Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Story from the Kitchen

The other night I was in the kitchen; the rice was boiling in the rice cooker and I was peeling-off potatoes. Brother and Mathang were out to one of the neighbors’ house for dinner. it was only younger brother and myself at home.He was cutting onion and chili. Suddenly his eyes were tearful; that was when he was narrating the story about why people cry when we peel-off the onions. The following is what he has to say:
“There were once three friends: an Onion, a chili and a brinjal. They were always together; helping each other’s in times of hard and bad times. Likewise they were also enjoying thegood times and happiness together.
One day one of them did not come home from the work. It was brinjal. The other two were worried and went in search of it. They found on the way that the brinjal cold dead; which was hit by the boulder on his way home. The two friends felt sad, wept, took their friend home and did all the after- death rituals. The loss of best friend was too harsh, yet they became normal and the friendship between onion and chili became even more stronger. Unfortunately as the fate has it; once again it was the chili’s turn to not return home. Worried, the onion again went in search of his only and nobly friend and found again his friend who met the same fate.
Devastated with the unfolding of his life, he went search of a lama (spiritual master) after all the necessary rituals for his friend chili, as to why it happened to him; as to who will weep when he dies one day. The Lama told him that there will always be someone who will cry when he dies. That’s the reason why we become tearful when we pill-off the onions.”

(Just to fill the blank of my untouched Blog; sorry if it is too raw)

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