Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Marriage is an important stage in one’s life. It determines not just the point where one is matured enough to take care of him/herself, but also make a living of his/her own. If we consider the life as geography, then marriage is an equator where one climbs from the bottom Antarctic pole to northern arctic pole. It is an important episode of one’s life, where one finds another soul to depend up on to sail through thick and thins of life, to celebrate every bit of good moments and tackle together every bit of hard and difficult times. For parents, the marriage for their son or daughter is a happy time for it means they are aged enough to resign from the busy life and witness and relax.
However not every marriage is successful in life. The happiest moments are short lived, the oath and promises that are kept in that very moment of every-thing-is- perfect gets broken and eventually the force of hard times and problem takes over and divides you apart; suddenly the good moments vanishes in the thin air. What is perfect in life anyway? I have long wanted to write about this; about how suddenly the life of an individual seems to change after so-called marriage. Well, I may be wrong and one-sided, but these are what I have noticed; People suddenly seem to become self-centered and narrow on everything; the way you see your life, friends, relatives and even your own parents. And did you notice that in life most of the parents prefer daughter over son to stay with? The reason is obvious, the daughters know how to show love, they have this natural trick of attraction, it is mostly the women who are head at home, she manages everything at home and deals with the matters inside the house and hence parents are comfortable with their daughters instead of a son. And to me this notion is where the problems starts. Most of the parents feel sidelined and burden to their children once they have their own children (grand children)
And one that wonders me is why a daughter in-law can’t show equal love to her in-law parents as she does to her own parents? Why can’t she treat same irrespective of hers or others? It’s not a blame game here, but just that whenever we hear or see about such stories; it is mostly about the bride doing that or this. Did you hear of an incident where husband is rude and is treating his wife’s parents or siblings so coldly? Well, very rarely! Of course there are some bride who are so very good irrespective of their or others. But frankly and unfortunately up till now I have only heard and knew of stories where the bride isn’t being good to groom’s people.
Just recently I got call from a cousin who talked sympathetically and was almost to tears in phone. I felt pity and even annoyed after hearing his part of history.  He has met an accident and is left almost paralyzed (he can’t walk for his half of body is smashed by accident). He was driver by profession and after accident, he started to lose everything, even his own brother (on ear to his wife) whom he supported with sweats during the school times started to shun him. His brother’s wife started to show her real color after a month of their stay together during his treatment until recently when he started to leave them back to home. Is this really the price for a happily-ever-after kind of marriage?
And my fear is what if I also meet something like this and become victim? What if I can’t live up to the expectations parents just because I am married? What if marriage change me into different one? This is something I have been thinking seriously but I wish to write my own story later in my life; a story that is not just readable but pleasing as well.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Update for 2015

Blogging has been very much part of my life during college days. There was time when I had ample time to read interesting and insightful posts of fellow blogger friends; when I had lot of time to learn even though it was just the beginning for me. To me blogging isn’t really about writing myself, it is about getting to know, to learn from other friends, and make new friends. But not everything in life comes as you wish. So many things come up and ultimately it all boils down to priorities. Keep aside writing, I haven’t even been able to read what others write. Once you change the phases of so-called life, you get entangled into the web of so many things which are often unfathomable and life isn’t simple as yet.
Anyway the past few days have kept me quite busy not just by the work, but also domestically and personally. 12 and 13th of the month was one of the most important days of my life; some very important life decisions were made and I hope that I will be able to live up to it.  I wrote my first examination of the exams that are on the way of my career (for ab-initio training). My career is really full of examinations; I don’t know how but yes our brain can become so dull if we don’t make use of it time to time. Those concepts even the basics which were once on finger tips get vanished nowhere and it is funny that we can’t even solve some basic mathematical problems. Anyway it was all the more a lesson for the time to come and I only wish that I learn along the way.
For two days I had to visit Dzongkhag administration for some work and interestingly it was full of surprises.  One incident caught my attention so much so that I am sharing here. I was on queue to receive some forms and instructions; there was this elderly woman, perhaps at her sixties who was near a guy probably some assistant. By the look of that woman, she was bit tensed and hurried perhaps she had other works to do, but the guy was too busy with his computer.  The time was just past nine in the morning. The woman insisted him to do her work and he was telling her to wait, that he was busy while in the reality he was busy chatting (perhaps flirting!) on Face book. I felt pity for her lack of reading and writing, he was busy conversing and there were three pop-out chats on the screen of his computer.  I don’t know how much time he made that woman wait, but by the time I finished my work, she was gone. Hope she got what she wanted. That was when I thought how typical an office-goer can sometime be and fool someone little educated and how social media is a nuisance at times. I thought that the middle bureaucratic are not just productive, but also the ones where delays and problems for commoners like us are created, it is in the middle where the flow of work seem to get struck and missed at times which is but a bitter truth.
These days my dad is also with me and I have been trying hard to find time to spent with him and take him visits to important places around Paro and the capital. So far he has visited some important sites and I wish to take him more. Being for the first time, he seems amazed by so called modern life yet doesn’t seem to like much kind of life at here. For him, the days are too long and too difficult to end without something to do and he has already set a date to return back home. You see such is the nature of rural people they are never peaceful without something at hand or mind to engage with.

Still then until next time; have a good day folks…

Friday, 2 January 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

Time and tide waits for none, that’s an old adage which is but true. Just like a morning dew, the year 2014 is already perspired and a new year 2015 is already on its way. So this is life? It is too fast don’t you think? Rewinding back, it is indeed a nostalgic moment, right? A lot has happened and I would like to believe myself that every moment and day has only taught me a lesson and that I have only become wiser and older, only things to cherish and celebrate about no matter how different, hard or depressing at times it was.
I would like to believe myself that 2014 was a good, in fact a glorious year to prepare ahead. 2013 was just the beginning of  the experience of my real life, I mean my own living, that is when you have to walk yourself, live yourself, love yourself and be yourself and 2014 just been a good experience all of these. Though I have nothing concrete to show as an evidence I still believe that I have done what was required of, there were hard times though not being able to balance between the thoughts and actions. My health had been pretty good throughout although I have never been able to increase my weight and even did checkup doubting if I was suffering from Tuberculosis which it wasn’t and god! That was a big relief. I still try hard to increase bit of my weight, because everybody says I am too slim and underweight for my height, I also feel that I am too thin and weak, so let’s see what 2015 will give? Financially it was OK, who has enough and are contended anyway when it comes to money? Though I have not been able to save which everybody talks about this shitty future, I like to believe that I have done my part to help my family and relatives enough that it brings me smile. When some of my friends chose fancy cars and marriages, I chose to ignore (for time being though :P) for other way to those simple things, and I don’t think I am wrong at all.

Professionally it was kind of consolidation period, although I missed the very good opportunity for ten months training to enhance and advance my career prospects, i think it wasn’t best time for me. I maybe one step behind some of my batch mates, but I am OK for as long as you have that will, i think every time or a place is but a learning after all. I believe that a yearlong work on the line in a bossy environment has only made me more humble and proactive. The smelly grease stained uniforms have taught me enough as to what engineers are meant for and I only wish to further and continue it. Every day was but a lesson not just for career but about the life ultimately and I thank all those who have somehow been part of it.
And eventually I look forward for even more glorious and eventful year 2015 and I resolute myself to read more honoring the reading year!
Happy New Year folks…!

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