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On Boring Break

Our life is most of the time a battle between the expectation and reality. Life isn’t a bed of roses, yet as human being, who gives up battling? Who doesn’t wish and try for that glory and beauty of sunshine? Every one of us have our own right to battle, to fight and we are so consumed by such battles that we don’t often realize even how the time fleets away. In reality we like to battle! When others around us fares well, we envy them and we feel bad. Thus we strive to equate, we dream big, we aim for perfection although the word perfection is often misconstrued. What kind of thing is perfect anyway? Why do we have to copy others? Why can’t we find solace in our self? The life really sucks sometimes, everything is driven by competition. Why can’t we live our own? We say one thing and does another. We live and built castles on virtual world of expectations, we are paranoid to notice until when realities set in, until we are back to the square one and the cycle just repeats. Yet life go…

Name and Fashion

We all have our favorite name which we like others to call us. If we go back and see, we notice that most of the names of our parents and grandparents are situation or date based. If you are born on 10 day of Bhutanese calendar, you are Tshechu something or Chenga something or Namang something if born on 15th or 30th respectively. I have a friend who was born on blessed rainy day and is called Babjey. There are others who are called out of love by their parents which seem to have become like something to make fun of. Are these not interesting? I mean at least we have reasons behind. My name was my great grandfather’s and i was named to remember him. This is yet another popular culture where Bhutanese parents wants their children to be named with by the names of their forefathers.
Bhutanese parents usually take their new born to a local Lama or Rinpoche to get names. But lately have you notice that the naming of new born are becoming a fashion to most Bhutanese parents. It is amazing th…