Monday, 15 April 2019

Life must go on

A very happy new year 2019 first of all. It’s so good to be back on the stage of blogging. To read the fellow bloggers, to know whereabouts . It has been longtime since I visited my blog and it looks sad. I really want to re-start again and revive as one my friend says. I don’t know how far but I wanna try. The following is some weird thoughts that just crammed my mind a few times lately.

I am from humble family, my parents are both uneducated and simple farmers. They may not know how to read and write, but from them I have got the best of values and lessons that are important in one’s life. From them I have learnt the weight of honesty, the value of friendship, the power of humility and humanity, the perks of being true to yourself.

But the sad thing is as you grow up, as you become a part of so-called corporate world; as you join the  bandwagon of competition and complexities you often wonder like what has the world become? Most importantly what have you become? Where are those values gone?  Just like the simplest are  more complex, it seems like the more we tend you make our life more simpler, the more complex it becomes; the more we tend to ease our burden, the more we tend to feel it’s weight and make us toil; the more something tends to make sense, the more confusing it becomes; and the more we try to find answers, the more questions we tend to get that clouds our judgment. I am afraid if the list is even complete. I am afraid of losing strength to these waves of  these conjurings. I am afraid of losing my dignity as a human being for not being able to use for the good and better. I am scared of becoming monster in human form.

But the consolation is this is very much a life in nutshell and it must go on.....! 

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