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The Dollar Thing

The pasture on the other side is not always greener as a matter of fact. Often we are deceived by our own intuition that we are worse ourselves and others better, we are deceived by the notion that life abroad (particularly Australia) is always better, always lucrative and easy while the reality isn’t. The physical appearances that we often see on the social Medias like Facebook is justa show, a show that displays behind that broad smile and fancy dresses or delicious foods on table is an equal amount of pain, hardship and struggle. The dollar thing has become the word which I think is used too superficially. The Kuensel’s story about 20 Bhutanese being robbed and cheated says it all but not even a part of real story because the story doesn’t end after you reach there or after you get visa, it is just the beginning.
The unfortunate and pity story shows how we Bhutanese are easily influenced and easily driven by dollar thing and some good lip service. It shows how we become victim an…

Back to School

Once again I am back to school days I mean back to teaching-learning season only difference that it is a different one. Waking up at 6AM, preparing pack lunch for the day, readying for an interesting day and riding on the bike for twenty minutes to the institute, I love it. I have always liked going to school as a kid, no matter how much beatings I got for doing naughty or for not doing well in studies, it never occurred to me that I will leave going to school. As a matter of fact I still remember when I was six years old and my mom took me for admission to a nearby school (lauri primary school, year 1995) which was an hour walk from my house. The principal was Mr. Dawa Tshering (I don’t know where he is now) who rejected my admission after knowing that I was too young to walk in the morning and evening to and from the school as a day scholar. I remember crying like little baby, nagging my mom and resisting to go back home while my mother was dragging me out of embarrassment herself. I…

Evening's Rambling Thoughts

I was wondering how a little things in life give us so much joy and happiness, how a broken pieces of simple toys can have great impact in us and how even one step ahead or behind in life can make huge difference. Even being able to understand so clearly the basic concepts in class rooms can ignite and make you feel so contended and satisfied; it is like why didn't I realize it before? If only i knew it before?

Engineering wasn't really my thing, but somehow I ended taking that up by chance and consequently landed into a completely different industry-Aviation, an industry that works on trust, integrity and honesty and I tell you it isn't that simple. What is so simple without challenge anyway? Three months into doing basic course and i am already thinking like what have i learnt in one and half years as a trainee engineer? What have i learn doing B-tech for four years? Every day is a new stage, an unfold of new world and every week an exam day to assess.
The beauty …

More than Education

In life it is not just the education that is very important than anything. It may be the engine that drives everything but without things like basics exposure and experience, there is hole and we end up getting tangled into the world of embarrassment and shame. It is not just the education that will take us through all the thorny road and the ladder of success and blessings but others like the simple social and modern norm, the culture and customs of a particular place equally supplement if not more and without these, life becomes rather awkward and one ends up hurting ourself.
There are certain things one ought to be aware of and know about, something like how one orders at KFC in a dignified manner, how an unintentional approach or a conversation in a circle can hurt someone near you; how a simple ignorance can blow up into flares of confusions nd disorientation. Ultimately it is about information, experience and exposure. Some way or the other, these are what our life is made up…

The Battling Question

Life is but a battling journey Every new day is a fresh battle for each one of us. We fight for pride, for fame, out of jealousy Out of need and desperation, We fight for our own survival! Be it a kingly luxurious one Or that fearful hell for less fortunate ones We fight and there is just never end We create our own battle out of mercy Out of frustration, temper and fallacy We fight for internal peace, solace and redemption. We fight for love, for care, for attention How often do we realize this is something we ought to live with? That this is just the part of life? What matters at the end of day?

Age of Adaline

I watch lot of movies, in fact a lot of movies and television series because it is the only thing that drains my leisure time besides reading which unfortunately has left me doesn’t interest me for a while. Some movies no matter how much critics say is a waste of time, you never enjoy, I often watch movies after recommendations from friends or after reading reviews. A friend from Mauritius recommended me to watch this movie: “Age of Adaline” which I watched and it was just worth spending my leisure time. It is a movie about a girl staring Black Lively who meets with a kind of miracle where she never gets aged after 29 years. It portrays the realities of life that we might have to face and how it is to live a big secret, the struggles, the fear, and the lies. It is a beautiful story with romance, suspense and surprises in between that totally glues you with the screen. After watching the movie it was like really? What if that happens to us in reality? Sometimes we silently wish if only …