Sunday, 2 January 2022

Being part of Druk Thuksey Award

Its almost nine years since I first joined Drukair corporation Ltd. Yes, there has been some hiccups in between, some disappointments on the personal level; but it has also been a great learning experience; a joyous ride; being part of an organization that's the gate way to the outside world. Even though from that shadow of the wheels; in rains and in sun, I have got to experience some of the most unimaginable and valuable experiences and lessons one can ever get in life.  Life isn't always about the good days and memories, it's the other side also, the scars, the least imagined moments that often stays with you and when you look back, it's like how did you get through that and something that brings smile to your face! 

Drukair as a company has been flying high with number one priority as the safety; safety for the aircraft and the safety for the people for the last glorious forty years with no major accidents or incidents. Safety is and should be the priority for the Drukair for it will automatically bring in the other two "Ss" as his majesty the king often stresses: Safety, Standard and Service. COVID 19 pandemic did wreck the whole aviation industry world wide, Drukair being no exception; yet Drukair has been fortunate enough to have been able to to carry out its sacred duty. As a national flag carrier, Drukair has been able to operate minimal flights ( repatriation and Cargo -  mainly the medical supplies for government) in such rough and tough times thanks to the magnanimous guidance from the throne, the government's relentless effort to keep it at bay. Drukair has been able fulfill its mandate despite the wreckage left by the pandemic. Aviation industries are still running on losses due to pandemic and are yet to recover now that the new variant "Omicron" has come up. 

And in the midst of it all its such an honor when his majesty the king, our very savior, our godly compassionate guiding star  awards the company with one of the highest award- Druk Thuksey award along with other organizations: RHBSL, UNDP and BEAR. Its great to be part of the organization that receives it. It gives an immense sense of joy and an extra energy to rededicate  and improve our service. 

My personal take on this award is that it is an indication of not only recognition of the tremendous service performed by the organization in the last forty years as a national flag carrier that opened the gate to the people outside; for the showcase of "brand" Bhutan- the last Shangri-la to the outside world, thereby promoting  national sovereignty but also shouldering us and wishing us to do and be more. It is the Royal's hope to work even more harder, smarter and most importantly the royal's fervent wish to get up and get through the hard times that the organization is going through right now particularly due to the impact of pandemic. This cannot be the excuse for our failure. For us, as part of it, for the employee and colleagues, it's an extra responsibility to keep up with the royal wishes; to mind our own business and continue fulfilling our sacred mandate- discharge our services, as humble service providers.

It's a precarious road ahead for the aviation industry world wide, though it's slowly recovering. For a tiny airline like Drukair, it is even more harder and a challenge. Yet like I said before, by the grace of koenchog sum, summed up by the gracious royal guidance, Drukair has sailed thus far without having to lay off any employees unlike other airlines. Its such a wonderful time to reflect upon ourselves about the tremendous responsibilities that comes with huge recognition such as this and work towards keeping it up and maintaining that bar set up by the award such as this. It is the perfect time to leap bound and bounce back stronger. 

For a small airline like Drukair, we may not have luxuries and resources like others, but we have their majesties, our beacon of hope. The most important thing is to keep in mind the three "Ss" as our priority; our guiding principle like i said before and work towards upholding and promoting it. 

As the new year has already knocked on our doors, I resolute my self to once again to rededicate, commit and put on extra effort in my everyday work and be mindful of the his majesty's golden address on the 114th national day.

Friday, 31 December 2021

Reflecting on the 114th Royal Speech and New Year

 I hope everyone is reflecting over the very strong and poignant speech of his majesty the king on 114th national day and are ready to implement it now that the brand new year 2022 is almost up on the horizon. The personal message I took from his majesty's speech was about reflecting on our own conscience. we ought to keep always in our mind the sacred duty that we all have an individual, as a humble citizen and as common service provider being the public servants. I remembered instantly what my boss used to say the first time I joined the world of world - RAA (not Royal Audit Authority by the way). RAA stands for Responsibility, Accountability and Authority. As a law abiding citizen, we ought to keep this three in mind, but the sad thing is that most of us want and vie only for  the last A- Authority. 

The highlight of his majesty the king's speech was about the accountability and to reinvigorate the 'Nga' in one's daily discharge of the duties. If we have the accountability, the other two are surely taken care of and as his majesty pointed out, that's what is lacking in the Bhutanese conscience. The so-called "Nga" is so much needed in our conscience. It's high time that each one of us give a thought about it and take appropriate action. One doesn't have to do anything great; but we can surely do our OWN thing in great ways and that's what matters after all. 

On the individual level, what one can do is to mind our own business, do the work diligently and smartly; being mindful about ourselves. We have to put in extra effort and develop a "Nga" for if one does on the individual level, all can be done. The sad thing about the royal speeches is that we tend to forget with time until the next one comes without any concrete results. If that is so,  for how many times his majesty has to remind? For how long will this go on?

Most of the systems are too stagnant, too rigid and sometimes even chokes us which is why we are still struggling to get to the end of tunnel. We are still inside that maze of a system that act as a stumbling blocks rather than the stepping stones. The question is how to and who will take one out of that maze that's being created by ourselves? The answer is each one of us, every individual. If each one of us can clean our own door steps, the world will be  clean as mother Teresa said and that's what exactly will happen in the world of work too. If each one of us put in little extra effort without having one to remind or make/force us do it. We ought be consciously clear and clean with what ever we do.

So for me His majesty's speech was a fervent call for all to act, to act fast and get the results for which each one of us has that sacred duty to fulfill. There are no rooms and excuses for the failure, for the complacency and for the corruption.  As I welcome the new year, I also resolve my self to do and give my best both in the world of work and on the personal level too; to become a better and productive individual so as to fulfill his majesty's wish.

Happy New Year !!

Tuesday, 14 December 2021

The ugly side of so-called Donation


Bhutan is the last Himalayan kingdom, perhaps the last Shangri-La so to say where the Buddha dharma is flourishing like never before. Of course it is an individual’s choice to which religion you opt to practice and get acquainted with; Buddha dharma is progressing in the small country and have become a kinda safe haven.

Recently the Kuensel, the national newspaper of Bhutan covered an article titled “what makes little boys become monks?’ which showcased the unseen and unheard but obvious reality of the institutions catering to Buddhist education. All in all, the story is same for all the institutions. “Many young monks are from the broken families or economically disadvantaged groups, who feels becoming monk is the best choice” states the article. This is the basis from which the word “Donation” comes from.

Bhutanese in general are all generous and kind by nature, they are willing to lend helping hand of any-cash and kind. They are willing to donate so to say and it’s really nice to see people doing anything they can with the genuine hope to gain good merits as a result. . Bhutanese believe in the law of karma, the cause and effect and perhaps that’s why year by year  people are reaping the benefits of it all and country prospering well as a whole.

Anyway the flipped side of this is that, somehow, these are unevenly distributed and like the old adage, there are rains where there is already water and this creates inequality where by the institutions that are genuinely in need of the basic amenities, genuine care and support aren’t reached particularly in remote areas.

I happened to be part of this thing and I am actually proud to say that we, a group of friends are able to be of some help (even if it is a meagre one) to dozens of young and budding monks who are studying at a secluded place. We intend to do more to help and uplift the lives of these young kids who were once on the verge of getting spoiled and wasted but got something to look up to; something to hang by. It’s such a joy to watch these innocent kids mostly from the broken and disadvantaged families finding a purpose to live. We are starting by providing food and clothing (dresses) for the year 2022.  The shelter for them is being sponsored by other generous group and we are grateful to them.

Despite our best and pure intentions, we do face criticisms and struggles on the way. We want the good merits gained, the sense of purpose and satisfaction, joy that comes from such noble works to be shared with others too and on the way seek the help from others, the donations from people alike ( friends and colleagues) which sometimes doesn’t end as intended. There is reluctance and arrogance which is actually fine as we take it positively.  Despite all the hardships and hiccups we are strong; we value and respect other’s perspective and their freedom of choice; we keep aside the reddened  face and we live with the positive attitude that we will strive harder instead if need be to fulfil not just the dreams and wishes of those innocent souls but also ours. Believe me the joy we derive from doing such work is too sacred to give away and far too exceeds the small setbacks and glitches that come on the way

If your intention is pure, there is nothing you can’t do and nothing wrong in doing what you love. But harder one must try.

In my next and following posts, I will share in details the realities of the monks, their life styles and about the monastery. If anyone wishes to donate, even a cent, it would be such an honor to be receive. No amount is small. Like we have the saying: “if your intention is pure, your path is clear and good”

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination

 Bhutanese are so lucky to have a king, people's king at the helm, who serves its citizens with all the love , compassion and care. As the world is been hit by COVID-19 pandemic, Bhutanese has been least affected. As a citizen being the recipient of all these, I have no words to thank. How fortunate and lucky are we to have such a boddisatva dharma king. Perhaps the best and only way is to do our own part of responsibilities and duties deligently. We have our own part to play and we must do that with utmost dedication and integrity.

As the whole world now are racing with emergency vaccination jabs, Bhutan also began its drive on 27the March 2021. It will continue till April 2. The uniqueness is that the government has chosen to do all the eligible people at the same time in one week's time. The monastic community did thier part of blessings and chosed the particular day, time and a candidate to be given the first shot. Today is the fourth day and so far, no serious complications have been reported. I did my jab on the third day. Seeing the number of people turning up to get the vaccine, I am overwhelmed that the public has understood it's importance, the government has done excellent work on awareness and importance. So Thank you my king and the government of day. Thank you doctors and the health professionals for your tireless work. Thank you Dessups for your excellent service. 

Regarding the side effects of the jab, it has been reported that some people had minor symptoms like mild fever, nausea, headache and pain and swell at the site. Some have even reported of their faces being swelled. I personally didn't experience all. I took my jab at around 4pm and by 1am midnight, I started to have a mild fever and as I write this, I am still having the symptoms. I hope it goes was soon. So as per my witness and experience, the real effect of the vaccine seem to come seven to eight hours after you took Jab. But not to worry, it's bearable. For the larger good, for the safety of yourself and others please get vaccine yourself.

Lots of gratitude  also to the government of India for providing us the vaccine despite sharp shoot up in the number of positive cases. May the whole world be normalised soon.  

Sunday, 28 March 2021

If Only

 If only you had the the wing

To fly away high and and sing

The melodious songs of sorrow

For tomorrow alys isn't on your brow

If only you had the power

To know all and be good lover

For love is eternal,  a strength

A guide that drives us through

If only you had the magic

To not use brain or apply logic

But life is magic in itself

So full of miracles, just believe

If only you could go back

And mend your past 

Forgive, forget and forgo

For you don't know what after hello

If only you could see the future

Avoid mishap, take pause and be sure

For future is bleak, yet so sure

Death finds us all - rich and poor

If only one could admit the fact

That we are all here for time being

For this is the path we all tread along

Alone we came and alone we shall go

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Successful LockDown

 Listening to the speech of his excellency the prime minister on the national television after 9 pm news on the eve (on 30th August) of 21 days of nation wide Lockdown was such a pleasant and reassuring one. The most pleasing was to hear his excellency the prime minister say how much his majesty the king was pleased with how the public responded to the nation's call of complete lockdown, where people obeyed the government's mandates and directives without any hiccups. It was such a Soothing news to hear his excellency the prime minister break the news about easing the Lockdown phase wise after rigorous 21 days inside the confined four walls of the apartments.

Certainly this Lockdown which is perhaps the first of a kind in humans life (at least to our generation) may not be the last. And certainly it's real disaster for the country's economy. It has seen the biggest of economies being crippled and gagged and Bhutan isn't an exception to this. However the one thing that the whole others lack is a kind of leadership that Bhutan have! Lead by our King at the fore front backed by the dynamic government, Bhutan has done tremendous job of controlling to keep the virus at bay for now. And as a humble subject, I am forever indebted and grateful for keeping us safe, sound and secured.

Like I said, on the other hand this lockdown is also a blessing in disguise. It's  been a very productive for me individually. I got to experience a lot of things that I have always wanted which often gets ignored otherwise. The first thing is the family time. Since when do we get such a time to spend with our loved ones in our life, like 24*7 for almost a month? Specially spending time with little kid of yours watching them grow, learn new things, witness them do naughty things a lot of time is but a thing of  pure joy and beautiful in itself.(although it's irritating too) It's such an experience which I feel is missed by most of the working parents. I tell you it was such a good time!

The second is the time for yourself. Since when do we think about and reflect about our self, right? We are too carried away by all the nitty-gritty things of life otherwise that we often forget even if we exist or not. I have tried a lot of times to contemplate and go inside through some prayers and recitations which actually brings inner peace and happiness. But one thing I realized through this is how wild, rough and tough one's so-called mind is, how it wanders from one place to another, it's hard to bring it home. Nevertheless, it's worth trying as it somehow clams you, perhaps it's the blessing for giving a try?

The third is giving a try to what interests and fascinates you during leisure times like making a habit to read (and write). I couldn't read (or write) much though. I could only read the biography of His Holiness Dujum Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje - 'Light of Fearless Indistructible Wisdom- The life and legacy of his holiness Dujum Rinpoche' by Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche which was in my bucket list. It is such a captivating story written about one of the greatest tertons of 19th century, who have revolutionised the teachings of Buddha and specially the Nyingma. 

So these are some of the activities that took boredom out of me during this 21 days of Lockdown. How did yours go? Even with the Lockdown relaxed, I  haven't gone outside yet, because it's not absolutely necessary. That's what I am going to do from now on as well. And you should do the same! We gotta adapt to new normal. Avoiding crowds, wearing masks, washing hands, keeping distance, and going out only if it's necessary are some of the basic habits we have get used to from now on, our new normal. So take care, stay safe and stay home folks until next time 😆😆😆 

Friday, 28 August 2020

Cooking and Remembering

Today is the 18th day of the nation wide lockdown  of Bhutan. Nothing special but today I decided to be the chef at home to prepare the native meal of my village, the native meal of sharchops, the Bokpi (flour) curry along with curd and butter as we have back in my village. It wasn't the best, but it was worth trying. It brought back all the memories from my life in the village with family and friends as a small kid. It brought back memories with my parents and memories about them. How I wish we could be together specially at this hours of time. The lunch that I prepared made me homesick and emotional actually. I gave a long thought about them. Life is always simple yet beautiful back at home!

Back at home as a small kid, this Bokpi from maize was never my thing, I never liked it though it is the main meal. I only craved for and liked kharang (rice was the top priority though, but wasn't easily available as we don't cultivate rice). I would just frown at my mom for always feeding us with this Bokpi. Most of the time I would just skip meals if it was Bokpi. But now, urban life has changed me completely. I like to have Bokpi more often than usual rice. How strange this life is, right? 

Back in village, everything seems to be normal. People are having their usual life. They are hale and hearty in their own way. They may not have much in terms of wealth, but they are contented and they have big heart. They are not well off like others but they have enough to sustain. They may not have all the luxuries yet they are always happy and they have this peculiar smile in their face which says it all. Thinking about all these, I miss my parents more, I miss their care and love, I miss their meals even if it was but a simple Bokpi and radish curry; I miss their genuine effort and care.

Anyways going back to those days when I was a little school going kid. I don't belong to a family with well-off parents nor do I have that able relatives. We are a middle class family. We had just enough to sustain, enough to go about with this so-called life. I had little financial problems during my school days, not because I had plenty, but because my parents worked so hard to arrange it for me and on my part, I was extra cautious to spend. The money that my parents gave in the beginning of year could be enough for the whole year.  Sometimes I just wonder how did I manage? They worked day and night, in sun and in rain to give me all that was necessary. In summer they used to work hard in the farm to collect crops for the family's sustenance and during winter when there was no farm work (when crops were all harvested), they used to do all kinds of temporary jobs mostly 'woolah' in return for some cash so they could send their eldest child to schooling which was me. I can't imagine my parents carrying heavy loads to earn some cash just so I could have that pocket money.  Where I come from is a remote place with no or little source of income, the only way to get some cash was to do physical work like carry load for the shopkeepers, ration for the boarding school and so on. I still remember me and my dad collecting and counting stones from nearby river,  a decent and good shape, which would fetch us one ngultrum per stone for a contractor who was constructing the Gup's office of the Geog that time. In a day we would earn about 1500/-. Fortunately, lots of construction came up those days (sign of development?) And it was a good opportunity to earn something out of it. 

That's why it wasn't surprising when I used to get good results at the end of each year, because I knew just well how much my parents were struggling to gather a decent money so they could send me school to get education which made me to work even harder. I put in extra effort to make them smile at the least at the end of year; to prove that their hard work hasn't gone to waste. If you look at the heads of my parents, you will still see the hair fall on the area exposed most to carry load and its most visible on my mother's head. 

Today I miss my parent a lot. Although I call them and talk with them every day, I feel sad thinking about all these. They seem to be happy knowing that their son has been able to stand up on his own; that their son has now a job and a family of his own; that their son is in so-called town enjoying the urban life. They don't expect much from you, because they know that life is much harder in town. They know it's all about money in town. I wish I can do more and be  better sometime. I wish I could tell its not just that.  I wish they stay and live with me some day (for now they just don't like the life in town). Even if they visit me, after a month, they are like 'i wanna go back to village'. I hope it changes soon. 

Here are some pictures of my cooking, and how a Bokpi looks like...:)

Being part of Druk Thuksey Award

Its almost nine years since I first joined Drukair corporation Ltd. Yes, there has been some hiccups in between, some disappointments on the...