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Career vs Family

"When will you come to me dear?" Says my wife. It has been months since we met; since we had been together; since we had our last kiss. She begins to sob and I hear her say; I miss you so much. She begins to curse her own life and blames  the above for keeping us apart. I tell her it's okie; that everything happens for good reason.

In life, yes one's career is important, but that doesn't mean it should come at the expense of another thing, so called family. Career and family is something that should go together, in parallel. Because at the end of the day, it isn't just the job that will bring in us all that we need in life nor is it just the family that will ensue a successful life. Without  decent and progressive career where might we get struck? These two are like the two sides of a coin that must come and go together.

Yet not everyone of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with both at hand in life. And it's not an easy battle without much  struggle…

The unusual Night

The other night was different one. For no obvious reasons I was frustrated, I was sad and I was filled with rage all over my veins. It was unusual. Lots of uncontrollable thoughtwere running and swirling my brain. I switched on the television screen to divert and calm my mind, flipped channels after channels only to aggravate my situation.  There wasn’t channel that could take away that devil inside playing and messing with my mind. The news channels were all about recent Brexit which has been the headline and breaking news since week back full of politics. The Hindi channels were filled with advertisements as usual which is 90 percent but lie and exaggeration. I decided to open my ibook in my mobile and continue the book I have been reading lately and that wasn’t the savior either. Then I opened the candy crush game which is my perfect time pass usually.But yesterday it wasn’t. The repetitive attempt and failure to go to the next level just added yet another load of frustration and m…