Thursday, 2 January 2020

The Never Ending Thing

So the year 2019 is ended and I am like what did I did I do good for myself and for others? Well, it could have been better for sure. This Is but a life, a reality with never ending wishes, never ending desires and never ending routes of mazes. Yet again we never stop wishing for better, hoping for the best and for all the good things which often comes with hard luck and most time comes with price tag. Life iss but a plethora of never ending business; we have so many things at stake, so many unfinished business, so many to achieve and so many to do. We hardly realise that the time is but like a flowing stream under the bridge, never to return. And when the year ends, when a brand new year comes, when you regret over those things which could have been better for your own self, then do we realise the very value of those missed and wasted things. By then it’s often too late if not a complete waste. We are too engrossed with our own job firstly because that’s our bread and butter. Then with our family for family is the only thing that matters in times of unfortunate  and waning times. We hardly have time for our self, up until serious symptoms begins to show. Perhaps it’s time to pamper our self and be selfish, perhaps life’s yourself first and then other? I don’t know but I feel it’s worth a try! Because we tend to live in other’s life.

Looking back to the year 2019 and the decade back, so much has happened and so many things could have happened some differently and some definitely above the mark. From timid young enthusiast to now almost stagnant and boring adult. There are some moments which I don’t want to forget and there are some which I don’t want to remember at all and I feel that’s completely fine for an ordinary human like me. There are some areas which never materialized as a matter of fact and one obvious thing is the habit of reading. I had the resolution at the beginning of year to read and then try to write as often as I could but, that was a failure and I take it back. I have learnt some incredible lessons and values over the years. Maturity is not an age, but a habit that needs to be cultivated. Maturity is something you learn from the mistakes and try correct it; it’s something you inculcate over the time. 

I am grateful for all the good things happened and for all the blessings I have been endowed with. I am sorry for all the bad things, for all the wrongs doings that might have hurt others or myself. I pledge to become a better person, a better father to my kid, a better husband to my wife and a better son to my parents. Hopefully the new year 2020 will treat me well. I wish all a very happy, prosperous, good health and a wonderful year 2020.

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