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Enjoy what you have

There was once an old man with just few white hairs on his head. He was almost bald. He once went to a barber shop and directly sat on the chair in front of a big mirror. The barber was perplexed and even irritated. The barber asked the man:
"Shall I cut or count your hair?"
"Color it with black" said the man
The moral of the story is to enjoy everything you have in life, so guys cheer up and be contented, happy and enjoy with whatever you have at hand. life is never wish fulling gem.
Happy weekend....

Unfortunate incidents

I have said in my earlier posts that I don’t like to call myself an office goer when people ask me if I am in the office. I tell them instead that I am on duty. My take on office goer is someone who works 9 to 5, someone who owns his own desk with personal computer in front. The place where I work isn’t something like that. We are more than score in numbers (the staffs) and we have just five desktop computers in total, used for both the work and for recreational activities like facbooking, youtub-ing and all during leisure time. We can’t bring our personal laptops either, for there are so many long hands (thieves). Just recently my senior lost his smart phone, it was kept with charge plugs on and was vanished shortly after that without a trace. And our friends and colleagues here don’t seem to at all understand each other. Every one seems to be looking for chance to make fun of, mock and embarrass. The common thing that people out here do is to write some filthy sentences on the walls…

Sudden surge of Interest

Reading was never my part and parcel as a little school going kid. For someone to adopt a new habit, it is not just an influential environment but also a source of inspiration, a circle of friends or someone to show us a path and develop in us an interest. It was only when I reached XII standard that I knew how poor I was in language and literature, even now I know i am not good, but i would like to believe that i have improved a lot. Thanks to my Physics and class teacher who introduced and inspired into the world of reading. Besides the normal syllabus, he used to frequently do a lot of talking about how reading changes one’s life and his in particular; how late he picked up the habit of reading (when he reached Sherubtse College!). I still remember him saying about the importance of reading and writing: “reading makes perfect man, but writing makes an exact man”
Since then, i have taken keen interest in reading and the days after twelve standard was the best time for me to pick up…