct house for some people in return for some cash. Sonam felt real pity and told why he has to get involved in such heavy works at this age; that he can of help, now that he is employed and settled.  His dad is almost 60 years now. His father’s reply shocked and made the tears roll down his cheeks.
His father said: “How much and how many people will you help? Even you are not sufficient yourself; having tough time meeting the ends” Sonam felt wounded, filled with guilt like someone shot a direc…