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Oh! Never or at least not now

Oh illness please never or at least not now, everything is just the beginning and I got to do lot of things before you engulf me and take me to the gate of  your boss, the death. Is it even fair for you to pick me among thousand and cast spell upon me? Why me? Don’t you see how happy I am right now, how ambitious I am full of hopes and aspirations? Don’t you see how much I look forward to carry out the unfinished business? What did you expect to get from a skinny skin like mine? How do you choose your right candidate anyway? My career is just at the base and I got to climb, shape and race with the rest. Don’t you see how I am trying hard to fit in? I have siblings in line who follows me with great expectations and I ought to help them, pull them up, and guide them. I got to be by their side. Who will be at my place if you take me away so soon? Who will look after my parents who lives with every dream to see me shine and radiate my success to them? Every bit of my success, happiness (a…


Fear is one that wakes us up from slumber of nothingness, it motivates us while it also paralyzes and numbs us. Fear keeps us alert and ascertain; it instill in us the sincerity to serve, calmness to be careful although our reflex actions are most proactive and sudden in times of fear. Fear make us think hard to find ways to move forward and tackle with methodologies that are often right below our eyes that we fail to see, for we tend to see far away distances. It guides us to find the real potential in us, what we are capable of and what lies beyond the boundaries of confinement. Without fear, we tend to take it for granted, laziness creeps in and things like procrastination become our constant companion. We are made up so many kinds of fear; fear of failing, fear to lose, fear to confront, fear to accept the reality, and etc…. Perhaps that’s why life is but mixture of charms, excitement, frustrations, despondency and confrontations.


Of brags, blames and belittlements

In life we come across various kinds of people. Some come with load of encouragement and inspiration. We derive immense likeness and admiration just by the mere watch and talk. Some come with heavy prices, price tags and some teach us lessons that remain with us forever. There are others whom we find amiable and goes on to becoming the best buddies in life. Some are unpredictable; even if we try hard to understand and appreciate, they never reach the caliber of our conscience to be close or be causal, it demands cautiousness and distance. Some are just never compatible with our taste which is sad. And there are some, who go on to bragging themselves about how much they DID (rather than DOING), how they were treated those olden days and how fortunate we (the present generations) are in our times. What does this matter any way to us? It is completely a different timeline! Does this mean they have all the rights to treat us the same way they were treated decades ago? Who cares about all t…