Friday, 30 June 2017

Looking at Life

Have you ever thought in life like if only I took the other way, like if only I made different choice or if only I thought twice, if only I can go back etc? I have, many times and it still haunts me sometimes.  We come across many junctures where we have to make decisions, choices and it is not always in our favor. We don’t realize if it is right or wrong at that very moment t. It is with time, where at times you look back, sigh and sometimes wonder with vague questions running through your nerves and spinning around making you dizzy. The more you try to find answer, the more you tend to get questions. As such life goes on.

As young energetic guys (and girls) driven by varied emotions, we tend to easily get trapped into sometimes unwise and junky sticky areas. You see emotions are sensitive and powerful; it can make or break one’s life. There are some very specific areas where I think my emotions have taken over my wisdom to make decisions. Some were taken ad-hoc while others repetitively have engraved me to haste and make some of the worst decisions of my life which I regret terribly. But at the same time I also have something good to cherish, perhaps without those wrong decisions, I wouldn’t be where I stand right now. Perhaps to balance between these two is our prerogative and at our very hand. I don’t think there is anyone who haven’t had both rough and smooth trail.  The point is whether you are driven by sheer emotion or wisdom, we ought to step back once and look forward as to see the clear picture of what lies ahead. Don’t ever haste to make decisions. If you think you are ready get married just because you have a decent job, think also about the baggage it comes with and the consequences after. If you think your current job will make you happy and satisfied, think also about why you can’t fit into another profession. If you thought you could make your parents happy and serve them with all the love and care, think also about why you are not happy in the first place. If you think family and relatives are all you have got, think also about a friend who accompanies you through thick and thin. If you think only bad things are on your way, think also otherwise about when you had that genuine smile on your face.

Life is really a mess if we can’t separate a grain from sand!

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