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Unforgettable Incident

It seems I am writing too much about my college life lately and I am sorry if it has become a monotonous and a usual one for those of you who read my blog. But these are some of the most exciting moments I would like remember and cherish now and later in my life. We create so many memories in our life for every moment is but a memory. Some gets forever printed in our hearts and minds, some just remain for time being, some triggers tears in our eyes and makes us emotional, some brings smile and laughter the moment we think about it and there are others which disappoints and make us cold, in fact these are what complete the very spices of so-called life (to me at least!)

Well, this time I have a mixture of all these; the even semester of 2013 (my last semester) ended formally on 26th April with the last class and surprisingly it wasn’t over for me and my class mates! The HOD (head of department) called all the students in conference hall on Thursday; because maximum of my friends were …

Rukhsat 2K13 and Random Thoughts

It was just 11:30 PM (IST), I was reminiscing my day which was Rukhsat 2K13 (farewell for 2013 batch students of the college) looking at the pictures that were taken, my eyes were drooping, perhaps because I did not take nap during the day which I usually do for a while. I shut down my laptop and went to bed, but again I was taken aback to the moments of memories, the sleep got lost! So I was there lying on the bed like a lonely log in the middle of forest, eyes wide open staring at the ceiling, my mind racing with emotions and sentiments. I looked back about the college life, how it started, how it was about to end now and which part I was going to miss a lot. I have always been impatient as to when this will end, because I needed to do a lot like other friends who in my eyes are doing so good and which I envy, I needed to get a decent job like them and help my parents who has been struggling and still does and educate my siblings, but the time seemed still and that has made me so im…

My Thoughts on 2nd National Council Election

Bhutan underwent the election of its national council (the upper House of review) members for the second time on 23rd April 2013(yesterday). By evening, I was very active on twitter where there were quick updates about the result of day’s election. And the result was both interesting and surprising.

Out of 14 incumbent members who resigned before their first term to re-contest, only six of them got re-elected, which really means that Bhutanese people are matured enough to exercise their own rights and responsibilities; that they had the taste of so-called democracy; that they are silently and constantly watched, judged and scrutinized; that one can hardly rely on the advantage of  incumbency.
The result also shows that it doesn't really matter how much one is qualified or experienced at some particular profession. If you are unable to deliver and live up to the expectations of the public, there isn’t any warranty that such traits will be upheld. This is evident by the loss of con…

Day to remember: Thank you guys

Life is unfair says some, but it is not always; we either fail to realize or see for and it’s not always visible or tangible. It was a mere excitement when I first stepped this place. I still feel that innocence. The tiring and sleepless 24hrs train journey from Hashimara to Allahabad Junction on Mahananda express is still vivid and I feel nostalgic! The place was noisy and filthy and I felt bad after suddenly experiencing a stark change of environment.  Its awkward to remember the first time taste of food in Uptron, when Roshan took us under the scorching sun; I almost puke when I saw how the people out there prepare and serve us. The funny thing is now it is the favorite food place for all of us. I also remember the first taste of water (iron taste) at Home restaurant just eight of us that very evening. It was 7th September 2009.

When I flash back to all those time and after wards, I feel nostalgic and hardly do I remember the bad or sad times. I feel the time has flipped so fast. T…

Thank You and Adieu for Now

Coinciding with Zhabdrung Kuchoe (20th April) the first parliamentary elected government dissolved. What a coincidence! Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal was a great saint who is the very father of unified Bhutan, whose death was announced only after 25 years.

Five years back, on 24th march 2008, the first parliamentary election was held in Bhutan. The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) robbed off a landslide victory with 45 seats leaving just the two seats for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as an opposition. It was a record in the history of the democracy with the smallest opposition. Yet the opposition wasn't that weak when it came to delivering its mandate as an opposition, voicing for the voiceless.
Today as we flashback five years of Bhutan’s test with so called democracy, it has been pretty exciting! I feel Bhutanese people have learnt so much from five year experience. It is perhaps the best time to ask our self questions like: Where do we stand as a nation?  Did we root a strong fo…

Thank You ABSA

Four years ago, when I was in first year there were just eight of us (Bhutanese) here at Allahabad, and we were with Nepalese fraternity then. We (freshers) were formally received and welcomed by the Bhutanese-Nepali fraternity, I felt homely surrounded by generous seniors and there wasn't even a drop of homesick or stress that fall upon me. We also had a simple farewell night for the pass out students the same year. It was at hotel Milan (civillines). Each outgoing seniors shared their experiences of the stay out here. I (as an audience) could feel the excitement and sense of satisfaction and the sentiments they have had. I silently asked myself then: “When will my day come? When will I pass out?” I felt four years was too long and that the time was not moving at all. I did not realize until Sunday night when I was standing on the podium, when we were warmly invited for the Farewell night by the Allahabad Bhutanese Students Association (ABSA). It seems four years has gone in a b…

Retain Rights, Revamp Responsibilities

On April 3rd, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa party announced its first ever Slogan teaser competition on its Fan pageto make the interactions livelier and to stimulate our imagination on the yet another exciting democratic process unfolding in our country. I was curious to participate. I thought for a while; considering all the circumstances that DPT as a party is going through; with so many of its high profile members in the headlines of media for involvement in various scams. I was thinking in my small views as to what DPT should counter think and be concerned with, to make people believe that they are being dilated if not misinformed; that DPT really is a cause for the Tsa-wa Sum; that DPT is NOT what media and various critics think of; that DPT is genuine with rendering its services, commitments and responsibilities. It is a critical Juncture! That’s when I came with this slogan: “Retain Rights, Revamp responsibilities” which happened to be the winner of the contest.

Yes, if DPT has m…

Will I ever fall in Love again?

As she scrolls down the News Feed page of Face book on her laptop, Dema comes across a photo of her friend at the intermediate school with her lovely husband married recently in their best attire with Khadars (white scarf) all around their shoulders. “Oh! Perfect matching” envies Dema. She pictures herself into that frame but sees a big shadow, she sees the pain instead, a big doubt, because she knows in her own sense that her future is but a bleak. A cold gust of guilt and haplessness runs down her nerves. She tries to forget but the picture provokes her. The more she sees it, the more she becomes edgy and sad. “Why is there impartiality in love? Why can’t we have our own choice? Why stereotypical norms and caste system in the society? When we can love why can’t we continue forever?” She wonders.

She enviously presses the Like button below the picture and scrolls down the page. She comes across a status update which says: “Yesterday is but a history, tomorrow a mystery while today i…

A for April Fool

“Tok tok…..Tok tok….. Sir someone is seriously injured and unconscious; we need your help, you need to come” It was 5:00 AM in the morning and N Buddhan sir was disturbed by that incessant knock on his door. He reluctantly got from the bed to the door; when he heard about one of his students being injured; his sleep instantly vanished. It was Dorji Phuntsho, one of his students in class VIII. “What happened?” asked Buddhan sir.
“Sir you need to go to football ground, one student is unconscious” added Dorji Phuntsho vehemently.
That was how my science teacher- Mr N Budhhan sir,who was also the health-In-charge, was brought to the morning PT (Physical Training) by one of his students, my batch- Dorji Phuntsho back in the year 2004 on this day at Minjiwoong Lower Secondary School under Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag. Recall this: Every boarding schools in Bhutan has a thing called morning PT before the day begins; where the games captain and other school captains coordinates and which is co…