Sunday, 28 April 2013

Unforgettable Incident

It seems I am writing too much about my college life lately and I am sorry if it has become a monotonous and a usual one for those of you who read my blog. But these are some of the most exciting moments I would like remember and cherish now and later in my life. We create so many memories in our life for every moment is but a memory. Some gets forever printed in our hearts and minds, some just remain for time being, some triggers tears in our eyes and makes us emotional, some brings smile and laughter the moment we think about it and there are others which disappoints and make us cold, in fact these are what complete the very spices of so-called life (to me at least!)

Well, this time I have a mixture of all these; the even semester of 2013 (my last semester) ended formally on 26th April with the last class and surprisingly it wasn’t over for me and my class mates! The HOD (head of department) called all the students in conference hall on Thursday; because maximum of my friends were short of attendance (75%) in one of the subjects, we were made to attend the class during the weekends, i.e. yesterday and today as a punishment. It was divided into slot1 to slot6. Slot1s were to attend 2hours lecture and two hours practical class. Slot2s were to attend two hours lecture and four hours practical class. My name was in slot3 which means I had to attend eight longs hours of classes (2hours lecture and 6 hours practical classes!). I was shocked to know about it because I attended pretty good number of classes, and at the very last moment I am equivalent to those who attended just a single digit number of class in whole semester and this was certainly unfair and frustrating in the final days of the college and that too after the normal classes was formally over, but was left with no other options.

So I attended the monotonous two hours of lecture class (from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM), the subject teacher also seemed frustrated and upset (perhaps he had wonderful plan for weekend!) for it indicated the very ineffectiveness of himself as teacher. Then from 2:00PM to 6:00PM I had the practical class. Unfortunately everyone was late by about fifteen minutes which infuriated the madam (another teacher who had to follow orders of boss) and she extended the duration from 2:30 to 6:30 PM, which was another blow to us!
I tried to utilize the four hours time wisely. It was after the tiring practical class that a funny thing happened. Everyone is required to keep their slippers or Shoe outside the door on the rack to go inside the Lab. I kept my slipper on the second row rack and when I returned back, it was gone. May be some body mistakenly took as their, but there wasn't even one left on the rack! Well, it’s completely fine to lost a few hundred’s slipper,(it was normal Kitu slipper) what felt uneasy and weird was to walk barefoot from the college to hostel, I walked barefoot for a while and felt good in fact. I immediately remembered one of my uncle back at home who never used shoe or slipper since he was born and can walk anywhere; through the cold ice or over the thorny bushes at worst. Some of my friends were making fun, some were pity I guess but I was completely fine. I was happy and ready to walk all the way to hostel, but a  friend mine asked a biker to give me lift till hostel premise.

Back at room the incident kept me thinking about so many things, I asked if I did anything wrong to upset someone or if I have hurt someone to earn hatred. well, I certainly don't remember anything as such. Anyway I may forget other but yesterday’s incident will be an exception for sure.


  1. i can't imagine you walking on barefoot... for god sake that biker shouldn't have come lol..... well written..... you gave me reason to laugh out loud, oh someone is shouting outside my room "bhutani paagal hogiyaa kye?"

    1. Thanks jaro, and you make me laugh in return with the last sentence..:)

  2. Haha....would be fun walking like a entourage staff of our 1st king. I also had similar incident during my high school days where i walked like u till hostel after i hav lost my shoes at the door of a temple...

    1. Oh i am not alone then.:)
      Thanks for your time!


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