Sunday 17 December 2023

A decade of service

 Time does fly fast. It's already a decade into service. Looking back I don't really know if I have contributed anything solid to deserve this so-called service medal- bronze. Its already ten years by number though! Looking back to that first day when I joined the world of work, as an innocent little guy who's just completed the college, it feels nostalgic!. And yes I do see a mirad of changes both inner and physical for change is the only thing that is constant. Of course, the obvious one being the ageing, which is only but natural. Other than the ageing, what have I gained and achieved? What have I contributed to the company and the nation as a whole? Did I fulfill the dreams of a small kid wondering and wandering though the land of nowhere, being born in a remote corner? Did I do enough for the family and parents who have sweat and struggled so much to provide me enough for the education and the journey thus far? What can I do more? How can I help contribute further? How do I get motivated to contribute? Well, these are some of the areas to reflect upon on this special occasion. These are the questions that needs to asked and find answers. Otherwise what value does the medal made of bronze have that's hanged on our chest?

I often wondered what motivates us human? What is one thing that makes us human try harder and last long enough in the same company despite all the odds ? People say one should not be in the same company for more than five years! But I think that's too short! What can one do in five years? Perhaps so many for some but I feel you at least need a decade to learn, to adapt, to change if need and to improve!

An award day like this is a moment to reflect upon oneself not just the past and the present but also the future as to how one can adapt, improve and motivate not only ourselves personally but also the company that serves us because of which we are it surviving so to say; the environment, the working colleagues and the connections we have.

The day is not only to thank all that has made you and contributed to reach thus far. It is also a moment to anticipate and pray for the future that's in store for us, irrespective of how short (or long) we may live in this unpredictable and ephemeral life?

So thank you konchogsum (=Triple Gem) for guiding and always keeping under your prayers and blessings. If I have achieved anything up until this day. It's all because of your sheer blessings! Thank you, my company, for all the wonderful opportunitiesThank you, my dear parents, for all the love, care and concerns. Thank you, my family, my wife, for the unwavering support irrespective of rain and sunshine. 

As I reflect back, yes, a lot of things have happened during the decade. Some are so charming and enchanting to reflect and remind while there are also some tough and rough roads traversed. But then which road is not bumpy after all? This is but a life, a journey road that consists of not only the Plain trails, but also the steep climbs at times, zig zag turnings and sloppy downhills.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for all that has happened over a decade of service life within about 35 long years if age, and I look forward to the same from hereon; my intentions and the motivations will always be same: to perform my duties responsibly; to take care and sweep my own corridors and my surroundings for I know that if each one of us can do it, the whole organisation , the whole nation and the whole world will take care of itself.

With this I also would like to wish you all the happiest 116th national day! May the sun of the Wangchuk dynasty in Bhutan shine forever to guide us through! Palden Drukpa Gyalo!!!!

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A decade of service

  Time does fly fast. It's already a decade into service. Looking back I don't really know if I have contributed anything solid to d...