Sunday, 28 February 2016

The PR thing

In life it is hard to lead life without help and assistance from others. This society of ours is too large, complex and difficult to lead a lone life. Everything is intertwined and we ought to fit in that maze and have certain circle of people to depend upon each other, we ought to know and have certain personal relationships because we never know what comes next and when we might need their help or lend them help. I am very reserved kind of person and I admit that I am but very poor in this area. i have recently realized that personal relationships play very important role in Bhutanese  society, otherwise the pace is very snail-y and the worst victims are ourselves who have little or no personal relations at all. Even if we know certain people through various Medias, it is of huge help.
For past weeks I have been trying to avail small amount of loan. I went Thimphu to process for the loan and as expected the customer service division was busy like bee. There was huge number of people on the chairs waiting for their turn to avail service. I also joined them and waited in queue for my turn. I felt impatient after waiting for about two long hours perhaps  because I was totravel all the way back to Paro while the clock on the wall was ticking  and crossing 0500pm which is the closing of office hours. Just then I remembered a friend, a senior from my school days who was working in that organization. Ididn’t want to come empty handed back home. I asked one of the employeesabout her who showed me the direction of her office. Luckily she was in her office. She knew why I might have come and instantly took bundle of my papers, requested a friend of her to process. By the time the paper works were all done, it was almost 0600pm, I thanked them all for their help, my friend in particular and came back with smile, I had peaceful sleep (:P)
Bhutan is a too small for such things to happen but sadly the reality is otherwise and such things are very rampant. Now a day even to get one signature has become hard and often the service is thought of as a favor than one’s duty and responsibility. But ultimately at the end of the day, for common people having a good PR really helps and has become a kind of necessity. With this I would like to thank my friend Tshering for helping me.

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