Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Choices and Emotions

Lately it has been busy and tough days for my family . Continuosly for a week or more, we had to rush  to the Hospital, wait for the whole day walking here and there sometimes in the premises of hospital and sometimes on the streets searching for a good room to stay for next few months. It's been a tough days indeed.

You only know the importance of a particular thing when you really need it or experience it yourself.
You know the importance of doctors and nurses and the technicians only when you are sick or when somebody close to you is sick and you can't do anything. The perfect lyrics are in the song Let her go by Micheal David Rosenberg (Passenger).  You only need the light when it's burning low, only miss the sun when it snows and goes on. That's the very basic fact and  nature as a human being.

As a small kid, seeing my sister getting sick time and again with no improvement, I wanted to become doctor and save lifes, do something good; but as the time progressed and by the time I was in plus two, 
That dream just couldn't materialize as I had to opt pure science and not bio science. Ofcourse I had my reasons some of which were influential and which I now feel isn't justifiable. Who doesn't get influenced as a small kid who just came out of the jungle right? What does a kid from jungle know about the career prospects, it's impacts and the importance of having a passion and dream that could make such a huge difference in life?  Finally after the trail exams in plus two, I heavy-heartedly left biology subject to concentrate more on pure science subjects and life unfolded its own part since then. 

I have hardly looked back to one particular day where my biology teacher came to me and said: "Tshewang you left me, not Biology" and the Assistant principal summoning me to his office and scolding me like: " Tshewang how could you decide yourself? You could have consulted the school management about choosing the subjects at the least"

But now when you have to drive and walk almost every day to the hospital; when it's the matter of life and death; when you have to consult different doctors, brothers and sisters seeking clarification and opinions; when you have to follow that busy and sluggish bureaucratic system of the hospital, when you or someone close to you ends up in the emergency rooms, you are like if only I made a different choice that day.  You are like why did you not choose to be the one who could be of help in this very time? Only now do I say to myself: "Had I taken bio- science, would I be doctor right now? Would I be saving lifes? Could I be making difference?"  Could I be wearing that snow white gown? Who knows I could have! 

But then again, life's but a result of cause and effect and I am not very sure if my life would have been different had I taken one step back and opted otherwise? Who knows?  People say Life is what we make out of it, but I feel it's ultimately the very  culmination of one's pre-dispositions of our actions which we continue to cultivate. After all these emotional breakdowns I am actually okie  with whatever happened, happens or will happen. As a human being perhaps it's our nature to envy and to be carried away by so-called emotions.

However, if ever a time can be rewinded back to that very day, I would take a step back and with a smile on my face, choose a subject that would train me to help others when it's a matter of life and death. I would strive hard to deserve that white gown! That's only IF though 😆😆😆

Tuesday, 28 July 2020


These days the news feed on Facebook are all about the people blaming  RSTA for not being able to avail the renewal of their vehicle documents. With RSTA limiting the number of people to 100 before lunch and 50 after lunch, most drivers are frustrated over the poor service delivery from RSTA. But an alternative to this has fairly been addressed by RSTA with the development of an App called mRSTA.

I personally feel it's a good initiative. Specifically when the whole world is transitioning to the digitised world, it's very timely. I have installed and even used once to show to the traffic police when I was asked to show my lisence on their regular high way check. It's a convenient App. We can apply for the renewal of the registration certificate. It also shows the history of fines and offences  your lisence and the registered car on your name has taken place since it's been on the road beside your copy of lisence with authorized drive types.

If you aren't aware of it yet, it's available both for the Android and the iOS. The obvious advantage of this app is when you forget your lisence in purse/wallet at home. Since when do you forget your Mobile phone right? 

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Through hard and Strange Times

It's rough and strange times indeed. From COVID-19 to floods to cyclones to crunching economies,  the past three months had been a tough one and continues to be one. The year 2020 saw many mishaps and misfortunes unroll to the human race. But on the lighter note, inspite of all these it's a miracle that we are still alive to be part of this strange times when millions of precious lifes are taken by this straange times.

And not surprisingly, Bhutan has stood afloat, has been doing pretty well in the midst of all these and we are even more fortunate to be Bhutanese. Life as a  Bhutanese has had a very little change, thanks to our tireless and selfless efforts of  Bodhisattva king. Bhutan still hasn't seen any local transmission yet of COVID-19 and we are still in the orange zone. And for that we are forever grateful. The tourism industry being one of the main pillars of economy was the worst affected, but because of visionary king, even it is being taken care of in the form of Royal Kidu. Where in the world is a leader who travels across the country overseeing how his people are coping with such strange times? Where in the world is a leader who waives off the interests of loans for Months? Who walks through rough terrains and through floods to ensure his subjects are safe and sound? When most of the leaders are inside the comfy shelters, our king, despite becoming a father himself just recently had been on the constant move to monitor as to what can be done to keep this pandemic at bay. Therefore if we have king, we have everything. Thank you your majesty.

This pandemic has taught us many lessons. It knows no boundary between the powerful, big or weak and small country and it doesn't differentiate between the rich and poor. Even the healthiest economies saw them getting stretched to the ends. It has forever changed the normalness of our life, our approaches to everyday life. Perhaps this is the biggest wake up call for us collectively as a human being to co-exist as one big family of this mother earth. This pandemic gave life to many beautiful things; it has healed the overloaded mother earth. For the first time the Himalayan mountains were visible from somewhere in the Indian plains of Delhi; for the first time the oceans and waters became clear and lively with the fishes and for the first time Beijing's air quality rose up record high. So this pandemic although has taken lifes of many, it has in a way balanced the very co-existance of all on this earth. 

On the individual level, this pandemic has also provided unintended gifts like, time for oneself to reflect and ponder, time with family and friends. Otherwise we are too carried away by so-called work that we often forget what is and who's back at home; we forget the fact that it's only the family who stands thorough thick and thin with you. We are too busy with deadlines and schedules of the work. This pandemic has seen families coming together; it has brought back the smiles and laughter within the family.

So as being the fortunate, the least one could do is to abide by the government's directive. If one can't help, at least don't harm, don't betray his majesty's trust. We can never let down the hard work put in by our king and the government. Otherwise one's small carelessness could cause huge to the country which we can't afford. Always safe than sorry! 

Thursday, 2 January 2020

The Never Ending Thing

So the year 2019 is ended and I am like what did I did I do good for myself and for others? Well, it could have been better for sure. This Is but a life, a reality with never ending wishes, never ending desires and never ending routes of mazes. Yet again we never stop wishing for better, hoping for the best and for all the good things which often comes with hard luck and most time comes with price tag. Life iss but a plethora of never ending business; we have so many things at stake, so many unfinished business, so many to achieve and so many to do. We hardly realise that the time is but like a flowing stream under the bridge, never to return. And when the year ends, when a brand new year comes, when you regret over those things which could have been better for your own self, then do we realise the very value of those missed and wasted things. By then it’s often too late if not a complete waste. We are too engrossed with our own job firstly because that’s our bread and butter. Then with our family for family is the only thing that matters in times of unfortunate  and waning times. We hardly have time for our self, up until serious symptoms begins to show. Perhaps it’s time to pamper our self and be selfish, perhaps life’s yourself first and then other? I don’t know but I feel it’s worth a try! Because we tend to live in other’s life.

Looking back to the year 2019 and the decade back, so much has happened and so many things could have happened some differently and some definitely above the mark. From timid young enthusiast to now almost stagnant and boring adult. There are some moments which I don’t want to forget and there are some which I don’t want to remember at all and I feel that’s completely fine for an ordinary human like me. There are some areas which never materialized as a matter of fact and one obvious thing is the habit of reading. I had the resolution at the beginning of year to read and then try to write as often as I could but, that was a failure and I take it back. I have learnt some incredible lessons and values over the years. Maturity is not an age, but a habit that needs to be cultivated. Maturity is something you learn from the mistakes and try correct it; it’s something you inculcate over the time. 

I am grateful for all the good things happened and for all the blessings I have been endowed with. I am sorry for all the bad things, for all the wrongs doings that might have hurt others or myself. I pledge to become a better person, a better father to my kid, a better husband to my wife and a better son to my parents. Hopefully the new year 2020 will treat me well. I wish all a very happy, prosperous, good health and a wonderful year 2020.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The contributions and Donations

 Bhutan is a Buddhist country and Bhutanese the Mahayana Buddhist practitioners.The laws of cause and effect is engraved in every Bhutanese mind and we firmly believe in it.
We strive and work hard to make a decent and better living out of it. And hence in general, Bhutanese are warm and gentle in heart, peace loving people. Because of our belief in doing good for the well being not just ourselves but all sentient beings, we try to promote and propagate the good deeds-the very teachings of Buddha and perhaps that’s why there is a stride rise in thing called Donations for instances like construction of that or this monastery or statues, recitation of this or that and so on; perhaps the easiest way to accumulate good merit is in the form of such means. Aldo we hardly question the accountability of such means. But sometimes I wonder if this is not too much? Some people blindly believe and ends up becoming victim of scams. The question is if there will ever be an end to such means or if such is leading to unfair means?  Irrespective of the purpose it serves for good or bad, these kind of acts have only lead to rise in making of easy money. People have began to take advantage of such systems and started to loot instead. The scenarios of day light beggars at thimphu town knocking each and every doors of the building by people as young as aged in mid 20s and 30s says a lot about how such means have gradually changed to this and how people have started exploiting such means. And this has a rippling effect on the genuine ones who are in real need of such schemes. 

Frankly, it’s an embarrassment to seek donations from fellow friends and colleagues even if it is genuinely required, for the good of individual or a community. For instance, from where I come from in a remote village, we are in grave need of fund for the construction of a community lhakhang (monastery). Lhakhang is an inevitable and integral part of a people in every community. It’s a place where people pay homage, seek blessings and solace, where people derive peace, keeps their faith and hopes alive. But even after four long years, the community is unable to build a decent lhakhang.  Though physically the lhakhang is built wonderfully like real Zhangdopelri the interior still lacks the required design and intricates. The monastery still need structural designs, paintings and sculptural works inside.The community people can’t do much than the physical works. Therefore we have but no option to seek external assistance and donations. As a native from the village, it has become our moral responsibility to help revive the treasure of the community. Those of us from the village, the civil servants, business men and others have done a round of collection a year ago. But that wasn’t  enough. 

Hence I have initiated to seek donations from people I know who are willing. My friends have agreed to help me. Please help us revive the glory of the community. Please help the fellow people of our village regain their pride. If you are interested to help in any way, let me know and contact me. The donations howsoever small the amount may be shallnot go to waste. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Being part of Aviation Family

It has been more than five years now being part of an aviation family. There are many things to talk about, appreciate and celebrate about. There are also some rough and sad memories which has often led me question the very decision and choice I made to be part of this family, this organization in the first place. But that’s not what I am gonna write about.

The biggest perk of working in an airport is that you get to witness a lot of things. Airport is a big gateway to different worlds. We see all the kinds of people. It’s heartening to see people with warm smile as they step out of the aircraft door to breathe in the fresh and clean air of our country and enjoy the scenic beauty of Paro. The beautiful portrait of His majesty the king, queen and the Gyalsey at the front of Arrival terminal adds another charm. The portrait depicts the very glimpse of how peaceful, harmonious and happy as a society we exist, how we are guided by the principle of gross national happiness, although Bhutan is a tiny country sandwiched between the two giants. The occasional opportunity that we get to seek the blessings from many Rinpoches travelling to and fro is yet another perk to be proud of. Of course it’s sometimes sad and heartbreaking to witness sick and old on the stretcher on board. While some come back fully recovered with smiles unfortunately others comes as a mere cargo in the coffin back to the country. 

The most remarkable moment was the opportunity to see his majesty the great fourth in person. How unfortunate that I have only seen the great fourth in television and in kupars till now. I feel blessed, fortunate and happy. His majesty doesn’t walk on the red carpet, looks so humble yet powerful and majestic. We are indeed fortunate to be born in the land of drukyul under the dynamic and farsighted leaderships of Wangchuk dynasty.  We all know how much his majesty the great fourth has done for Bhutan and Bhutanese people. We are forever grateful and the best service that we can do in return is to be true to ourself bounded by lay jumdrey and tha damtsi. We don’t have to do extraordinary thing. Simple and basic things done with full conviction and dedication is all that is required. May your majest live long for eons. 

Moments like this gives us that extra energy to keep going, keep doing what’s best for not just yourself, but others as well. It provides us that extra push needed to propel through the usual drags that this life has to offer. It doesn’t deter or matters little even if it’s waking up as early as 0300 am or working late till mid night. It makes you you feel proud instead. Such is the power of good and encouraging moments in one’s life. We don’t need grand favors to be pro active in life, we only need small ones but genuine and real. But this real life ain’t something that works on one’s whims and wishes. The real life is sometimes strange and sometimes an unsolved mystery and we gotta understand it. 

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Mother’s Day Special

My mother like other isn’t educated but she has the most wholesome education that anyone could have. My mother isn’t rich like others but she has richest heart, willing to give anything she has. She is not one among those fortunate ones to go school and get education. She would have wanted to study and be someone on her life, but the fate has something else in store. Her father passed away when she wasn’t even ten years old. Imagine growing up under the hands of a single parent? Keep aside the education, she have had tough  time even to arrange a day’s meal.  But this disadvantage has only made her stronger I believe. She never confide us the story about the tragic loss of our grand father. We would silently enquire father others about it; perhaps she knew the pain and that it was best to remain with herself. Perhaps her biggest fault was not to share the pain with us.

Despite these odds, she stood firm and today she is a proud mom of five of us siblings. Despite being illiterate, she has never failed to give me (us) the advices that are essential in our life, she has never failed to impart the important values of cause and effect ( ལས་རྒྱུ་འབྲས) and loyalty (ཐ་དམ་ཚིག), the importance of being honest and true to yourself and to others, the importance of being friendly and polite, in other words the education that are more important than that we get books. I am forever grateful.

I still wonder like what my mom would be had she the opportunity to study? Her plight for education hasn’t died even after 60 years of age. Her interest and enthusiasm to learn to read and write at least in Dzongkha is still afresh and burning. That’s why last year she decided to get enrolled herself to NFE ( non-formal education) despite the works back at village, so that at least she can do morning and evening prayers. For  now she is doing pretty fine. What can I ask more than this? I feel proud and happy to see my mom reading and writing whom she thought once was impossible for her thanks to NFE programme under ministry of education. 

There is one moment that I still remember to this day also although it’s bit unclear. I only remember the crying part for not being able to admit to school. It was perhaps when I was 6 years of age, when my mom took me For class PP admission. I was considered too young to be enrolled for the school and the principal denied my admission. My mom and her cousin  sister who also took her son was also rejected. They jointly threatened the principal (I don’t know how) that they will leave two of us at the school and then we both got admitted that year. That was the mother’s magic moment. Anyway, I don’t know if this was the reason that we both got enrolled to the school or  there was others. Had she not against the decision of school authority, I wonder where I would be now? I wonder if she would have  bothered to seek admission the next year (I know she would have).

 So thank you mom for all you did and are still doing.Thank you fir all your fervent prayers and wishes. Thank you thank you. (Thanks to dad also by the way ....:p ) 

Choices and Emotions

Lately it has been busy and tough days for my family . Continuosly for a week or more, we had to rush  to the Hospital, wait for the whole d...