Monday, 11 September 2017

What’s in the name?

I often wonder how one would communicate with another if there wasn’t such thing as name and the so-called name doesn’t even exist at all? Luckily (or unluckily) we all have names, various ones. It becomes easy and convenient for us to communicate.  However not all names are different; most Bhutanese in particular have similar or same names. Just out of curiosity, I typed my name in the search box of Facebook and I was actually surprised to see pages full of names same as mine. As much as it eases us, sometimes having similar or same name can become ugly and unpleasant. It can become cumbersome with serious consequences like the recent incident of Bhutan Airline (Tashi air) at Kolkata. It was shocking to see people sharing the wrong news. Almost all of Indian News outlets wrote about the incident as the one that happened with Royal Bhutan Airlines (Drukair) instead of Bhutan airlines. This questions the very credibility of those papers. How can one trust if they spread the wrong information just because they were careless and least bothered to scrutinize. Is there not enough time to investigate such details which can have huge impact? Are all news reporters the same- so hungry to report and write half-baked stories? It raises more questions than answers. As a major means of communication, newspapers must stick with facts and figures supplemented by in-depth cover ups, investigations and confirmations. And especially for commercial companies like airlines, right information is very important and sensitive because it is dealing with the flow of people in and out and such wrong news and information (which people depends up on) can have devastating and irreparable consequences both immediate and in the long run.

Fortunately Drukair, the Royal Bhutan Airline chose immediately to release press righting the wrong. Newspapers in Bhutan should learn lesson from recent incident. Even the National newspaper Kuensel which wrote about another incident about Drukair flight KB205 in the earlier week having to land back at Delhi airport was also overstated. The aircraft wasn’t mid-way as stated in the paper. The aircraft just took off when a fault of the rear cargo door was shown on the ECAM and it had to land back to rectify. That’s what the crew did and I wonder what breaking news was there to report? Incidents such as these are common for aircraft is also combination of machines and machine does fail you know. Anyway that’s just the clarification.

So there are both advantage and disadvantage of having same or similar names. We are defined; shaped and known by the names. We get attracted by the unique and the striking nature of it. Today’s generation gives a lot of time and energy to the names. If you see the census, most of the older generations have their names given out of love and pamper but often short and funny. The shops have all sorts of name to attract customers, organizations does the same. You see there is also a pinch of politics in there; so there actually are a lot of things in the mere thing called name. 

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